Does Kroenke now understand the need to invest in Arsenal?

Will Kroenke step up this summer? by Gunner1952 (Yankee Gunner)

Unless there is a cataclysmic shift in the Premier League table, I would venture to guess Manchester City and Liverpool will remain on top of this league for several years to come.

Another club we need to seriously consider adding to the list with Man City and Liverpool is Chelsea. Now, under new ownership, we should expect a huge influx of cash to be dumped into the treasury at Stamford Bridge. Obviously, Todd Boehly didn’t spend $5.35-billion (USD) to finish second and not titles and trophies.

As always is the case, money talks and BS walks, especially when it comes to financial resources in the Premier League.

So, where does that leave the Arsenal Football Club?

Well, as we know, Stan Kroenke definitely has the resources, and has successfully financed two professional sports franchises in the United States in just the past few months. Stan’s LA Rams won the NFL Super Bowl in February, while his NHL team, the Colorado Avalanche, are currently competing in the NHL’s Western Conference Finals, hoping for a chance to compete for the Stanley Cup.

So, the bottom line is Stan knows how to spend money and how to produce championship clubs, but will he step up big this summer to help Arsenal jumbo past Spurs and move closer to the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea?

The answer looks promising. Last summer, the Gunners spent $202-million (USD) on transfers. According to SB Nation, Kroenke is offering Gaspar Edu and Mikel Arteta a whopping $227-million (USD) to spend this summer.

If that holds up, then maybe, just maybe, Arsenal can bolster it’s squad with several top class players, such as Gabriel Jesus and Youri Tielemans.

Then there is also the money the club will earn after qualifying for the the Europa League. The Gunners will add another $4.5-million (USD) for playing in the UEL’s group stage.

Add that, plus any monies they are able to pick-up through selling off some of their current players to other clubs. Nicolas Pepe, Hector Bellerin and Bernd Leno to name a few.

Obviously, the bottom line these days is to spend big, or go home empty handed. I hope Stan Kroenke has finally begun to understand how important the Arsenal Football Club is to his collection of professional sports franchises.

By making a big investment in this club, the chances for increased dividends at the end of the season are even greater. Arteta has this team on the threshold of being great, so let’s hope Stan does the right thing and allows Arsenal to spend big this summer and provide Arsenal supporters with the hope for a brighter future, a future that sees the Gunners competing for titles and winning trophies in the seasons ahead.



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  1. Kroenke has spent a lot of money last season, to rejuvenate his team. So he would most likely add more young players into it, since we’ll compete in EL next season

    Jesus and Tielemans might be highly rated by Arsenal, but I hope they focus on other players

    1. GAI
      do hope you are well
      Unfortunately in my opinion he is light years away from making up for lost time in not putting his hands In his pockets
      He should have supported AW a lot more rather then leave h to pick up scraps
      He now seems to have turned the corner but he is giving only to an experienced manager to rebuild a team
      Before all you anti MA 😀 start banging on the drum. Regardless who is our manager is we need rebuilding. 1 or 2 seasons of funding doesn’t make up for 10 plus years of mismanagement and incompetency by silent stan and co

      1. Alan, according to ESPN and TransferMarkt, Wenger spent a total of £687.4 million in the transfer market since the summer of 1996 until 2016

        As for ten years of mismanagement, Kroenke just increased his shares to more than 90% in 2018. FSG needed nine years before winning their first major trophy, so I predict Kroenke would also require a similar time frame

      2. I’m afraid I can’t fully agree with you on AW. It is certainly possible that he could have been backed more. However, AW himself contributed to some of the problems by some of the transfers he agreed during his latter years. Some of his pronouncements were also difficult to understand and not consistent with the view that he was not backed e.g claiming that he would only buy players who would improve his team.

        1. If Stan is supporting a young manager with so much funds would he not have supported the “respected” “greatest” manager ever in the universe? The man was living in cuckoo land until; Ivan did what was required. We lost 10-15 years due to stupidity and naivety and not the owner. Liars have been exposed! Mikel requested for the funds, he got them and did some useful signings.
          What substance was the man on when he hired Ozil, Mustafi, Lacazette, Perez, Chambers, Xhaka and some other terrific ones like Cygan, Sylvestre, Gabriel, Gervinho, Park, Sanogo, etc etc etc. Now Mikel is undoing all the damage, give him time, we will be there in the next few years. Rome was not built in a day.

          1. What frustrates me the most was that we were constantly told that the money was there for to spend but then in the next breathe we were told we had to sell our best players, we had to sell before we bought etc..

            Imagine if wenger would have pressured the board into spending, he would have won another Title in that 2007 season or 2016/16 season. What would have been..

          2. Well said LC.!! Little, or at least nowhere near enough, is ever said on JA about the almost two decade long list of CB disasters and sub par players that AW brought in It started way, way back, with such as Senderos, Cygan, Stepanovs and I NEED NOT MENTION THE LONG LIST OF DUD CB’s, especially such as Schillachi, Djourou, Silvestre and Mustafi and the Greek wrestler, that AW foisted on us.

            He inherited a great defence and to do him credit, he extended their careers AND HE BROUGHT CAMPBELL. Other than that, I personally had a problem with all his other CBs, esp post Invincibles, bar only Toure and Koscielny.

            Gallas, Merts and a tiny few others were not awful, but were way overhyped by SOME on this site and far from true PREM EFFECTIVE class.

            Lots of misinformation has been accepted as truth, when it is anything but truth!

        2. @David
          I really love and that respect wenger? But my goodness, his catchphrases of back then used to infuriate and frustrate me a lot.
          Does anyone still remember that evasive £200+ million that we had in the bank. The club would come out and say how we have more than £200 million in reserve. But then in then a few months later we are being told that we have to sell before we can buy, selling all our big name players each season.

          Wenger would recycle the same catchphrases nearly each season..

          I paraphrase;

          “The funds are available but we will only buy those players that can improve us”. He used to say this while we were stuck / struggling to hang on to 4th place. But not many players would have improved us?

          “We’ve still got Diaby, RVP, Rosicky, Wilshere, Vamaelen, etc all to come back from injury”.

          “Buying multi players in one window can cause disharmony and unease in a squad”.

          “We now have the FFP rules and regulations, so can’t just spend”.

          It’s either Wenger was in bed with the club’s PR and propaganda or he was just too niave, gullible and taken advantage of by the board..

          I respect and love the man but my flip, he was so frustrating in the second half of his tenure as Arsenal manager.. From 2007-08 Me and my dad couldn’t have a proper Arsenal conversation because we would end up arguing about Wenger. He was done with wenger while I was trying to be as patient as possible..

          1. Agree with much of what you have written. Unfortunately, the structures in place to run Arsenal became such that everything became overly reliant on AW. Until the fans forced a rethink there was also a lack of insight within the club.

          2. Well,we now know where MA got them from.he has already used the”we will buy players who will only improve the squad..” and the “we have players still to come back from injuries and the problems posed by having too big a squad…”

          3. You mean the 200M cash reserve which was spent in one transfer window when Emery was appointed.please remind me what those 200M got us.72M spent on Pépé,23M on Saliba who has still to kick a ball for us, Guendouzi 10M…

            1. 26M for Torreira who we got one season from while subsiding his wages while on loan,if you include wages we made a loss on Guendouzi who played 1 full season for us.if it’s not wasted money I don’t know what is!

          4. He should have left after the champions league final against Barcelona as his status in the game was beginning to decline at that point. Had he done that we had the might to attract a top coach like Klopp or Pep – In fact, around that time Pep had been linked with the manager post several times.
            And we all know what happened because of him staying.
            In fact, if there hadn’t been such fan protest he would still be there today.
            A successful manager should never stay more than seven years. Arsenal are the perfect example of this…

    2. Gai,
      I think we have enough young players already adding more doesn’t show ambition for next season. There is need for good balance no club wins EPL relying on accademy players. Yes I agree G. Jesus and Tielesman are too rated. Not even the latter had an exceptional season. We should consider other good options even if unpopular.

      1. Yes Sylva, we need some experienced players to lead the young ones

        Tielemans is a good box-to-box midfielder with EPL experience, but we’ve got Smith-Rowe and Partey for that role. I’d prefer a new CDM, to let Partey express his creativity on the left side of the midfield

      2. @Sylva
        Or could it be more ambitious to stick to building a young team, which potentially can grow into title challengers, rather than buy a couple short term improvements?

    3. It used to be Man city buying paying premium money for our best players, now the table has turned in a slightly different manner where it is arsenal wanting to pay premium money for Man City rejects and who they don’t want. The arsenal board are really smoking something in the board room and in management.

      1. Yes, Arsenal were stagnant while Man City were being injected with oil money, Leicester were being inspired by our recruitment strategy and Liverpool were making smart transfers by incorporating data science

        I think Kroenke realized that the old regime’s ideas weren’t as effective as before, hence the decision to bring fresh ideas into the management

  2. Stan is irreleventand so is splashing the cash.We paid 50m for Lacazette, 60m for Aubameyamg and 72m for Pepe finished 8th twice and and ironically got 5th with out any of the three making a contribution. In fact Saka free, ESR free, Nketiah free and Martinelli were our top scorers. So 7mill got us 50% of our goals last season. 7mill almost got us Champions league. Its not money its smart recruitment.

    1. 👏👍true every word, only those wearing rose tinted glasses fail to acknowledge that and still cheer and have their hopes pinned on the flops

  3. Stop this BS. Kroenke has given funds to spend for several summers now.

    Remember the summer when AW only bought Cech? I’m almost certain we had money spend that summer too but AW in his arrogance thought his team is good enough.

    1. Several transfer windows AW claimed money were available to buy the “right” players, only he didn’t.
      In the first half of his tenure his methods were so outstanding, we din’t need to buy a lot. But then the other clubs not only caught up with us, but overtook us, and he still thought he could do it by relying on his own knowledge. Unfortunately, it was getting outdated.
      Thats how I see it, anyway.

      1. I don’t think he was allowed to spend or became too loyal to our self sustainable business model.

        Or core business football had more or less negative figures from 2005 to 2012, according to the Forbes. We kept us floating with player sales and property profit mostly from the Highbury.

            1. Are you sure?
              If there were profits, it is more likely, it was a choice not to spend, or?

    2. That is the summer window 2015 that I gave up on trying to defend or make excuses for wenger. I became numb that transfer window, only Cech when we had an opportunity to go for the title that Leicester won..

      1. If your scenario is true, then why haven’t you become numb on Arteta?
        The money was available and
        4th or even 3rd was within our grasp in the January window and what did he do?
        Signed no one and cut the squad to the bone – his decision and his alone.
        So explain what the difference is?

          1. I’m just answering Goonster ‘s post, where, once again, he talks about Wenger…. unless your question was directed to him and not me?

            1. It’s not a Arteta in/out post Anders ,it’s Ken asking what’s the difference between the best manager in our history compared to one of the worst .
              Well said Ken as usual 👍

  4. If spending money is the key then why haven’t Man City or PSG won the Champions League yet?
    Its about tactics and managing what you have and we have been pretty poor at that for a long time now.
    Although he won nothing with West Ham last season David Moyes is a great example of what you can achieve by simply applying these qualities with very limited resources
    I’m not saying not signing players is the answer but there is more to it than simply splashing the cash..

    1. Leon Manchester City lost out to Chelsea and Real Madrid who know how to splash the cash. It’s about quality though. The six players Arteta brought in last summer were not good enough for Real Madrid And how about Ancelotti?

  5. I personally don’t like to here this talk Of Arsenal being allocated money for transfer. It makes other clubs to hike price when we want to buy a player. And yet for other teams they let the players go for chip.

  6. A welcome optimistic article by this new writer on here.

    Rest of comment DELETED: (ADMIN COMMENT – Why do you feel the need to insult someone in every comment?)

    1. Pat It is fact, rather thsn insult, that so many posts on here are relentlessly pessimistic. If I am to be banned for stating such a truth then you are way overstepping your role on here .
      If you are now going to ban non abusive and non filthy speech in such a Draconian and ludicrously over censored style, then I will have no reason to remain on such a draconian site.

      Up to you my friend, as I said nothing out of order, as you well know.

      If happens to me even ONE MORE TIME , then I am finished for good with this non free speech site. It would be pointless me staying, if I have to be marked first by you.

      I am DEADLY SERIOUS and have many other platforms in my life beside this JA site, ON WHICH TO SAY MY PIECE.

      1. People are entitled to have their opinion whether you like it or not.
        You just have to roll with it and realise that other people’s opinions sometimes differ to your own…

      2. I have emailed you AD PAT, to ask you directly and privately- though I personally am quite happy to have it made public- exactly WHAT in my unfairly deleted post was so wrong!

        You have not answered as yet.

        I hope you do so.

        1. I would imagine jon – and I didnt see it …

          But You once again being a cock no offence but you don’t do yourself any favours buddy ,this is Just Arsenal not JUSTJON.

          1. DAN, what you and I so regularly disagree about is the subject of what constitutes free and honest speech. I do not use filthy language nor, in its correct and actual sense, abuse.

            Yoiu have said I do use abuse, though I disagree. I think that perhaps, as I do not know for sure of course, that you are part of the woke movement, which is in my view, a dangerous movement of mostly though not entirely , younger who wish to deny to those they disagree with , the right to free and blunt speech. BUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE A WOKE PERSON, YOU STILL SEEK TO DENY ME FREE SPEECH

            Free speech is a precious and vital freedom right across the democratic world. It is denied to whole populations, disgracefully and dangerously for human helath, in countries like China, , Noth Korea and other countries but NOT in Britain.
            MANY folk, including most on JA will agree with my view about the vital importance of being able to speak freely, though without filthy language and direct personal abuse to other fans.
            We are of course all human and therefore make mistakes at times but it ought to be clear that I am a deep thinking person and also a true Arsenal fan for almost all of my long life.
            If I am to be disallowed to speak my honest and considered opinions freely, then IT IS POINTLESS ME REMAINING ON JA.

            Have you any thoughtful, substantive and pertinent comments to make in reply to specifically what I say here? If so, I would love to read them !

  7. A very optimistic article, but it’s not as simple as you put it.
    Hopefully we can get in 3-4 top players to protect our young core.

  8. Although we have missed the opportunity to read the rest of Jon’s comments I can guess what it was all about. I know for a fact that there is a persistence of negative Kroenke comments by Jon. This is one issue where I have always disagreed with Jon. Jon is an old school Englishman with a contempt for American ways which sometimes affects his attitude towards Kroenke. We have to accept the one obvious fact that Americans now own four of the top five English clubs save for Man city. I am neither American nor British but I feel many British people would prefer American owners to other non-British people. And why not? The two share a lot in common not least language and the common law legal system but also strong adherence to democracy and capitalism. Perhaps we on a light note I wish to entreat Jon to put in behind the 1776 events!
    Now to the issue of Kroenke and Arsenal, I fully concur with those who assert that Kroenke has done a satisfactory job of sponsoring the club. Could he have done more? Maybe but what he has been doing is commendable. I am urge him to continue and the coach and players should do their part.

    1. American’s should stick with NFL and basketball and not be involved in the Premier League.
      My reasoning behind this?
      They have no clue of what football means to fans – no clue at all and it is clear as crystal that when the choice to pour money into NFL or into Arsenal is required then Arsenal takes a back seat every single time.
      I would rather have Middle Eastern investment or even Chinese. Anything is better than Kroenke or other American investors..

      1. So you much prefer owners who stratify society based on gender, sexual preference and religion? You prefer investment from places that restrict free speech and institute social controls?

        Ends justify the means I guess.

        I’m not a fan of Kronke, but I prefer him to the likes of New Castle ownership or Oligarchs from Russia.

        To each their own

    2. David, a disappointing, very wrong and hurtful misrepresentationof my post and my character which , in the case of my scharacter , I mush resent, esp coming from someone like you, about whom I have always had the utmost respect and high opinion as a thinking man.

      You are profoundly wrong to call me an “old school Englishman”. Though I definitely am English( i prefer British) , those who know me well, as family and friends, would (and in two cases already have done so) laugh heartily at the absurdity of your comment.

      Why you chose to mention 1776 is distinctly odd. I of course am well aware of what that date means but see no connection to me whatsoever.

      If you truly believe – which I very much doubt- that I think this way, simply because Kroenke is an American citizen , then that shows even more starkly than before how little you know about me and how I am .

      I would appreciate a retraction of that plainly false slur and leave that to your own conscience as to whether it is forthcoming or not.

      In all other ways, I OF COURSE WISH YOU WELL.

      1. Jon I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings. I was taught by different British teachers from prominent universities including Oxford, Cambridge and London so I have no issue with the British. That aside, I request you to stick around because many of us value your thought provoking contributions. This site will be dull without you. Stay and fight for your rights if you believe Admin is unfair to you.
        I wish to request Admin to extend his disciplinary measures to other errant contributors instead of always picking on Jon who is much better than many who are never punished. Is this a case of double standards? Perhaps Admin also needs to be sanctioned!

        1. My view is that this site would be much poorer without Jon and Ken1945 because of their vast knowledge of Arsenal history.

        2. Much appreciated DAVID and I thank you for your prompt reply. Many fans on JApresume to insult me regularly and are IMO suspicious of my way with words.

          I claim no credit for having received a top English education . This was simply my own good fortune to have parents who gave me more thanSOME less fortunate Gooners had(though not in all cases, of course).

          I accept that it is fair comment to say I am, at times, too pedantic with words, but this is only because I WISH TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

          I have found in life that when words are used with the precise and correct meaning, rather than being used sloppily, far fewer misunderstandings and arguments arise .

          Many of the insults I regularly receieve from SOME fans stem from their inability to correctly understand the precise and carefully chosen words and the precise meanings I write.

          That can hardly be my fault and the fact that some do not properly understand my exact words is not my fault and so I will not accept blame for it.

          Those, however, who DO properly understand me but who simply disagree with me, have a perfect right to take me to task and many do, which is fair enough on a debate site.

          1. On another note Jon I wish to state with anguish that the English language you and I cherish is no more! It has been denuded by modern trends and the computer. The difference between verbs, adverbs and adjectives is becoming indistinct. Imagine the following: It has impacted on it; I will requisition for books; I have to access it. In our time this would have been crazy but here we are. Grammar is gradually being discarded. Soon we shall have a language without form or shape which is very sad!

    1. @David Rusa. I saw what Jon Fox wrote, before Admin Pat had to delete his comments. For no apparent reason, John Fox was accusing Dan Smith of things that are untrue. Dan didn’t post this article, nor has Dan commented on the above. John Fox’s rant came out of the blue. It was very uncalled for and unfair. John Fox calls himself a “realist”. He will brainwash anyone who cares to listen to him that he is a “realist”. A true “realist” doesn’t abuse other people. I hope Admin Pat allows my comments to be posted. It’s not a rant. Jon Fox seems to get very nasty with comments that he disagrees with, and unfortunately he gets personal with certain people on this site. Should Jon Fox decide to leave this site for good, I don’t think he will be missed. Just Arsenal will be a much happier site without him

      1. I haven’t seen the original entry but I disagree with some of your latter comments. Jon provides some insightful and often balanced perspectives although he does post some uncomplimentary remarks which are aimed at those he disagrees with.
        It is also quite clear that Jon has been subjected to some unnecessary insults on this site.
        As for happiness on this site, well, won’t that be something!!

      2. pjennings, I said that DAN was relentlessly negative and this is my honest ,or if you prefer , my opinion. (I did NOT say or claim that DAN WROTE THIS ARTICLE.)


        It seems not to be yours and that is fair enough. But you have not right to prevent me speaking my honest and free opinion. We live in a land where free speech is allowed, except by many of the so called woke movement.

        That freedom is precious and I JUST ONE, VALUE IT GREATLY AND ALWAYS TRY TO PROTECT IT, for the freedom it gives us all.

  9. Whoever is or are the new players who Arsenal will recruit this summer, he or they should imo be the kind of players who can add sufficient number of goals scored to their game for Arsenak next season.
    So that Arsenal will be in a stronger position to position themselves to truly challenge for the EPL title win next season. And even add the Europa League Cup win to it.
    This is not impossible for Arsenal to achieve next season. But it’s quite a possibility which I think and believe that Arsenal can make possible.
    Make possible but if they sign new players this summer who can add significant goals scoring to their game for Arsenal after they’ve been signed.
    For an example, Robert Lewansownski 33 who last season reportedly score 50 goals in 46 apps for his Bayern Munchen club side,
    i am not saying Arsenal must sign Lewa this summer. But neither am I saying Arsenal shouldn’t sign him. But as media reports have reported that the ace Bayern Munchen striker Lewansownski could become available for signing this summer. Can’t Arsenal exploit his availability to advantage Arsenal this summer? Lewa may be 33. But if Arsenal sign him this summer instead of Barcelona or Liverpool to sign him. Would he not give Arsenal good value for their money by scoring at least 30 goals for them in the EPL next season? I think he could. Or are Arsenal afraid not to commit another Willian failed transfer to Arsenal? I can understand. But Arsenal too should understand that Lewa is a different player to Willian.
    But I am not saying Arsenal should not sign Gabriel Jesus this summer to lead the line for the team next season. Arsenal can go ahead to sign him and Youiri Tielemans this summer as being rumoured they could.
    However, I am of the thinking that if Arsenal sign Lewa this summer, the combined goals that him, Nkethia and Jesus or Osimhen will score in the EPL for Arsenal next season should be very much high than the goals that Nkethia, Gabriel Jesus and Osimhen combined will score for Arsenal next season.

  10. Villa have already signed 3 players….makes you wonder what we are doing EVERY SINGLE window

    1. We did very in the last summer window.
      No reason, we can’t do well again.
      Would we have wanted any of the Villa aquisitions?? Not IMO.

      1. No we wouldn’t want those players but that’s irrelevant. Villa had a plan, identified the players they wanted and then actioned….wouldn’t you want Arsenal to do the same?

        Was our last summer window that great?
        -Ramsdale conceded more goals than Leno the previous season with a better defence in front of him
        -Tomi has been great
        -White has been average
        -Tavares is poor
        -Lokonga barely sees the field
        -Ode has been decent but with only 4 assists nothing to rave about even though he looks great on the field

        Anyway point being, Villa have a clear plan and have already executed. I would like us to do that.

        1. I am confident Arsenal has a plan too.
          But I expect the players we are targeting are infinitely more difficult to sign. One reason being, they may be more valuable to their clubs, and then the clubs have to have replacements in place. Also the players may be more sought after than the Villa ones, meaning they can hold out to wait for all possibilities. No other top clubs have dona a lot so far either.
          Finally, yes, I think we did extremely weel compared to other clubs in the last summer window.

      2. “We did very well in the last window”
        Sorry Anders but what planet are you coming from .
        Apart from ramsdale and maybe tomi I cannot take your post seriously,.
        No offence mate but ……

        1. Odegaard is fourth in key passes and sixth in creating chances. I wonder how that would have been if we had a proven goal scorer in our team. He has increased his value no doubt.

  11. We keep getting link to Jesus,but I think he would just another Lacazette. Think arsenal need more re than Man city reject to move forward. Just my opinion.

  12. Just like the January window, it seems we are putting all our eggs into one basket and letting the world know about it.
    City are going to squeeze every last drop from the Jesus rumour and, if we do sign him, will probably end up paying more than they did for Harland (?).
    Leicester are just as street wise with their assets, so I can’t see any major signings (top class proven players) until we bite the bullet and pay the price.

    Meanwhile, I cannot join the vabd that are criticising Stan Kronkie with regards to his support for MA financially.
    He has had the most money to spend of ANY previous manager and, if the rumours are correct, will get even more to spend.
    The question is, has MA /Edu spent it wisely?
    My view is no they haven’t – others disagree with me.
    No matter how many times Loose Cannon parades the names of players he thinks were not good enough, we always finished in the top four and got to THE last sixteen of the CL…. until his last two seasons.
    MA, after finishing 8th, 8th and 5th and losing one of his two European games is still playing catch up – despite kronkie’s financial and long term support.
    Let’s hope he does get the players we are being linked with and he starts emulating the results of one of his mentors.
    Time to stop buying mediocre players for the future – we need to become a top four club again… and kronkie is supplying the money to do that.
    Over to you MA and EDU.

    1. Ken, You are right when you say “have they spent it wisely”. It strikes me that some do not realise that renewal of contracts at enhanced financial terms, for players that many seem to think are not Arsenal standard would enforce the view that MA and EDU are not spending Stan’s money wisely

      1. Very true @patH.

        People keep listing Wenger’s poor signings forgetting that it was over a period of 20yrs+.
        Meanwhile the major performers in Arteta’s team were not even signed by him. (Smith Rowe, Saka, Martinelli).

        Mikel has been around for just a few years and has already given us Tavares, Willian, Cedric, Mari, Ben White (still average for now), renewed Xhaka’s contract and now offering Nketiah 100k per week?
        These players have either been poor or at best average.
        He has had a full season without European football, spent over 200m and could only get to 5th.
        Kroenke has brought out the funds but have they spent it wisely? I don’t think so!

  13. Jesus is not a reject at all. They signed Grealish last window and now they have signed Haaland. Jusus is a good player, not world class, but better than what we have in the position he plays. Like many players he wants to play and his playing time at Man City will be limited. If he indeed comes to us, which I doubt, he would certainly be much better than many other players linked with the club.

    1. If going by rumours and arsenal spend 50 mil on Jesus, it would be a total waste of money by arsenal. Find another 20 and buy a proper forward or use the 50 mil for a better forward than Jesus. I for one don’t get the hype around buying Jesus.

  14. That £130 million spent last summer is nothing in today’s football. We spent that on okay players in order to beef up / replenish the dead squad we had before
    We need another £130 million this summer and then Arteta won’t have any excuses anymore.

        1. Come on Ken how can you say “100% correct” on players they have not yet been bought. It does you no favours….

          1. GoalDan, I was commenting on the players signed and the money spent by MA, as I believe DK was doing.
            We haven’t improved our GA stats, despite spending over £150,000,000 I believe.
            I sincerely hope that any player we might sign in this window, would make a better impact.

            Hope that clears up any misunderstanding?

            1. Thanks Ken, I do understand your point. GA stats is an issue, but ironically I don’t think that’s solely down to defence. But more to do with the team offensive Incompetencies. For me this transfer window has to prioritise forwards.

              I think we have all seen enough to judge what the new season will bring, just by what players are brought in over the summer.

              @DK lol a don’t believe in miracles, but I am by nature a very optimistic person….

  15. I have never been happy with our owner, probably also involved when David Dein left in 2007. Dein was instrumental for our success in the late 80s and during Wenger’s first successful decade.

    Kroenkes have obviously changed their policy after taking control of Arsenal in 2018. They have probably invested more money in our club last five years than did between 2007 and 2018.

    I’m convinced that they will invest big money this summer as well, but probably less than last summer.

  16. The simple answer to your question YG is NO.

    Based on how much Chelski was sold for recently (3.2B), Arsenal FC, a club with better investment potential, should be valued close to 4B. Kroenke has already made a ton from on his original investment, so there is no incentive for him to keep spending for the indefinite future. Real talk.

    The way forward (as far as Kroenke is concerned) is to protect revenue streams and control/slash operating cost – essentially player wages. For sure Kroenke knows how to win, but he knows too it will cost money.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Kroenke will be prepared to match future spending levels of the super-rich owners…City, Chelsea, Newcastle.

    Can we find another owner, another Jurgen Klopp or at least another board – to make better decisions, better choices on how we use scarce money? Our only hope for the future.

    Impressive article, YG.

    1. To win the Prem we either need a new owner or a mix of a Klopp, luck and great scouts.

      To be honest, I think Arsenal’s scouting has improved drastically so at least the club will be able to float in and around the top 6.

      Sadly, top 6 is more than enough for KSE, as long as they can flip footballers regulalry.

  17. For sure Kroenke sees the need to invest more money in the operation as we plash another £50m on Jesus, after having spent £50m on BW, £73m on Pepe…

  18. Whatever amount of money which Stan Kroenke will authorize for the Arsenal management board to spend on new incomings this summer albeit Arteta and Edu requests.
    The money that will be made available into the club’s summer transfer kitty for this purpose should be spent in such a way that will see an upgrade of the team done. 1st, in their team right-side centreback position with a top quality grade right-sided centreback signing this summer. That will productively gives competition to Ben While. Moreso, to provide top quality cover to him when he’s not available to play or his form is dipped.
    But as Saliba has returned to the team this summer after his loaning out has ended. But will Arteta integrates him to his team of next season to stay and play for Arsenal in the EPL? But not only play him in the Europa League and domestic Cup games next season. If not, then imo there wouldn’t be any need for Arsenal to sign a new right-sided centreback this summer. Until Arteta has played Saliba in the EPL to see if he measure up or not.
    2nd, in the midfield, it has been opined in the intelligent Arsenal quarters that a top quality midfielder of the world class kind is needed to be signed by Arsenal this summer so as to beef up their midfield options during next season’s campaign. More especially in the EPL where Arsenal should mount a very serious challenge for it’s win. But not only play to finish in the top-four.
    3rd, according to some football experts within the Arsenal family circle. It has been observed by them that Arsenal require to do 2 world class strikers and a winger signings the summer. The winger who can operate efficiently at both 2 wings.
    But at which top clubs will Arsenal get 2 world class strikers and a winger to sign from this summer? Moreso in the face of Arsenal not qualifying to play in the UCL next season. Save, if they are prepared to pay over the odd wages to the world class players to entize them to join Arsenal.
    But paying over the odd wages to Arsenal players is what us Gooners don’t want to see continuing but discontinuing with at the club. For, it distresses the club’s finances and inhibite them from doing signings which they are required to do in January window to bolster the team squad.
    So therefore, Arsenal can only make do with the signing of some of the players whom they’ve been linked with to sign this summer transfer season. Such as Gabriel Jesus and Osimhen who are certainly not world class but of the average kinds and overhyped by the media.
    Nevertheless, Arsenal can develop them to upgrade their average class level to become world class for Arsenal after they’ve signed them this summer. But just maybe. Because I don’t know if Arsenal will sign them all or one of the pair this summer or not.
    But at any rate, it is an established fact known that Robert Lewansownski is world class. And he can still bang in goals in their tens for any club side that sign him this summer. But will Arsenal sign him this summer for a contract of 2 seasons with another one season option for the 33 year old Polish striker? I hope so. But if that be the case, then Arsenal may drop the signing of one of Jesus and Osimhen this summer to accommodate their signing of Lewansownski if they are keenly interested to sign him this summer.

  19. Please remember, Arsenal is NOT the Shining Star in the Kroenke sports firmament.

    That position is reserved for the LA Rams, their NFL team.

    However, Kroenke might just have woken up to the fact that Arsenal need to be in the UCL every year, in order for the big bucks to start flowing.

    So he may just flash the cash in the summer to give us one last chance to achieve that goal.

    This will require the Brains Trust to make some good acquisitions in the summer.

    My biggest worry though about our summer signings is, if the tabloids are to be believed, a reversion to the buying of “Friends of Edu” strategy.

    I sit with bated breath…..

  20. I think that KSE wants to emulate Southampton’s business model from the 2010s, if I’m perfectly honest.

    Kroenke can’t/won’t outspend any of the top 4 richest clubs and rest assured Arsenal aren’t likely to finish better than 7th unless they ace the transfer window.

    Manure will be back with a bang, the current top 3 will remain intact and Newcastle will buy their way into 4th or 5th.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  21. Indeed the name suggests it: top 4 never again. This is awful! Does this mean that top 4 is your target? How can a team of Arsenal’s calibre have top 4 as its major target? Obviously this is unacceptable. We should always aim higher. If we don’t achieve the target that is normal in life. The old proverb goes: Aim high and fail to succeed.

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