Does Huth injury mean Arsenal should start with Giroud?

First of all I would just like to say that it is a rare pleasant thing for Arsenal to be facing a team with more players on the injured list than we have, even if two of the Leicester City stars on the list of sports injury website are down as possible to return tonight.

However, Arsenal have a deeper and stronger squad than the visitors to the Emirates tonight to start with, and in two o0f their absentees through injury they are without two of their key players. Danny Drinkwater is their main central midfielder and Robert Huth is a veteran defender who tends to win almost every aerial battle he goes up for.

The loss of the former Chelsea centre back in particular should be of interest to Arsene Wenger as he prepares for this first Premier League game of the new season and if it was me I would be strongly considering starting the big and powerful France international Olivier Giroud as our centre forward.

I know a lot of you will want the summer striker signing Lacazette there but with Alexis Sanchez definitely out I would play him on the left and use Giroud’s aerial ability, presence and link up play in a match which we are likely to dominate anyway. What do you think Gooners?



  1. Viera Lyn says:

    You must be on Wenger’s payroll…that is the absolute worst case scenario…if Giroud is used as anything more than a sub or for particular FA, Carling and Europa matchups it will be a clear sign that this team just doesn’t care about getting better…I really wonder if you even watch our team or you simply sit in your room staring at your poster of Wenger in is favourite zippered coat

  2. Eric says:

    If it were me, I’d give Laca the first 60 minutes up top with Ozil & Iwobi behind, then sub Giroud for Iwobi for the final 30 and drop Laca back to LF with Giroud up top.

    1. Incarnate says:

      And pair Kolasinac with Granit Xhaka in central midfield

      1. Gunners says:

        Why would we play Kolasonac on midfield when we are short at the back?

  3. lcebox says:

    Dont say that ive Lacazette in my Fantasy football team.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Lacazette is in my Fantasy league team too 🙂
      But Lacazette should start over Giroud in my opinion because he has plenty of preseason warm up. Giroud can always come in if we need

      I think Giroud scores more often off the bench anyway or at least it seems like it

  4. chris says:

    No …. he would be battered by someone else and … not like that either.

  5. Arsenogenic says:

    Well, why not? Let’s lay down a marker this evening. Whoop some ass, strike fear into some hearts and use this game to start a roll.

    1. waal2waal says:

      im not sure they’re that kinda team to accept ass whopped they’re a premiership winning club so playing them is not to be taken lightly – im not expecting a walk in the park. they’ll want to spoil our party – i think the task requires attrition, we’ll need to wear them down – they can be spirited.

  6. Leeroysgooners says:

    Doesn’t really matter if we go with big oli G or laca Leicester are gonna get smashed either way roll on tonight… Can’t wait to see the boys tonight everyone needs to be positive this evening and get behind the team…

  7. Rednit says:

    I don’t think we are going to win a game with one players aerial ability , presence and link up play . Girouds ” presence ” is better on the bench .
    And I’m not in agreement of Wengers justification in playing Giroud …… ” he holds the game up ” ……… personally I don’t want a player in the team , who’s sole justification in being selected is that he holds the game up .?????
    As for his aerial ability , not to impressed with that one .
    Yes , I am not a Giroud fan ,
    Yes he gets goals . But at what cost . The team suffers . Lots of misses . Let’s of wasted chances .

    1. Gunners Scout says:

      got your answer from the game ?

  8. kev says:

    It will be terrible to play Lacazette on the left.He’s not very effective there.He needs to play against Leicester because he’s still getting acclamatized to the system and the league.This is a match where he should defeinitely start.

  9. Kofi? says:

    Lacazette for the start.
    I believe he’s in fine form and he will score today hopefully. For fantasy team it would also be good for us. ?

  10. mark says:

    Giroud will play a part at some point, but I’d start with Lacazette to get him in from the start of the league.

    I’m going for an unfashionable comfortable win of 3-1.

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Official starting lineup
    Holding.. Monreal.. Kolsanic
    Bellerin.. Xhaka.. Eleny. OX
    Ozil.. Welbeck

  12. GB says:

    Confirmed, Kola, Laca and Ozil starting and Ramsey on bench.

  13. GB says:

    You beat me to it A rose girl!
    Good looking team with Mert etc injured.

  14. GB says:

    A rose?? Arsenal Girl!

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Are you typing on a mobile phone?
      When I type on my phone I get weird suggestions on the word chooser thingy.

      Yeah. Looks like a good team.
      I’m feeling good that Ozil is playing. I hope he assists Lacazette

      1. GB says:

        iPad but have had a few wines!

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