Does latest Arsenal penalty woe show EPL officials want Wenger out?

If Arsene Wenger was to be replaced as the Arsenal manager this summer it would be interesting to see whether the team was treated any differently by the Premier League officials. You might think that the identity of the man in the dugout would have no influence on their decisions but I am not so sure.

I certainly think that Jose Mourinho and his constant and harsh criticism of the refs during his latest spell at Chelsea made his side get fewer decisions go their way and after 20 years in charge in north London it is widely accepted that the Frenchman and our club are heavily linked together.

Wenger has certainly had his fair share of run ins with EPL officials down the years and just recently was banned from the touchline for pushing 4th official Anthony Taylor with a few choice expletives thrown in for good measure. Add to that the fact that we seem to get some awful decisions go against us and I cannot help but wonder of the refs and their assistants are not big fans of the boss.

It could also be that they do not like Arsenal i9n general, but the only other explanation for referee Martin Atkinson failing to award us any of the three possible penalty kicks against West Ham last night is complete incompetence.

The first was for a push on Theo Walcott in the first half and I am certain he would have given it the other way. The second was harder to see but replays proved that Monreal had his foot stepped on. The third was as blatant and would have led to second yellow as well as a spot kick, but Atkinson waved all three away with an air of arrogance, leaving Wenger fuming on the sideline.

Do you think the officials have generally got it in for the Gunners, Wenger, or both?

Sam P.


  1. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Don’t be ridiculous!
    Bolly – currently in New Orleans.

  2. josh37 says:

    I’m just happy those calls came in a game we won so comfortably…
    if we had two stone cold penalties not given in a game that finished in a loss or draw their may be more cause for conspiracy. Shocking decisions either way though

  3. terry barry says:

    I have to agree-ever since the Burnley game and the Granit/Wenger sending offs – I am firmly of the opinion that the officials are waging a vendetta against us. Its always been there based on the jingoistic ‘they dont like it up em’ attitude but its now a significant factor – Im sure that if you analysed decisions by refs since Burnley that there is strong prejudice from the officials fraternity. Off the top of my head – the WBA game official allowed 2 goals against us with fouls on the keeper – where a player was allocated to prevent the Arsenal keepers from moving off the line – Im sure if an analysis of games since then would confirm this strong bias to be present.

  4. mark says:

    When football fans start getting paranoid about officialdom, you know your team is frustrating the hell out of its fans.

    Why one earth would there be a vendetta against AW? He’s got his faults, but the only vendetta worth waging is against Mourinho.

  5. barnsleyboy says:

    I support a lower league club in South Yorks but I can tell you- if refs were bending games against us like they bend them against Arsenal- there would be riots. It isn’t just PGMOL refs, there are disgraceful EUFA refs as well! That points to pressure from the Globalists who control most large clubs across europe- but not Arsenal apparently. No wonder the neo-con/ neo-liberal lglobalists are becoming so hated by the people generally.

  6. lord wafflebury says:

    Have to agree with Bolly…its ridiculous to believe in a conspiracy by officials…just ask all your mates who support other teams..they all think the same ffs !,
    By the way Bolly…lay off the hand grenades and hurricanes they are serious health risks…check out the funky pirate blues bar on bourbon st…think fatboy gooney is resident singer lol !!

  7. Reinhold says:

    Refs are harsh on Granit

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