Does Lacazette deserve some slack despite miss? (Opinion)

Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette was at fault for his miss, but the result against Liverpool was not his own.

Let’s all cut Lacazette some slack!

Although he had two glorious chances to equalise and then get a potential winner last night, Lacazette is definitely NOT to blame for our loss against the Champions! Not after his lovely goal to put us 1-0 up to give him three goals in his last three games!

Had Aubameyang been in the same position he might of scored, but he night not have. Given he was quiet last night as well I just think it is safe to say it wasn’t our night in front of goal.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game Arteta was fully supportive of our French striker, stating: “Obviously, he had the best chance in the game to make it 2-2, and then again put us in a really strong position, but he had a great game. He put in another incredible performance and I’m pleased with him.”

And so he should be proud of his striker, he did have a good game and like Aubameyang he cannot do all of the work himself!

As Lacazette was substituted, of course it made fans think Arteta was disappointed in him for not finishing the chances that in any other game he would have, But that was not the case at all as Arteta said: “I want to see my players upset and angry when we lose a game. It is a really tough place to come, they are a really good side. We stayed in the game for almost the whole match. Having took the lead, we should have held that situation a bit better. We conceded the goal too early.

“We competed well knowing the difficult moments you will have when you come to Anfield; when we had the clear chances to make it 2-2 we didn’t take them. They want to win and this is what they are like, the mindset of the team. They go to any ground and want to win. They really believed we could come here and do it and for large periods of the game we were there.”

I think it is nice to see the players looking the way Laca did when he came off, it shows a different side to the team that we saw under Emery, it shows the passion they have to want to win and do well and that is something we were lacking!

Although we lost, if the boys can keep this mentality, fight and passion then I know it won’t be long before they get to the top! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


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  1. I think even Auba can miss such a chance, so i feel Lacazette acted on impuler as a striker and did what he felt was the right thing.
    Overall he was everywhere on the pitch. His work rate was applaudable and its just one of those days in football where luck is not on your side.

  2. If we created say 10 chances and he missed 2 then that would be a problem.

    But you can’t create 3 chances the whole damn game and he misses 2 then you start bubbling nonsense.

    Those are small team rants.

    CREATE MORE CHANCES!!!!! We should start acting like a big team for crying out loud.

  3. Certainly Laca is not at fault, although he missed 2 chances, he played his heart out and was everywhere in the game. We need more from the midfield and that is where Aouar comes in.

  4. He does not deserve to get a stick because I have seen many world class strikers missing clear sitters than the one’s Laccazette has missed. If you can remember very well, in our last champions league final against Barcelona how many one on one sitters Henry had missed on that match? Auba has also missed many sitters . So Laccazette is not an exceptional.

  5. Dont knock Lacca for that miss, yes it was a good chance but strikers dont score all 100% sitters. He did give us the lead andxthe team squandered that very quickly.

  6. For christ sake. Lacca is not good enough. On this occasion he is not at fault completely l. BUT had he scored the game would be different.

    The problem is our man leading the line is not really that great at what he does. We need a real goal scorer or a real work horse or a real playmaker. Lacca is average. I cant pin point laccas actual strength. He really should be sold imo. Let Eddie martinellu and auba lead the line this season and if it doesn’t work out get a new striker next season. Love the guy but he is no top 6 striker

  7. Arsenal players are not treated equally. If either Lacazette, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, or Gouendouzi makes 1 mistake, then they’ll be crucified for that. Players like Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi will be protected by all means even if they make endless mistakes

  8. It’s literally his job to score. So if he’s missing easy chances he’s not doing his job well. He’s not a young player, he’s very experienced and being paid a lot of money. He’s a fine striker, but not anything more than that.

  9. Exactly,he at the moment is our highest goal scorer with 3 in 3 which to me is a good return, let the other players step up and be counted.Fans were ridiculing him for two missed chances while some forwards in our club had no shot on goal that night in Liverpool. I mentioned earlier in another post that Liverpool had 3 different players on the score sheet so why are we only expecting Laca to do more while he had one that night. We should be critical on the whole team and Laca alone. It ain’t fair.

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