Does it now look like Thomas Partey will be staying at Arsenal next season?

Not long ago, Mikel Arteta failed to give Thomas Partey minutes in defeats to Aston Villa (2-0) and Bayern Munich (1-0), games that some claimed required the Ghana international’s expertise, sparking several speculations regarding the Ghana international. Some believed that Mikel Arteta had completely moved on from the ex-Atletico Madrid midfielder, who has been heavily linked with a summer Arsenal exit.

The 30-year-old has impressed alongside Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard in Arsenal’s engine room in the last two games, a 5-0 victory over Chelsea and a 3-2 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

Clearly, the ex-Atletico Madrid player is on a roll, and I doubt any Arsenal fan would consider Arteta benching him in this tricky Premier League title race. Fortunately, Mikel Arteta may have just hinted as to why he will rely on Partey in the season’s remaining fixtures; he spoke of the midfielder’s importance after the 3-2 win over Spurs, when Partey (who’s had a rough time with injuries) managed to complete a game (playing all 90 minutes) since the 1-0 win over Palace last August.

“It’s his presence, his quality, his physicality, and his experience that we have missed dearly,” the Arsenal manager remarked about his midfield general, who’s missed 70 games since joining Arsenal in 2020.

These claims suggest that Partey’s omission in games against Bayern Munich and Villa should have had a clear reason, even if Arteta faced significant criticism for neglecting the Ghanaian international.

Don’t be shocked if Partey plays himself into securing another year at the Emirates Stadium in the remaining three league fixtures.

Do you think we should keep Thomas for one more year and let him leave on a free next summer?

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  1. It’s very tricky for me, he’s really really good but he’s also aging and injury prone. But I think we can’t afford to lose both him and Jorginho at the same, release one with Elneny to make space. I don’t think there’s any doubts about Partey’s abilities but we could still cash in while we can.

  2. That’s the problem Oyama, with his injury record Clubs will be very reluctant to pay more than 5/10m for Partey despite his undoubted ability.

  3. I would like him to stay but his injury record is horrible. If we can fine someone of his profile plus a reliable left back and probably another midfielder since we are going to lose 3 of them, that’s fine. A Striker is not necessary.

  4. Any realist would ask themselves why MA puts so much faith in a player who has been so unlucky with injuries and who still has another year of his contract to fulfill?

    The answer is so simple, it defies logic that any fan would want to sell him – he is a world class player and it would cost upwards of £60 million to replace him.

    With two other world class players now alongside him, in Rice and Odegaard, his workload is more manageable on the field and he has yet another two world class defenders in Saliba and Gabriel, to also share the workload.

    It also looks as if he might have a LB, in Timber, who will also form a formidable left side of the said Timber, Partey and Martinelli / Trossard / Gabriel that would be as effective as White, Rice and Saka down the right side.

    Despite being assured that Partey will be gone this summer by some, I am certain that we will be able to watch him, finally, become a regular in our side.
    Those 90 plus minutes against our noisy neighbours proved he’s back to the fitness levels MA demanded of him and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he was offered a contract extension.

    1. the logic is four fold

      firstly, sell Partey this summer for £20m, then net spend for replacement is £40m (£60m – £20m)

      or he leaves on free when his contract expires next summer and costs us £60m to replace

      secondly, Partey injury prone record is not a one-off, he has had long periods of unavailability every season since he joined Arsenal, as the player gets older (31 by the time the first ball kicked next season) then injury risk increases

      I read somewhere he has missed at least 20 games every season, zero reason to believe plays all 38 games next year

      thirdly, very high wages and drain on club resources for someone available only half the time, we realistically need two sets of wages, his and one another, to field a team to cover his consistent availability

      fourth, yes Partey played well but would not say exceptional or MOTM, he played well along with 8 others, and I have memories of real shockers too like Palace two seasons ago where he fell apart and cost us CL, there is the mistake in there, he made a couple against Spurs remember but not punished

      not even Partey’s biggest fan believes he will be playing for Arsenal in the 2025/26 season to be PL and CL winning elite, so either this season his last or next

      may as well be this season and get £20m toward his inevitable replacement

      1. Arsenal 1886, just read again what MA is saying about the player and then ask yourself if that’s the backing of a player he wants out?
        As for getting a fee by selling him, when has that bothered MA and the owners before?
        If Jorginho has been offered a new contract, it’s odds on that Partey will as well – it’s all about experience and quality.

        1. you are certainly old enough, ahem, experienced enough to know that 90% of football managers say to the press is…

          of course he will say that in the immediate aftermath of a big game with three to go

          what do you expect MA to say “yeah great performance today, I hope he enjoyed it too as one his last in this shirt as we trade in for a younger more reliable model this summer”

          if ruthless for success and trophies is what Edu/Arteta really are then they will sell, using this patch of playing time to pump up his price

          we will see who is right, but if Jorginho inks a new contract then I think the opposite to you and Partey moves closer to the door as Edu/Arteta de-risked the new recruit settling in time by securing Jorginho

          Edu/Arteta are about the future, not the past

      2. I’m sure if Partey had played in the Villa and Bayern matches, Arsenal would be more than £60m better off after winning those matches, nullifying Partey’s perceived cost to the club. Simple arithmetic

  5. Every player can be injured. Was Partey injure prone at AM?

    I trust him in midfield more than Jorginho

    Give him a 1 year extension, and sign a younger version of Guimaraes, Luiz or Zubimendi

    There aren’t many like to like replacements of Partey currently

  6. Playing DM is the toughest position on the pitch; you tackle and get tackled. Of course there’s a risk for injuries. But even if Arsenal get a new first class number 6 the club need a substitute. As a back up man Thomas Partey would be perfect. A great player.

  7. There’s a lot of factors to consider with Partey, it won’t be an easy decision to make but whatever the decision MA makes I will support it. This season we’ve managed without him, but also I’ve noted we’re improved with him on the side. What I do know is that we’ll need another high quality 6 in the summer to freshen up things in the middle and compete with either Partey or Jorginho, whoever we decide to keep between the two.

      1. i can’t see both Jorginho and Partey staying

        a staggered exit, i.e. one this year and one next season, is certainly helpful for recruiting two replacements, i.e. one this year to settle in alongside an experienced head and the other next year

        either way inevitable need to replace these two over 30’s with younger versions more in keeping the age dynamic of the rest of the squad for multi-year repeat long term success

  8. Arteta should give partey another year bt he ahould release Joghinho and Elineny to create space for another midifielder like Fofana or Zubi, bt hhe will need to keep patino to. Then partey will help nxt season to make the new players getting used and 2026 he can go. If players like KDB are still pushing, arsenal need experienced players we need a stricker and nketiah should go bt Kai,Jesus and another one can compete for starting. Then finaly we need a winger who can help saka coz nxt season saka will need a break coz of fatigue. In defense am concerned with saliba amd maghales who have been doing well this season bt am afraid that they might not continue nxt season like this. May be in Jan 2025 Arteta can see if there is a need either to bring a full back so that white amd Tamiyasu can be used in tge defense.

  9. Last year Saudi League came for him at 40mil, he did not want to go there. This year he is 1 year older, and 1 year left on his contract, so expect a 30mil offer if it comes from Saudi. From anywhere else, it will be lesser that that, say 20mil. Now, is is worth to replace him for that price, when Jorginho is already staying for 1 more year? Up to Edu to decide.

    The decision depends on if we can add to the midfield too, without letting him go.

  10. If we can get some money for Partey then I do think that we should sell him this summer.
    He is already 30 years old and now injury prone.
    Let’s not wait like we always seem to when it comes to selling players when we have a chance.

    Sell him and invest in a new younger number 6 to replace Partey.

    Sentiment and reminiscing about the good times will just lead us into giving him away for free in the end.

  11. And if we end up taking a chance on Partey to stay fit for next seasons and he ends up being injured again. That means that we will just let him go for free as his contract will be done.

    And I would bet £3.50 that the same people encouraging Arteta to keep him for one more season would be the same people to then turn on him with statements such as: “***Arteta just gives players away for free. He is terrible at selling players***”.

  12. It matter not a jot what i think but it DOES matter what MA will do. And that will be, IMO that he will sell Partey this summer. As evidence for that view look no further than his constant injury problem and the huge anounf of games he misses.
    Plus his age andhe will not get less injury prone with age. We badly need another fitter, younger but similarly talented player and to get highly paid for little effective returnTP off our wage bill, which WILL happen IMO!

    Despite what SOME Gooners say on this thread,it makes NO sense to keep a constantly injured already ageing player who is highly paid. Esp when he hardly ever plays!

  13. If such decisions were just about footballing ability he would be kept, of course.

    But there’s injuries, salary and taking up a position in a squad of limited numbers.

    Only the club can know how to balance those factors – one in particular only they and Partey himself will know, the injury situation.

    Is it a recurring injury that will keep happening long term? Things like that factor into the buy/sell decision. Anyone on the outside can only watch and wait.

  14. I would keep Partey as I’d then wanted us to keep Carzola who is still playing good soccer till date, and we are likely to repeat same with Partey.
    Give him two more years.
    And manage his workload by benching him against “average and out of form teams”.
    His presence alone is motivating enough and we need him more than several supposedly fit players on our bill.

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