Should Wilshere’s new Arsenal contract be linked to his match fitness?

If you ask most Arsenal fans about Jack Wilshere and his possible future as an Arsenal player you would get a mixed response. I think all of us want what is best for the lad and we would love to see him back in the side on a regular basis but that would need his seemingly never ending injury problems come to an end as well as his form to take a dramatic upward turn.

So in reality a lot of Arsenal fans may well feel that Jack’s career as a Gunner, which began when he joined the youth system at just nine years old, could soon be coming to an end. However, one former Arsenal star at least thinks differently and Martin Keown may well have some insider knowledge which could make his comments on Wilshere in The Mirror proven true.

The former England defender and current football pundit seems pretty sure that Arsene Wenger will offer Wilshere a new contract, with his current deal having just one year left to run, but he also thinks there could be some clauses in it relating to fitness and injury issues.

Keown said, “We know Jack is a special talent. His injuries have marred his career. It must be tough for Arsene Wenger to watch. How many times has he broken ankles and had operations?

“His quality isn’t in doubt, it’s his health that’s the issue. There are some big decisions to be made but I would feel he is someone Wenger would try to keep. Somebody that he will try to support.

“They certainly will offer him a new contract.”

If he is right will you be happy to see Wilshere stay at Arsenal? And do you think he will ever produce what we all thought he would a few years ago?



  1. These English players should be donating more than half of their salaries to the FA for creating such a wonderful welfare system called the EPL for them.

    1. Why mention a nationality when the FA and EPL support equally injured foreign players, Diaby wasn’t English was he.
      Leave out the blanket hate speech or is it okay to slander all Jamaican people?

      I can happily sit here and type foul stuff which is false but hey… hating a nationality is fine so we should cage all you Jamaican people and put you to work on sugar plantations otherwise you would just get high and screw things up… Too far?

      1. Diaby was not paid so high for so long, just on the name of grooming English talent(to have the quota system filled and not play them too regularly), English players get paid higher than market standard. The transfer price also is high, because everyone need then for the same quota. Now that is a truth. It is not hating nationality, it is saying about the unusual advantage they have staying around and being paid.

        That said, Jack is not a loss, he had potential but a lifestyle selection and injury hurt him bad, he could have improved on training and lifestyle front, but he chose otherwise. Now it is done, he should go.

      2. No need to stop to low levels when replying. Unless that is what is truly in your heart? You made your point and was correct without the added racism at the end. Now you are as bad as he is.

        Also a little off topic do we need a carzola replacement when we have a world of youngsters. Ox, Ramsey, le coq, xaka, carzola him self all in search of playing for these 2 spots ?

    2. These Arsenal players should be donating more than half their salaries to the fans for the club’s wonderful welfare system where they can consistently underperform or get injured but still get ridiculously overpaid

  2. I think Jack Wilshere’s time at the club is up, he was excellent in his teen years especially that Barcelona game but unfortunately for injuries and off field antics he’s regressed I do like him but there’s better midfielders at the club already its time to add steel in midfield and not hope for Jack to come good we waited long enough for Walcott and that’s not really paid off yes he does score goals but he really should have progressed to the top level by now, unfortunately it hasn’t happened. OT if rumours are true about Sanchez and Aguero swap then the club should make it happen if Alexis doesn’t want to be at the club move him on Arsenal is bigger than Alexis and no player should hold the club to ransom if his heart isn’t in it his performances will only dip and the club will suffer for it, he’s always been a bit of a sulker anyway give him to city get Aguero and lets move on

  3. i have said from last season that jack should have been sold and in all honesty if we need to find other english talent there are many in the championship that would give their all to play for arsenal, the longer arsenal keeps him the more his value goes down.

    It sounds harsh, but jack was a super TALENT, not because he is english, but he also showed it on field, but the operative word here is WAS, injury has taken toll on his talent and his ability to finish a season, i have seen him forced into a squad (team) to make world cup and euro cup teams when he was no way near match fitness, but wenger still pushed with him. It is now time he goes not on loan but some where else

  4. SELL HIM!!! This should of happened at least 2 years ago. It would be an embarrassment to resign him. We are supposed to be a big club

  5. Sell him, period. He had his chances to shine, but unfortunately we need to move forward. He’s never reliable & Arsenal really needs very talented & reliable midfielders at the moment.

  6. In my opinion, it is time to say goodbye Jack. You got a talent and football will, but no body to sustain it.

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