Does Jack Wilshere deserve a new Arsenal contract?

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is claimed to be lining up a new contract for Jack Wilshere, but does he deserve one?

The midfielder has two years left remaining on his current contract, which is believed to contain a £90,000 per week wage.

Wilshere started only once for our club this season, having been absence with injury since last May, but still managed to make it into Roy Hodgson’s provisional 26-man team ahead of the European Championships this summer.

The 24 year-old has also been in the news recently for his part in a late-night fracas outside a London club, and this is not the first-time that he has attracted negative press.

Wilshere has been snapped smoking on a number of occasions, as well as being accused of spitting at a Tottenham-supporting cab driver. He was also more recently claimed to have threatened an elderly neighbour of his, although the England midfielder has denied such claims.

Wenger is now believed to be keen on tying the former youth product to a new five-year deal, with a reported £110,000 per week wage having been speculated process.

For me, he has not had the chance to do anything worthwhile of a new deal, and with two years remaining on his current one, there should be no rush! The way he has been picking up injuries, he could easily miss the entire of next season also, and he would get paid extra to do zero work. Money should be earned, and why should somebody get a pay-rise when he hasn’t been able to earn one?

Surely I am not alone in thinking this supposed new contract should be put on the back-burner?

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  1. I agree with u whats the rush let him prove that he deserves the extension on the one year of the two will be a crime to extend his contract and he just featured like 20 games I think in last two seasons

    1. 6 man of the match awards in seven for England? His fighting spirit is what our players should aspire to, he is not afraid to get stuck in for Arsenal and England and unfortunately gets injured in the process, what would you have him do? Perhaps play safe so as not to get injured? That’s why we keep fighting for fourth place year in year out because we do not have enough fighters in our team now you are asking for the one person who cares enough on the pitch to fight for the cause to be sold? In a different scenario, one in which Wilshere was actually fit enough, he would command wages double that amount, when he won those man of the match awards, I’m pretty sure players who earn double that amount also played in those games, why begrudge him small pay rise of an extra 20k? For crying out loud, Walcott earns 140k and he’s not even at the Euros.

        1. exactly 6 man of the match for England but nor for the arsenal!!,am not saying sell him let him prove himself nxt season then we can see if it warrants an extension.

  2. Jack has bn so unlucky. he is just too talented to be ignored by the football club. This guy was out for 9 months and he was still better than some of our players on his return. Now that says alot. Fans can say all stupid things about him. But football managers won’t. All I ask is just 1 season injury free from Jack and we shall all see how good he is.
    England manager said 4 man of the match performance in 4 straight games for England before his injury meant they would have taken him to the Euros even with 1 Leg. lol

    Still I won’t give him a contract this early. But I understand that the club wants him to feel loved. Look at the way he celebrated on the bench when we scored Villa. He is not just a footballer making money. He genuinely loves this club. He is a fan . He gives everything even when he is not good on the match day. Sometimes some players don’t even care. jack really cares.

    1. lower his pay and let him know he’s lucky to still be here. Making 100k a week to play 5 matches a season is stealing.

      1. Lower his ground salary, with increased pay per match. Give him economical motivation to stay fit as well.

    2. If he loves the club he should behave like someone who care not tarnishing the club image. He is a fraud 90k a week for 143 minutes in the pitch that is a hold up.

  3. Many German journalist confirming that Granit Xhaka is done deal. Just can’t believe Wenger spending £35 million on a CDM or deep lying playmaker. Has Mr Wenger bn smoking? Honestly this is a big surprise. can you believe it folks? Wenger spending £35 million on a CDM? Can someone please give me a good slap . It’s like saying at the start of the season the Leicester will win the league.
    What ever medication Wenger is taking, the Dr’s should give him some more of it. may be he will just bid £60 million for Aubameyang.

    1. According to the Guardian news paper, Wenger will get Xhaka for only £25 million plus future add ons depending on honours and achievements won at Arsenal.
      Apparently Xhaka had a £23 million release clause which would have came into effect at the end of next season.
      Wenger has obviously done his home work here by using this information in his offer and saved the club at least £10 million, for now…. thats if this is true! … we should know by the end of the day, as reports suggest that Xhaka is having a medical at Arsenal and that his signing will be announced today!
      It wouldn’t be the first time that these medical rumours turned out to be bull?… Benzema anyone? ??

        1. David Ornstein–Verified account ‏@bbcsport_david

          Arsenal close to signing Gladbach mdf Granit Xhaka. Agreement reached on £30m deal, in London to finalise terms, medical this weekend #AFC

          8:24 a.m. – 20 May 2016

          1. Ornsetein’s as legit as they come 🙂
            If all goes well I’d like to see this lineup

            NOT GIROUD
            Monreal-Koscielny-New CB-Bellerin

            Sell: Walcott, Flamini, Mertesacker, Gnabry (if a good offer comes for him, not priority).

            Wouldn’t mind if Wilshere got sold but we all know that’s not going to happen so not point in debating. Cazorla rotates with Xhaka. Ramsey, Elneny are just squad players at this point. Ramsey is past it, and Elneny is pretty average.

    2. It seems legit about Xhaka. What i don’t want is him replacing Coquelin though. Have the two play along side each other and that would be amazing defensively, and Xhaka can create chances. Add a top class striker and we have a solid midfield and a great attack, with Ozil pulling all kinds of strings. If we get Xhaka then ST and CB become priorities after. But then again nobody would be surprised if this is Wenger’s only buy this summer. We all know he loves himself some Giroud.

      1. Spot on mate,
        I’m also worried that Xhaka will be our only major signing,
        Along with a few potential youngsters.

        For crying out loud. … Get a proven quality Striker! ffs!

  4. @Galen..

    That’s a top top comment from you…well said!
    There is hardly any Arsenal fan that doesn’t love Wilshere…
    His problems are injuries and Wilshere himself due to his off field issues sometimes..let’s hope he stays fit next season so that we can know;

    1)His exact/best position for Arsenal…
    2)If he really deserves a new contract…am sure he will earn it if he is injury free..

    The Guardian reports that there is now a compromise from Gladbach and that they have accepted 25m for Xhaka and he is in London for his medical,infact could be announced nextweek…


      1. They forgot to mention the ‘Hundred’ part, inbetween the words ‘few’ and ‘hours’
        It should have read, in the next few hundred hours ??

      2. probably some time next week (hopefully). Arsenal are never quick about transfers. Even last summer we waited on Cech announcement for over half a month, even when everyone knew.

    1. “There is hardly any Arsenal fan that doesn’t love Wilshere” – this actually made me laugh. I don’t think I know a single Arsenal fan who rates/likes Jackie boy. Personally, I think he’s a waste of space and money on our roster. And it’s not just his injuries. He’s a very selfish type of player, and the fact that he wears a number 10 jersey is enough for me to hate him even more. Dennis Bergkamp wore it before him, what has Wilshere done to deserve it? It’s supposed to be reserved for the best player in the squad, and he’s far from it. He should’ve given it to Ozil, but again, he’s too selfish for it.

      1. @ Vlad.
        I think you are more of a waste of Space. You use the word hate when talking about a human or even an Arsenal player? What is wrong with you? Are you a 5 year old on a computer?

        I don’t have any problem with anyone saying a player is not good enough but using word such as hate is something I will never understand. What useful thing have you done on the Planet? Grow up.

        1. Some tabloids already saying;

          “Xhaka is a boost but Wenger
          needs to REMAIN busy
          in the transfer market”

          They won’t leave us alone….#the media…
          Anyway, Skysports have now also reported Xhaka’s medical..

        2. Hahaha ? ?
          The human race has totally ruined this planet!
          So what good can he do, apart from planting a tree?

          Some people need to grow a humour, if that’s possible?
          I would have thought that most Gooner’s would of had a good sense of humour by now? ? what with Wenger telling the same jokes for a decade! ?

        3. galen… I’m in my mid 40’s, and I have been an Arsenal fan since late 90’s, and I have seen the good, as well as the bad. And Wilshire, unfortunately for all of us, falls into the second category. I don’t use the word “hate” very often, especially when it comes to my club, and its players, but I really do HATE Wilshere. An arrogant prick, a leech, a parasite, who did absolutely nothing to earn his spot on ours, and English roster. He’s like one of those music bands that still collect royalties from a one hit wonder they released back in 80’s. Pathetic.

        4. Smoking, Drinking, fighting, insulting people ,smoking chisha pipe,pouring drink in his mouth, fighting in the night club, getting caution by the police that what a professional football should be doing to deserve 110.k a week after 144 min for a season, 6 goals in 7 years, by the way is nemesis only get paid 25k a week and he score more goals in just 1 season.

      2. I agree! … I don’t like him either ?
        he is to arrogant and far too big headed for a ‘potential’ who hasn’t done or won anything to warrant that attitude, in my book and the only rise that I would give him, is a boot up the ass, through the exit door!

        You can also add that one season wonder, Wenger’s blue eyed boy, the bale wanna be, so put those hands together for the one and only. .. Aaron – dodgy- Ramstrings ???


      3. jesus some people…wilshere is a quality playmaker who can carry the ball better than anyone in arsenal other than santi … he is injury prone and on occassion holds the ball too long in part because paired with like of flamini ramsey etc who are cluless in their positional and support play …but the kid is a quality player who would be snapped up by several leading european teams if put on market

        1. @rkw
          Wrong. Ozil and Campbell both carry the ball much better than Jack. Dude cannot dribble out of tight spots, has no pace and is allergic to tracking back. And as I’ve stated many times before, I find it odd that for a short guy, Jack cannot utilize his low center of gravity to his advantage. The only thing I think he has going for him is, he has a brilliant football brain.
          The biggest mistake of his career though, is when they put metal in his leg. They might have removed it now, but he will never be the same…

          1. Campbell … I’m sorry am talking about the dribbling with feet not down the chin … Not serious …. Ozil is of course a master ball player with vision but also like jack can over complicate doesn’t track back and isn’t a whippet … But so what both quality … Campbell will end up at some mid table serie a team

  5. We all love Jack but this is the mistake Arsenal has been making for years now. Rewarding players minus then deserving the contract.

    What’s wrong with his current contract, surely they can give it a bit more time before considering whether he deserves it or not. From how I see it extensions usually come with better conditions meaning a higher wage. Sounds like the Theo drama all over again and now look at him.

    On another note is it just me or has Jack picked up some weight on his return? Don’t know whether that’s the best thing for his kind of football, his slow as it is and his strength is in been nibble and dribbling. Fat jack wont do.

  6. Of course he doesn’t. He plays 1-5 matches per season. It’s just something we have to deal with as long as AW remains. Is he getting a pay rise though? Wouldn’t be surprised. We’re a joke when it comes to picking a competent squad. Heard we’re trying to hold onto that useless Walcott as well. Get rid of our trash players!

  7. He doesn’t deserve a new contract since he has done nothing for us as a result of all his injuries. But….

    It would be bad business not to extend his contract beyond two years. I have always been upset with the club when we were forced into a situation we had to negotiate with a player who had only one year left on his contract and just finished a solid season for us. A one year contract puts the player in the driving seat since you have to sell him if he doesn’t want to renew.

    It would be a shame to lose Jack, who I rate higher than Ramsey, after we were so patient during his many injuries, if he now finally has a full season playing up to his potential. At the end of next season he would have one year left on his contract and could ask anything he wanted if he had a good season.

    I would try to negotiate a 3rd year on his contract as an option to Arsenal but I would pay any wage increases in the 2nd year but only if he was fit and available a minimum number of games next season.

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