Does Jack Wilshere still have a future at Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere has hinted at a possible stay at Arsenal this summer, but does he have a role to play?

The midfielder spent most of last season on loan with Bournemouth, before having his spell cut-short due to an injury (surprise).

The 25 year-old has endured a number of campaigns having been cut short due to injury, and his stay with the Cherries last term looked like it had helped him to build up his strength and fitness, but ultimately ended like most seasons.

Jack Wilshere had been tipped to then quit the club this summer, with Manchester City as well as a few Italian sides believed to be of interest. He is into the final 12 months of his contract, but there has been no talk of an extension, and he still looks destined to still be with us after the 31 August deadline.

He is expected to be fit before the window shuts, but how Wenger pictures him in the team is currently unknown, with the former youth product yet to play in our new 3-4-2-1 formation.

Wilshere appears to be telling us that excited to be back at the Emirates.

Does Jack deserve a new contract? Could he play a role for us this term? Is his wage demands holding him back from a possible move?

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  1. John0711 says:

    Pay as you play contract
    He “could” be amazing but he needs to realise it’s his last chance

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, he has to get his last chance, as what Coquelin did. I believe he has learned something from his loan spell, but Arsenal cannot wait for him like Diaby.

      The problem with English players are they are often injured, because of their playing style. That is why England cannot dominate other major European national football teams like Spain and France.

      Arsenal needs better midfielders than Wilshere, Ramsey, Barkley, Drinkwater, etc. Players that can possess the ball longer to wait for better chances, are able to pass better and have great vision.

      1. neil says:

        Look we have to invest in the future as well as buy good players for a decent amount of money… but the youngsters and good scouting are what will secure the future
        Look at Monaco.. probably do sales over 250mn but buying good talented youngsters to go again. They cannot comoete financialy with PSG and we cant do same with Man City United or Chelsea… so that means we have to be smarter and better than them as just having money has shown it cant guarantee a title..
        Iwobi is coming through and Holding and Chambers could be future CB pairing.. Reiss Nelson Nketiah and Reine-Adelaide showing promise.. Coquelin Ramsey and Wilshere all been playing for years and Emi Martinez potential no 1.. thats almost a full team that cost less than onr of Neymars little toes ! Surround them with 8 to 10 very good players like Cech Mustafi Kolasinac Xhaka Ozil Sanchez Metesacker and Lacazette and shows why we have wln 3 FA Cups in 4 years… now lets push on with 1 or 2 more top players but give the youngsters a chance to shine… 17 year olds have no fear… ! No one remember Rooney making us pay as a 17 year old !?

      2. McLovin says:

        Problem with Wilshere was that he kept holding the ball for TOO LONG. That’s what got him injured in the first place. I still remember that Carrick tackle on him when he should’ve released the ball 5 seconds before and got caught By Carrick and got his ankle broken.

        1. gotanidea says:

          If he can possess the ball with better skills, he would be able to avoid the tackle easily. Messi, Iniesta, Sanchez and Xavi (in their primes) hold the ball longer than him (count the number of touches they did versus Wilshere’s touches), but they can avoid the opponents and find better chances for their teammates.

          Most English players still play with the basics of football and it affects their national football team’s achievements. If Premier League and England want to improve, they have to leave the “kick and rush” style and learn from Spain and Brazil.

  2. Ronny says:

    Possibly but unlikely. If he stays this year I think he’ll get the Europa league games.

    Ot again I hate mentioning this subject but……what’s with arsenal tweeting a photo of sanchez last night in the new kit. Text just says sanchez #7.


    1. TH14-TW14 says:

      No player lives off “one good moment”. Jack was a wonderful midfielder as a teenager. Bossed the midfield for a whole season (not this fallacy about how it was the Barcelona game). He is fearless and confident in his abilities. If half of the Arsenal team had the mentality of Jack we would have won the league in the last decade (because we have talent). Jack is a fighter and has that bit of English arrogance that the likes of Terry, Gerald and Rooney had that made them great. It’s a shame he has been plagued by injuries. All of you talking down on him can you tell me what Van Persie ever did for us until he turned 28? Was he not always injured until then? I wish jack has some luck and returns to full fitness and succeeds as an Arsenal player. After all he is just 25.

      1. Stelle says:

        My wish is your command if there is a Mr Arsenal left in the squad Jack the lad is that guy. Give hime the contract let him slowly get back to full fitness he is one player who would not complain about game time at Arsenal as long as the team is winning. JACK WILSHER BRING ENERGY TO OUR MIDFIELD THAT NO OTHER PLAYER OR TEAM IN THE EPL HAS..

    2. GB says:

      Reaffirming that he is staying.

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    He is a bit like Mark Morrison. He had one good moment in his life and will always be remembered for that.

    1. John0711 says:

      Return of the Mac

  4. arsenal-steve says:

    If Jack gets fit I cannot see the point of selling him unless we get a top replacement. We will not get a great fee and he is still a great player. Better than Elneny and Coquelin put together. Unless we sign Jean Michael Seri who is a little dynamo, we are better off keeping him.

    1. nero says:

      No i doubt it
      something broke in him, when wenger moved him from being an attacking midfeilder to a defence one.

      hed have been great, because hes mentally strong and fearless

  5. Sebastian says:

    Personally I think everybody has been a tad harsh on Jack and his talents, it wasn’t long ago he was “the future of England”. I think that at his best he is better than Ramsey, Ramsey chips in with a couple more goals however.

    I did hear a whisper that Jack may have served a drugs ban secretly when he was “injured” a year or so back. Could be nonsense, but maybe Arsene has just had enough of him?

  6. waal2waal says:

    …in jacks own mind he’ll be honest enough to understand where it is his arsenal career is going… as for the rest of us time will tell. He’s arsenal through to the core although we know the demands of modern football can be cruel.

  7. Jay says:

    A fit jack is far better than most midfielders in the league. Can we give him a try ? I don’t know. We need a player who is a potential replacement for Carzola.Jack is the option when fit. He was once seen as a future captain for both club and country. My opinion is give him till January and see how it’s goes probably things will come out good for him and club. If we gave Diaby and co chance why not him.

  8. Yossarian says:

    It’s true that RVP was injured most of the time, but he still managed to become Arsenal’s 3rd highest goal-scorer after Wright and Henry.

    People like to compare Wilshere’s injury record to traitor RVP, but the fact is that he’s not done nearly as much for his team as RVP did. I would compare Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal career more to that of Abou Diaby.

    Given Jack’s talent, and the fact that he’s a true Gooner, it’s a real shame. But failing to live in the real world by accepting the limitations presented by his injuries won’t do the team any good what-so-ever.

    1. TH14-TW14 says:

      The same people who say how great Van Persie was for us because of his goals berate Walcott who is in the Arsenal’s 5th highest premier league scorer ahead of players like Pires and Ljungberg (let no one tell me number of years he’s played. Firstly, he came to Arsenal as a 16 year old, so was still learning the game and not playing regularly. He was also injured a lot of seasons. Had a complete year he was out.). He is one of only 18 Arsenal players in the over 130 years history of the club. Van Persie had only one season of fitness and many of his goals were scored in a period we won nothing bar his penalty in the FA cup win in 2005 (which is not counted). Walcott has contributed in 3 FA cup wins. If Van Persie was good for us because of his goals then Walcott has been better because he has scored similar number of goals, in similar number of years, while playing as a winger and leading to 3 FA cup wins.

      1. clam says:

        Well said.

      2. Yossarian says:

        I was talking about Wilshere, not Walcott!

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    Neymar 198m deal has shown that no quality players will be worth below 100m

    Players like Mbappe, Dembele, Asenio, Veratti etc will cost over 100m

    wouldnt be surpise if Monaco ask 100m or a figure close to for Lemar

    1. gotanidea says:

      Just like house market, the bubble will explode. When there is no club able to compete with the crazy prices, they can only develop their own talents (which is very good for football future) and eventually the prices will stabilize to much lower standard.

      Neighbour’s grass is always greener, that’s why the fans are demanding Mbappe, Dembele, Asensio, Veratti, etc. Luckily Arsenal can still spot youngsters like Nelson, Iwobi, Bellerin, Fabregas, Oxlade, etc.

  10. Milton John says:

    Jack is our boy. Been around here from a very very young age. This is his home and both club and Jack are passionate each other. We cannot sell him at any price because it’s gonna break his heart. The question is is he good enough to be with us. Just one full season without injury is what Jack needs and he has to realize that fitness first and rest follows. I suggest let him carry on this season and go for another 6 months loan and renew his contract with pay as you play. After all how can you price out and sell your own son. Guide him to be a real hero. Now if he’s not happy let him leave at the end of season. Selling Jack is an insult for both club and him.

  11. Coldzero says:

    He could be good and we should keep him for another year. On his day he can be outstanding and make some nice passes and moves. His problem is he keeps the ball just a bit too long, inviting the tackle and with that an injury.

    He needs to play his game but learn to release the ball earlier, not keep inviting people to tackle him.

    I say give him a season, tell him he needs to up his game and pass sooner and then see how it goes.

    He is an Arsenal lad through and through- if on form he can be excellent.

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    Jack is a natural replacement for Santi (obviously not as good), and’s a better option than what we currently have, but it would be more than a little delusional to rely on him to stay fit, instead of buying a new central midfielder. Signing a WC DM/CM is an absolute priority!

    It also goes back to the old debate…is Arsenal a football club, or a charity? The likes of Diaby, and Rosicky, were here for years without playing, and it’s been the same with Jack. Sell him, and sign more reliable players.

  13. Nebsy says:

    After making my fantasy premier league squad, I’m growing seriously concerned about our position on the table. Can anyone realistically hope for us to be any higher than 5th?
    We’re still keeping most of the deadwood at the club and, as expected, buying no new players. The pre-season performances are showing the same old same old approach. I don’t think we’re still capable of breaking down the bunker defense, so I don’t see us winning many matches against the strong defending, or counter – attacking side.

  14. Arsenal1Again says:

    As far as I’m concerned Wilshere stopped having a future at Arsenal when he said publicly that if Wenger leaves he will “have to rethink my future at Arsenal”.

    When he was 19 and bossed Barcelona’s central midfield single handedly and because of his outspoken views about team-mates, ex-players and rival teams, I expected him to be a future Arsenal Captain and England Captain, another Tony Adams, a one club man.

    After he said he would reconsider his future at Arsenal because a manager left it showed he doesn’t genuinely love Arsenal the way Tony Adams did. Adams would never have said stuff like that.

    Who can remember Adams picking up Nelson Vivas in the middle of the game after the Argie dived and shouted, “Get up, we don’t play like this at Arsenal!!”.

    All Wilshere does is do enough to get a new contract and then deliberately leaves his leg in places where it can be injured. He is a master of it. Then he can socialise for another season for 100k pw for doing nothing for the team.

    If you add together all the playing time Wilshere has had at Arsenal, it doesn’t add up to two whole seasons out of 8 in the first team. Giving him a new contract would serve no purpose.

  15. Reagabe says:

    At his best, no one in our squad can compare to Jack Wilshere. I like his technique but the problem is that he’s always injured. How I wish Jack could stay fit for a whole season!

    1. Atid says:

      Wilshire will keep getting injured if he plays like he does dribbling in the centre of midfield.

      I think to get more out of him he should be considered in the 2 behind the striker. Sure he won’t oust alexis and he will have his work cut out to get ahead of ozil too. The other options are walcott welbeck and iwobi. If we have those 6 fighting for game time in those positions and the rotation is managed right we could see a great season ahead.

      Leave the cm roles to xhaka ramsey Santi (when fit) Coquelin elneny Adelaide. That is 12 players fighting for 4 positions Obviously I would prefer new signings in all areas, but we still have 8 players to remove from the squad as it, so we have to be realistic.

      The fight for the wing back roles seems to be between chamberlain bellerin Niles Nelson kolasinac and bramall plus Monreal when he isn’t needed at centre back, that’s 7/8 players for 2 positions.

      Whilst we have 6 centre backs, 7 if you include Monreal again fighting for just 2 positions.

      Up front for me it’s a straight choice between lacazette and giroud and if I was going to throw in a 3Rd option it would be mavididi or nketiah (one should stay the other go on loan)

  16. john says:

    Yes i think he has a future, but it is last chance saloon for him, probably play as u pay contract though he must keep injury free, with carozola still injury best to keep him, he can play in the centre of midfield or on the wings

  17. Vlad says:

    I just looked up a definition of an arrogant punk in the dictionary, and there’s Jack Wilshere’s picture right next to it. Here’s the thing, he definitely has talent, no one is denying that. But in addition to not been able to stay fit, he thinks that he’s Messi. He’s not. He’s not even Dele Alli, which is what Jackie boy was supposed to be for us. I’m all up for giving players another chance, but in this case I just don’t see him all of a sudden staying fit and healthy throughout the whole season. And a lot of it has to do with how he plays. Bottom line, he should be sold ASAP.

  18. ruelando says:

    I know some fans are emotionally attached to Jack, but if we are emptying the cabinet he should be one of the first names on the list. Jack is not a necessity anymore, we have more consistent players than Jack, even if some of these players are injury prone, their game tally will still be more than Jack.

    Some fans are going to say he is more talented than most, but ask yourself when last has he been able to show that talent and let us stop indulging in the past what arsenal need is the now.

    For Jack to stay is salary must be halved and must be resigned as being a squad player, if by chance his fitness and injury problems improved then his contract can also be improved, otherwise he must be sold quickly to make room for more dependable players.

  19. Jack Wheelchair style of play leave him constantly injured. He dribbles with the ball too far from his body and then he lunges after the ball so most of his tackles are 50/50 and most times he comes out on the losing side. Arsenal has gone pass Jack Wheelchair now. Time to move on.

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