Does Leno deserve to challenge Ramsdale after Liverpool display?

Is there still a chance for Leno?

It wasn’t long ago we were praising Aaron Ramsdale and how the lack of competition and the great run he was on meant he was one constant in the team, but did we rule out Bernd Leno too early?

After Ramsdale was absent from the line-up against Aston Villa on the weekend due to a mysterious injury, illness or maybe it was the embarrassment of the gift he gave to Liverpool that saw our winning run come to an end, Ramsdale was in recovery and Leno was called to the starting line up in the Premier League for the first time since our thrashing at the Etihad in August.

And I for one will admit that I raised an eyebrow when I saw his name, in actual fact I got so used to seeing Ramsdale’s name, it wasn’t until it was verbally mentioned that it was Leno that I took note that our current number one wasn’t available.

But Leno proved me, and I am sure a few other doubters, wrong with a great performance, a clean sheet and a key save right near the end of the game to deny Villa a point and ensure we came away with all three points.

There’s nothing to say he will be perfect next time he plays, but this was a good way to showing he can be.

So, can we all just give some praise to Leno, after not playing in the league for so long, he impressed and helped us to yet another key three points in a tough fight for that all important Champions League spot.

And who knows, maybe this performance will ensure that Ramsdale is more alert to mistakes like the one he made against Liverpool, and maybe for the first time in a long time we will have a number one and back up keeper that will really rival each other for that number spot. All while ensuring we walk away from games with that all-important win, no matter who is coming along in the summer transfer window!

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. The decision is not with us, it’s more he not being prepare to be a number two, and he may well being eyeing a Germany calls up which hangs on his activities between the sticks.

    Yes he would have make a beautiful number two, though he hasn’t quite sort out the foot works

  2. Ramsdel really cost us that game & i belleve Leno should let him know that he wants to play

  3. I always rate Leno highly. He was just unlucky, because he came when Arsenal were in chaos and he had to play with awful defense

    1. I don’t think he is a bad keeper but when Martinez came on after Leno’s injury I was more than pleasantly surprised. He didn’t flap and gave me more confidence and to his defence as well.
      It matters not that EM went to Villa as Ramsdale was bought to be No1 as in my humble opinion Leno hasn’t quite got it. Too good to be a long term no2 though.

      1. I think Okonkwo or Hein will be promoted next season to replace Leno and we could use the sale money to invest in other department

      2. I don’t think he’s too good to be number 2, he’s probably what you expect of a number 2 at a big club- I just think he wants to be a starter somewhere and who can blame him for that?

  4. His distribution is all i’ve got a problem with therefore we will have to change tactics to stop him from giving the ball away so if things keep working good after that i don’t mind having him keep his in our goal cos it’s harsh to bench him if he is doing a great job.

  5. Leno is a shot stopper and a flipping good one.

    If we want to play out from the back then don’t play him because that’s not his game, it’s simple.

  6. I would say it would be very harsh to drop Ramsdale because of one error of judgement. Although we kept a clean sheet against Villa, Leno really only had one decent shot to save in 94 minutes.

  7. Competition is good for everyone. Ramsdale had a dip in form, and needs to find that sharpness again.

    He should have to play his way back into the lineup like other players did. I’m a huge fan of Tomi, but should we immediately drop an inform Cedric?

    ESR was top scorer for us, has yet to play his way back into starting 11. Tierney had to wait until Nuno’s form dipped at LB before he played.

    IMHO never liked the idea of most players walking into starting lineup. Unless it’s a TH14, DB10, Alexis Sanchez, that type player who either dominates or can summon a moment of magic to steal points.

    Leno was solid and would be harsh to drop at first chance.

  8. I can only say that I almost never agree with much of what Shenel writes.

    IF, which I cannot be certain about however, she is seriously trying to argue that LENO IS AS GOOD A KEEPER AS RAMSALE, or that we should prefer LENO’s single decent perf against Villa to RAMSDALES almost season long CLASS TOP perfs , then I say she is profoundly wrong.


    On the other hand, IF she is merely trying to argue that we have two keepers who are both good enough to be here long term, than for once, I can agree with Shenel.

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