Does it look like the Ox is leaving Arsenal as well this summer?

There is a very strange set of circumstances this season at Arsenal as Arsene Wenger, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil all have to make big contract decisions, while there are many more players also reaching critical point.

One of these is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who is another that hasn’t signed a contract extension and could force a move this summer. Obviously Wenger doesn’t want to lose a part of his “British Core” that actually seems to be improving. “I personally think it is vital that Chamberlain stays at Arsenal,” Wenger said.

“We bought him when he was very young, we have built him up and I think he has a great mentality. I like his mentality and he has a good football brain. It would be a big damage for us to lose this kind of player.”

The Ox has been very impressive when he has been played in central midfield this season, and Wenger believes that that is where his future lies. “I played him [in central midfield] a few times a few years ago and I think he did well,” Wenger added. “When I didn’t play Ozil I had to find a combination with him in central midfield.

“He is offensive. You can see as well he is a guy who can get out of pressure. He has a dribbling skill and acceleration that can get you out of pressure. He can penetrate. In midfield that is important.

“I felt as well sometimes on the flank he is out of the game but in the middle he is more focused. He needs to be involved in the game.

But Le Prof doesn’t yet think he is quite ready to make the position his own yet. “He does not have enough experience in that position. He is a player who likes to take the ball and go at people sometimes. I think that this will get out of his game.

“He can lose balls but defensively he is strong in the challenge when he wants to switch on. He has that kind of robustness to deal with body to body which is very important in the Premier League.”

It is easy to forget how young the Ox is, as it seems he has been at Arsenal forever, but an improving midfielder and England international at his age would command a big price in the transfer market if he decided it was time to go to a bigger club. It is certainly worrying that we could lose him this summer along with our other top stars.

If the Ox means to stay surely he would have re-signed by now?

Darren N


  1. JPS_AFC1 says:

    I think Ox has a future here Ramsey need to go and play Ox in that position more often let him develop his game at the base of midfield and watch him fly

    1. Midkemma says:

      I don’t know if the Ox has a future but he deserves more of a chance than Ramsey, if we have to split the rebuild into 2 years due to the volume of work needs to be done then I would put Ramsey on the list to be sold now and Ox to be considered for sale 12 months down the line if he doesn’t step up… so get him to sign a new contract now so we can make the best out of it in 12 months.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Wenger may as well just tell everyone he’s staying. He says Oxlade needs to get signed as he wants him here. He went into detail about Walcott and his strengths. Wilshere too, even though he couldn’t find a place for him this season. Gibbs is expected for talks as-well. So much for the rebuild. People need to get at Gazidas and get him to go into detail about the changes he talked about. Force him into a corner. Arsene basically laughed it all off, and hearing him talk about Arsenal needing to keep the same failed players is just ominous. Monreal will get replaced due to age, Alexis will get replaced, and he will mention those replacements as evidence of change made and money spent, he will also mention how Xhaka and Mustafi will be better and are relatively new also expensive.

    1. Midkemma says:

      List the volume of players you think could/should be sold.
      Now count them up….
      Now ask yourself if AFC has the capability of getting that done in a single transfer window.

      Add to the mix of contract renewals…

      The board could very well be selling us BS however I do believe us supporters need to keep in mind that our club needs a rebuild, not just the playing squad. Do we have the capability of signing enough players to replace the volume of players that you would like to be sold?

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Last one out, close the door..

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger this summer: Cazorla will be like a new signing

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      And Wilshere

    2. Juhi McLovin says:

      You know as far as working places go, Arsenal FC is a great job to work at:

      – easy money
      – lucrative contract extensions
      – unlimited sick notes
      – minimum effort favored
      – get to travel around the world
      – boss is friendly and doesn’t demand results

  5. Walter Clunk. says:

    Cech free.
    Szczesny 12m
    Debuchy 4m
    Jenkinson 7m
    Mertesacker (fre)
    Coquelin 12m
    Cazorla 5m
    Wilshere 20m
    Ozil 36
    Sanchez 40m
    Ramsey 30m
    Chamberlain 20m
    Gibbs 12m
    Gabriel 14m
    Chambers 10 m
    Campbell 7m
    Walcott 30m
    Wellbeck 14m
    Giroud 10
    Perez 14 m
    Asano free.
    Sanogo free.
    Save 60m in wages
    Net 360 mill.
    Bellerin Koz Mustafi Holding
    Xhaka Elneny
    Kelechi Akpom Iwobi Zelalem Adelaide Niles
    New Manager.
    Buy twelve 30 mill players.
    Squad =25 players.
    Net spend =Zero.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Over 30 transfers… Do you think Arsenal FC would get that much done in a single transfer window?

      If not, then what about players who see others getting sold and put more effort in and step up at long last?

      If you had to split it up to 2 years then what order would you like to see the sales done?

      1. Walter Clunk. says:

        1st year.14 out.
        140m + saved salary 20 m 160m
        Keep 15
        Cech Martinez
        Bellerin Koz Mustafi Holding Gibbs
        Xhaka Elneny Coquelin Ozil Ramsey
        Walcott Iwobi Chamberlain
        Add.5. Kelechi Akpom Zelalem Adelaide Niles.
        Buy 5. Top. GK LB CB RB Striker 100m-160m
        New Manager.

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Walter Clunk good idea but will never happen under the deluded one.
    Wishful thinking

  7. jermaine bryan says:

    Ox should sign a new long term deal Andy sent on a season loan

  8. Midkemma says:

    I think some of the supporters have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the rebuild.

    Why are ppl assuming it is only rebuilding the playing squad? Arsenal have rumors that they are wanting to improve the infrastructure at the club at the same time.

    I do not believe AFC will make more than 6 signings, no matter how many players they may need, AFC is limited by its infrastructure, lack of quality people to get enough done. We got to consider sales as well and how many are there going to be of them? Even if it was only 6… that would be 12 transfers.

    This means that the club will have to prioritize who gets sold and who gets given 12 more months to prove themselves after seeing other players shipped out, think of it as breaking the rebuild up into bite size pieces…

    I also do believe that once we ship a few flops out then the others will show more dedication and willing to fight for their place.
    No risk of getting thrown out and how hard do you try?
    Seeing players get chucked overboard and how hard will you try?

    Or do ppl think AFC will do over 30 transfers in a single window????

    Don’t get me wrong, it would be wonderful to click my fingers and have it all done but that would be delusional thinking, all us Arsenal fans know that our board are not the swiftest in action when required so do not fool ourselves.

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