Does Jack Wilshere really have a future at Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere publicly announced last week that he felt he had to leave Arsenal this season if he was going to allow his career to progress forward. After being snubbed for the English national side and with competition for places extremely high at Arsenal, it was a big wake up call for Wilshere, who felt it was the right time to move on.

Of course Wilshere never intended on leaving Arsenal for good, and he managed to secure a last minute loan move away to the South Coast of England with AFC Bournemouth. It was a slightly surprising move, especially with various other ‘higher profile clubs’ supposedly interested in signing Wilshere on loan for the season. However the midfielder obviously felt Bournemouth was the right move for him and so far he has made some good progress towards rejuvenating his career. He hasn’t had an injury concern as of yet, despite a few rumours in the papers, whilst although he has been poor in a few matches, it comes as no real surprise given that he is now playing a completely different style of football compared to his time at Arsenal.

Jamie Redknapp previously suggested that Wilshere doesn’t have a future at Arsenal anymore and that he should be looking to leave the Gunners permanently at the end of the season. That comes as disappointing news for Arsenal fans, because despite the Englishman’s antics off the pitch, he’s a Gooner at heart and it would be disappointing to see a true fan of the club having to leave. Wilshere of course argued that the statement is nothing more than an opinion and now Arsene Wenger has backed Wilshere up by saying he believes the player has a future at Arsenal.

Wenger spoke about Wilshere today and was keen to point out that in his opinion, Wilshere will have a future at Arsenal. It’s positive news for the player, especially if Wenger remains in charge for next season (which does look increasingly likely as of this moment). Personally I would like to see Wilshere remain with the Gunners, because although he still has a lot to overcome, regarding his injures and beating his competition to get a starting spot on the team, I think he does still have the potential to become a Gunners great. He’s shown what he’s capable of in the past, he just needs to get over his injures and rediscover his form.

Admittedly we’d all love to see Wilshere make it back into this Arsenal side, but realistically, will he ever get a chance to do so?



  1. Wilshegz says:

    Oh! for the upteenth time Wilshere has a future at Arsenal and the loan is to let him get regular gametime n get back to his best which is gradually happening. He is now completing back to back 90mins n is very integral to Bournemouth set up.
    Wilshere is the heir to Cazorla in deeplying playmaking role at Arsenal.

    1. frisco says:

      Just keep regrets the 40M Man City offered us for him. Let be realistic, he is not good enough for Arsenal, even playing for Bournemouth he is really poor, not good enough to replace Carzola, to make things worse Ramsay is above him and Ramsay is Wenger favourite, just one option for Wiltshere is to leave if he want to save his career.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    YES. Of course he has a future here

    A loan is a good thing for a talented player who has suffered long term injuries.
    He plays regular football at a Premier League Club
    He has the opportunity to show everyone his talent
    Both Arsenal and England

    Wish Jack the best. Hope he has a great season and will see him back here next season

  3. gotanidea says:

    If he can have the same battle spirit like what Coquelin has, he will have a bright future in Arsenal. He needs to focus on his football more, instead of doing his bad habits, such as smoking. After this loan period, he needs to go back and learn from Cazorla, Coquelin and Sanchez.

  4. mkgooner says:

    Off topic: Ozil is going to be left out of the Germany squad as Joachim Low wants to rest players who won’t get a winter break

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Loew maybe making a pitch to get in good with the AFC heirarchy. Sound management from Leow, surprising for an international manager to behave this reasonable. We never rest Ozil yet here’s a national boss looking out for him, it’s surprising.

  5. Skills1000 says:

    If you ever think you had a rough month in October, just remember that Manchester United scored only one premier league goal in October.
    And their fans still have to vote for their “October goal of the month”Don’t be weary, God will make crooked way straight for u.

    1. arsenal_canada says:

      Haha, I was having a piss poor day until I read that!

    2. mobaygunner says:

      Haha lmao..that was good bruh…thay only hot 1 goal tho??? No thay didnt lol haha..thats funny

  6. NY_Gunner says:

    Considering Jacks injury. And how they tried mending it before with pins in his leg. i’d say Jack is going to be troubled by it for the rest of his playing career…
    It does seem as if he’s resigned to move on…

  7. Wilshegz says:

    Jack needs no battling spirit like Coq, he has that already in abundance what he needs is to keep playing consistently and gradually regain his sharpness

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