Does HUGE Wilshere interest prove Arsenal wrong to let him go?

It looks certain that the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere is going to be playing his football at another club this season, or at least the first part of it, even though his departure is only a temporary loan move.

We do not know if the driving force behind this move comes from Arsene Wenger or the player himself, with some feeling that his being left out of the first England squad selected by the new manager Sam Allardyce may well have been the catalyst.

Even if it was Wilshere that started the ball rolling, the final decision on whether he would go to another club or not would surely lie with our boss, but is he making a mistake in letting a player of JackĀ“s ability go when the Gunners could do with all the help we can get in challenging for the Premier League title and the other trophies available to us this season?

In a way I understand that Wenger wants Wilshere to play as much football as possible in order to get his career back on the right track, but seeing the amount of interest in our midfielder, with The Mirror reporting that as many as 22 clubs from the Premier League and the other top leagues around Europe want him, you have to question the wisdom of sending him out on loan.

We keep hearing from the Frenchman about how hard it is to find quality players in the transfer market, yet he is willing to let such a sought after and talented one head off to play for somebody else. Is this a good piece of forward planning or has Wenger got it badly wrong?


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  1. I think it’s a good thing. I think there is no other player who loves the club more than jack. So I am pretty sure that he moved in a good way and he will be back. So no worries.

  2. I hope he gets his act together. No matter where he goes…And, it doesn’t matter how sought after you are, if you only can manage 10 matches max a season.

    1. But I don’t think Arsene is willing to send him out on loan to correct his injury troubles.

      1. Wilshere probably wants the loan because his chance of playing that packed midfield is very limited now.
      2. Arsene don’t think Wilshere’s style is a perfect fit for the new system this season – quick transition and frequent long-balls to pacy attackers (Sanchez, Perez, Theo).
      3. Arsene’s probably had enough of the lad and simply wants to move on with Granit Xhaka.

      Me thinks the reason is one or all of the above.

      1. Its Wilshere who asked to go on loan and the reason is Big Sam told Jack he needed to be playing regularly if he wants to play for England. Jack is not guaranteed to start at Arsenal hence the loan move.

  3. That is why it’s a loan deal. We are not selling him on a permanent basis. If he goes out this season and fulfills his potential in another club, we can still evaluate the situation well and decide how best to use him at AFC in the future if we need to. But this cannot happen under the current situation where he will lack game time because the boss is clearly wanting to change the way the team plays and most likely Wilshere isn’t a perfect fit right now in the new system. Xhaka is.

    It is to our benefit if Wilshere uses this loan move to relaunch his career. Then, we can simply call him back. Not much complications there.

  4. Jack is a fantastic player and too good to sit on our bench and play 15-20 minutes of every game. He is our future captain and Santi’s eventual replacement. We need him to show his mettle this season. He has 22 clubs on offer, but Sky reports that Crystal Palace and Bournemouth are the two shortlisted clubs.

    I wish Jack goes to Bournemouth. Their playing style is Arsenal-lite. He already has Afobe there and most importantly, he can offer inputs about Eddie Howe when it comes to replacing Wenger at the end of this season. COYG!

  5. Jack needs playing time to prove his worth to us. He simply wont get that at Arsenal (at the moment) so a loan move makes perfect sense. If he can go to another club and stay fit (lol) and put in some good performances that we all know he is capable of, then we bring him back and intergrate him back into our first team. If we keep him he either wont play, or if he does get picked everyone will accuse him of being one of wengers pets anyway.

  6. Looking at our strike force though.

    Giroud – Alexis – Theo – Perez.

    It isn’t glowing with shiny star players, but.. what I see in there is very encouraging, something to make a fan hopeful for the title this season. If Arsene adds another to that list before deadline, that will be just AWESOME!!! If not, we can still hope on most of these guys to deliver the goods this season.

    I only need just two of those guys to be fit and consistent, and to perform to their optimal/near-optimal level.. and we’re good for the title. OX and Welbeck still remain a major doubt for me.

    Wenger had plans for Xhaka, Mustafi, and Lacazette this summer. An attempt to strengthen the spine and to shake up the squad. We didn’t get Lacazette. But we strengthened the spine.

    I am most excited, because for the first time in years Wenger has paid close attention to and has actually solidified the team by bringing in Cech, Mustafi, Elneny and Xhaka in the last 3 windows.

  7. Jack Wheelchair has played around 159 games in 8 years at Arsenal and only in the 2010-2011 season did he manage to play 35 games.
    I don’t really think it matters much Where Jack goes out on loan. As it is odds on that he will spend most of his time in the physio room.

    So It’s either Palace or Bournemouth for Jack and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is checking out the local nightlife before making his decision! ?
    ?Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside ?

  8. Yes we are wrong to let him go. On his day and if injury free he can make a big difference and offers a different alternative to what we have. Loan our Ramsay and keep Jack.

    Ramsay is our weak link.

  9. Jack made only 3 appearances as sub last season, and I’m sure AW played him so he had a chance of going to Euros.
    But there are now others are above him in the pecking order, especially with Xhaka being signed.
    He needs game time, which is why a loan is sensible. He is still a young guy, so if he can stay fit, and avoid some of the rash tackles he makes (which contribute to his injuries), and get in 30+ games this season, he still has an Arsenal future.
    Go for it Jack. COYG

    P.S. Plenty of good clubs in Bournemouth!!

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