Does Joe Willock need to go on loan to find his best position for the future?

Joe Willock Needs a Loan by AI

Joe Willock has always been an interesting prospect for Arsenal: gangly but not very tall, a tenacious ball-carrier and box-penetrator from midfield, the Hale-End product is the last of the three Willock brothers and perhaps the most talented of the bunch.

In the shameful Europa League final outing against Chelsea last season, the 21-year-old showed what he’s about: a Ramsey-like tendency to surge into the box and attempt a shot that has a good chance of going in the net. He’s also an energetic pressing monster, able to apply pressure across large areas of the pitch. This hustle and bustle surely has a part to play in his selection by Emery, Ljunberg and Arteta.

But there is a sense of the ethereal about the youngster, some question mark about his exact purpose on a football field. Is Joe Willock supposed to help break down a defensive formation or help in the buildup phase? Is he supposed to play more than 60 passes a game or make that number of recoveries? What, exactly, is Joe Willock supposed to be great at?

His ball-carrying abilities are not at an elite level yet neither is his arrival in the penalty box guaranteed enough to organize a gameplan around. Against much weaker opposition, sure, the 21-year-old can play. But against Premier League opponents, nothing is yet clear about what he can really offer the club.

Joe, then, must be allowed to mature fully into the player he is. A loan resolves issues with game time, and a good one can help us discover what exactly Joe Willock has to offer. If we have another Ramsey on our hands, which is what this author thinks, then he can’t be let go even as his development continues.

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  1. Top Gunner says:

    You want him on loan so that he cannot compete with your beloved Mr. Ozil. I’ve never seen a player being protected by a club and its fans like Ozil. This guy is bigger than Arsenal, for doing nothing

    1. Sue says:

      Oh really?? 🙄

      1. GB says:

        I thought the same Sue, Ozïl wasn’t mentioned yet still someone has a pop at him 🥱

        1. Sue says:

          👍 GB

    2. Eddie says:

      Okay this is effing hilarious😂😂… The obsession with Ozil never ends does it?

      1. GB says:

        Hilarious doesn’t cover it, more like pathetic Eddie.

    3. RSH says:

      This is a stretch. He’s not close to taking Ozil’s spot in the team. Miles behind that, soloan may be an option to see if he can cut it or not, or if we are wasting time. Ozil is leaving after next season regardless.

      Also sidenote, Joe played best when he was in a box-to-box role. For some reason he has been used as a CAM when it’s clear he lacks the creativity required for that role and he resembles Ramsey’s role more than Ozil’s.

  2. Atid says:

    Willock, guendozi and holding 3 players that should go on loan next season.. All need to establish themselves and there will be no shortage of takers.

  3. Roshan says:

    I really rate Willock as a player and love what he brings to the team, he’s a box to box player and needs to develop into that role. I think a loan could do him good similar to ESR at the moment.

    He’s only young so has plenty of time but has shown flashes of brilliance and has all the tools to be a Ramsay type player

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