Does Kolasinac deal mean Wenger is staying at Arsenal?

Well, the good news this week is that Arsenal seem to have sealed the deal to bring in the Schalke left-back Sead Kolasinac to the Emirates, with a four-year deal said to have been agreed after the player rejected a new contract at the Veltins-Arena. Every source of note in the English media has reported that a deal has been concluded for the player to move to the Emirates in January.

However, the bad news is that the under-fire Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, looks set to continue at the helm for next season. The various media reports that confirmed Arsenal’s capture of the Bosnian international also highlighted that the Bundesliga star is joining the Gunners based on the assurance that Arsene Wenger will continue to be in-charge of the side. In fact, the reports also claim that all the players who are re-negotiating terms with the North London side are being being told that Wenger will also sign a new deal. To cap it off, I’ve just checked my android sportsbooks and none of them are even taking bets on Wenger to stay any more, so even the bookies are certain it’s a done deal.

Despite many fans, pundits and even former players calling for his head, it appears as though the Frenchman will be given more time by the club’s management. It is no secret that the Arsenal players want Wenger to stay as well, with star man Mesut Ozil even admitting recently that Wenger’s future will be a huge factor in his decision on signing new terms with the Gunners. With the veteran manager staying on, there is every chance that most players who are in talks at the moment will sign on new terms, although Sanchez is still a doubt.

But the problem here is that Arsenal are continuing to stick to the same mediocre manager who will convince the same mediocre players to stay. If we are to move forward as a club, surely some world-class signings have to be made and that includes a world-class manager. But since a new manager doesn’t seem to be on the cards any time soon, one can only hope that the manager we are stuck with will invest the reported £200 million warchest and bring in top-quality reinforcements ahead of the new campaign.


Updated: April 20, 2017 — 7:18 am


  1. Kolasinac or not Wenger was going to stay regardless anyway.Fans of other clubs will rejoice and party for another 2 years.

  2. Well it doesnt matter whether we have £200M or £2 billion available for transfers..if the inept dinosaur is still incharge then the cycle of mediocrity will continue.

    1. I’m starting to Hate everything bout this Kolasinac deal

      Infact who cares if he signs for arsenal or not?….. Prepared to miss out on him even if it means Losing out on Wenger

      He(kola) is acting like he knows the kinda person wenger really is…but he don’t….. Wenger being a cunning Hyena and a Lackadiasical manager will always sweet talk em into signing a new contract and then most of em would begin to feel the impact….

      Besides that, there’s no concrete news on Kola’s signature…..and do we really think this is a one horse race ?…..shawty other teams mst be interested…….. Unless it’s a freebie that isn’t really wanted, i can’t guarantee us winning the race for him….. End of

      1. It doesn’t really matter whether he signs or not, we will mount a pathetic league challenge that will end in a top 4 scrap and us dutifully going out in the round of 16 with Wenger incharge. Don’t you see, everything is broken if Wenger stays. This is precisely the reason why am not bothered if Alexis and Ozil fail to renew their the end of the day the cycle of mediocrity will continue..the only difference with this season and the next will be the names on the team sheet.

        1. Funny how you still think we will have CL football and make it to the round of 16. Personally, I think those days are behind us for the foreseeable future.

  3. We need world class players

    Only players with big tag and big name are fit to play for Arsenal

    1. Sell giroud n walcott there so much better winger and strifers pay everton wat they want for lukaku proven in epl get reus.

  4. Why is Wilshere in contract talks? He achieved nothing at Bournemouth, and is just injured all the time. Not good enough for Arsenal and has high wages when all he does is sit on the bench. Get rid, teams in EPL are willing to pay 30mill for him!

  5. Lb get mendy 40m

    Rw get bernard silva 40

    Lw ge Griezmann 85m

    Cb get Varane 50m

    Rb get aurier 45m

    Dm get bakakoyo 50m

    Cm get isco 60m

    Acm Reus 45m

    Striker get Dybala 80m

    Manager get Tuschel 5m compensation

    Get em all and the fans will be happy

    1. 500m?

      1. it actually is, yes. we don’t have to spend that much to assemble a strong team. I for one would like Reus to play for us, but that aside for how long has wenger been having funds available to him for transfers??, and what has he achieved with the funds??, I think it will be really good for us to rid ourselves of this “inept dinosaur” like quantic dream said, else, a lot more heartbreaks in store for us

    2. Can’t even do that in 1 season on FIFA… keep dreaming…

    3. Hahahahahahaha……….hafiz, you never cease to disappoint

    4. Mtcheww!!
      Wenger will not invest a net worth of £200mil on players


      Let’s Fantasize bout it only!

    5. I know you are joking, right?
      Even none of Chelsea, City, Madrid can spend that big in a single transfer window.

  6. John Ibrahim, your asking for $500,000,000 investment from the owner. Did you forget who owns the club. It ain’t Usmanov or Dagnote, Abromavich or the Shiek from man city. It’s Stan Kroenke. So there is 2 chances off that happening fuck all or Buckley’s chance. Nothing changes of nothing changes, so until they get rid off Wenger and the board it’s gonna be same old same old.
    I’ll bet you my left nut he won’t invest the $200,000,000 they are reporting they are giving him. The man is deluded he honestly believes he still has what it takes. If he signs the deal i fear we may be relegated by the end off the contract i cant understand why the board are putting it on the table for him, what has he done to deserve it in the last 10 years. It’s fukn bullshit

    1. About that two hundred mil, the second hundred mil only came about because of Alexis and Ozil. So it was 100 mil to begin with, sure we almost spent that last summer. That might not even get you two so called worldies. It could get you two good players, or one worldy and one good one if lucky. Whatever we get for Alexis will prob need to be spent on his replacement, but I don’t think it will be. Ozil isn’t going anywhere if you ask me, he aligned himself with Arsene as if he knows something. Just as well this dude Kolasinac was free, although am waiting for the report that says this latest one is BS.

  7. wenger must be sacked

    ‘mean wenger’ is staying

  8. Kolasinac deals means same old same old resumes. Wenger stays, title hopes by Christmas, angry rants on AFTV, Wenger’s lies and excuses after each defeat caused by his bad managing.
    Can’t wait to see who’ll they bring in to replace Sanchez. I reckon he won’t be much better than the Kolasinac fellow.
    I’m so not watching the next season if Le Fraud stays.

  9. What would make this Kolasinac deal sweet, if true, would be getting Van Dijk to arrive along with him. Read that we’re willing to go against a few to try sign the Dutchman, I hope it’s true but I hope they realise that we’d have to offer him more wages than the other clubs and also sell him the idea that powerful better players will be targeted and more money spent. I also like the Goretzka rumour, would show we are aware finally that size and power matters in this league. I wouldn’t want to talk about players too much though because then they are unlikely to happen with us instead getting side swiped by Arsene.

  10. I think we’ve heard it all before.It must be coming round to season ticket renewal time

  11. Kolasanic’s father said last week that his preferred choice was one of the Italian giants I think it was juve.

    1. no chance he will play , with alex sandro there.

  12. The tradition of start well,come down like the decorations after Xmas followed by embarrassing exit from champions league “well errr’d” and “quality” away Must continue,its the Wenger way. Too interested in keeping board and bank happy. New owner with deep pockets required and A.W out!

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