Does Mahrez latest mean Arsenal WILL sign Lemar from Monaco?

Riyad Mahrez has been odds-on to join Arsenal for much of the summer transfer window, but having been touted as a back-up option to Thomas Lemar, he now looks likely to join Roma.

The Algerian was the PFA Player of the Year for the 2015-16 season, but failed to live up the expectations on him last term, and his team all struggled to continue the dream.

Mahrez agreed with Leicester that he would be allowed to leave after last season, despite signing a new contract with improved terms, and Arsenal and Tottenham were believed to be leading the chase for his signature this month.

The Gunners have dallied over his potential capture however, with supposed preference for Thomas Lemar, and they now appear to be losing out in the bid to sign Mahrez.

Bookmakers now have Roma down as favourites to strike a deal for the Premier League winner, which either means Arsenal have failed to negotiate sufficiently, or that they are moving closer to an agreement for Lemar.

The Monaco midfielder looks likely to be the latest key player to quit the club in the current window, following Mendy, Bakayoko, Bernardo Silva, as well as the likely departure of Kylian Mbappe.

Lemar is an exciting attacking talent, and had been tipped as a potential replacement for Alexis Sanchez, although the latest remarks from Arsene Wenger claim that the Chilean is staying put. I’m not sure I’d take that statement as gospel however, with similar comments made prior to the departures of Samir Nasri, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and others previously.

Alexis staying does not mean we will not be adding to our attacking numbers, with Lucas Perez a likely departure, as well as speculation surrounding the future of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott at present.

Did we mess Mahrez about? Is Lemar clearly a better option for our side?

Pat J


  1. Pete says:

    He won’t be joining Roma…they are willing to offer only half of the £50m needed for the foxes to release him.

    1. Napersie says:

      Football Watch
      L’equipe ??| Arsenal are not giving up on AS Monaco’s Thomas Lemar. They have submitted an increased offer of €50m. | #afc

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      Monaco saying Lemar is not being sold is to quash media outlets from reporting on the deal because monaco are close to signing Diakhaby and they do not want a price increase. Lemar deal was done and dusted long time back. Arsenal as with lacazette will only announce once the other club in this case monaco are ready.

      1. Shortboygooner says:

        Give us something new resource. Do we have anymore transfers other than lemar and that city kid coming ?

        1. dennis10bergkamp says:

          Seri is also coming.
          That will be it for now.
          Maybe a last minute center back talent for 10 million pounds.
          All in all, it will be a decent window maybe the best ever for us.

          1. Atid says:

            Sorry, no matter how many windows there are, nothing will ever compare to the day we signed Dennis Bergkamp. Even if he had been the only signing in a window no other window would compare. Now I just look at Arsenal, I don’t watch them, sad but there is not a single player in our squad that is worth the admission money, sulky sanchez is the best we have to offer, but his lack of loyalty puts him a few classes below the brilliant Bergkamp.

            1. The Dude says:

              Well…that’s just like..your opinion man

      2. Bigperf says:

        Any truth in chambers going to palace? I think it will be a mistake considering koscielny and his injuries, merteretiring next year ?

  2. John0711 says:

    Wow reaching for anything positive. This site is getting depressing. I often look at certain posts and can’t help this the problem with Arsenal isn’t only the owner and manager it’s the Fans who don’t care that they are being ripped off

  3. Cletus says:

    Wenger should forget Lemar and get Mahrez abeg

  4. Drew says:

    Check, Chelsea, Man U and Man City out(all top four teams) with the strength and depth in their addition, All this 3 teams are filling up their weak positions. We have lacked a major defensive midfielder for years, a quality CB to replace the aging Koscielny. Year in year out we keep hoping on Walcott, Ramsey and Wilshere… We have a lot of fringe players. I think fans should start boycotting, then the management will see how serious we are.

    1. Atid says:

      Start boycotting? Me and my pals have been boycotting for 4 years now, unfortunately the deluded just keep going. I said then and I continue to say it now, Stans Arsenal will never take another penny of my hard earned cash, when he goes I will start going again. I don’t care who the manager is, you won’t win the big two with stan the cancer.

  5. Our Nigerian arsenal’s fans we like Riyad Mahrez to become arsenal player.

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      @Murtala Sheme
      I am a thorough-bred Nigerian. I can’t remember the rendezvous where we agreed on Mahrez.

      I don’t want him at Arsenal. I prefer Lemar.

      1. Nwaneri says:

        Good one bro. Never attended such meeting. Lemar all the way

        1. steph says:


  6. Antonio Gooner says:

    Taking price and quality into account I would go for Mahrez. Monaco already sold many players and made a huge amount of money. Their president clearly said he is not leaving and if mbappe signs for madrid we won’t get lemar.
    One or the other would be great, losing both would not. We should make a take it or leave it bid to monaco and if they come back with a no buy mahrez. mahrez is amazing in set pieces and scores a lot from outside the box. We only have alexis doing the same. Don’t drag this or else another epl club goes in for mahrez and we lose both

  7. Declan says:

    You can see it happening; Mahrez signs for spuds then tears us a new one when they play us.

  8. i’m in support of what antonio gooner has ealier said

  9. arsenal-steve says:

    I would love to see Mahrez at the club. Wenger faffs around so we will almost certainly not get him. Wenger clearly knows he will not get Lemar but he waits like a lost dog. We the fans suffer for this. Also we really need another Santi and little Jean Michael Seri plays that role exceptionally well. This is the hardest type of player to find and Seri has about 5 years at the top left. I hope Wenger realises this is the major area we need a player. Sorry folks I do not trust Wenger and we may not see any signings at all . I hope I am wrong.

  10. kings says:

    I won’t be surprised if arsenal miss out on both lemar and mahrez

  11. deleny says:

    lets live it up today….its either ur for us or against us. Its always the #arsenal way

  12. deleny says:

    i dnt see wenger gettin mahrez. Too many stuffs behind that. Wenger wanted him last time. The lad opted for smthing else,so i dnt see why we shld be killing ourselves just to ve smbdy who had us rejected b4. That dude(dnt knw his name again) representing arsenal supporters in nigeria is only sayin all that stuff for himself. Am a die-hard nigerian arsenal fanatics who dnt want mahrez but lemar. I blif everybdy has his/her opinion.

  13. I LOVE ArsenaL.........- says:

    Mr resource just read o sky sports now that Monaco have rejected a €50m bid for Lamar from arsenal … so WTF?

    1. sammie says:

      That’s not true. The bid had been made but Monaco are yet to respond. Since when did that become rejection. We are still optimistic on landing Lemar

  14. Hass says:

    Honestly why not both…. other teams are capable of signing more than one player. Liverpool got Suarez and Carroll in the same JANUARY window!!!
    Mahrez is a safe option for this season, lemar one for future who can still contribute. Ox is leaving and so is Sanchez whether it’s this year or next so 2 signing isn’t crazy.

    1. Atid says:

      Yeah let’s sign 25 new players and keep the other 93 as well. In fact let’s sign every player in the world, then the other clubs will have to ay their office staff and we are bound to win the league, now why didn’t I think of that?

      1. Hass says:

        You’ve embarrassed yourself mate… I made no fantasy list.
        2 players now to replace 2 players who want out in same position… nah it’s cool bud, maybe Wilshire and Ramsey can reprise their wing roles?

  15. Uchman says:

    Mahrez and ozil in one team? Who will win the ball back for u? Football is not about when u have the ball,what happened when u don’t have it,arsenal will surely be battling for relegation if Mr Wenger should be listening to some dudes here! Man u man city and Chelsea top 4 teams? The last time I checked arsenal finished above man u and finished once outside the top 4 in the last 21. Years went troohyless once in the last 4 years! Arsenal will still best Chelsea and lift the community shield u guys and the arm chair press will still not regard it bcos its won by Wenger buh if Chelsea should beat arsenal it will become a big big top and the community shield will suddenly become a big trophy? Lemar will be an astute signing if we manage to pull it off! We need more creativity and grit in the middle and we r good to go

  16. Simon says:

    Think Lemar is who we need. But won’t lie love to see Mayrezs skills in full flow in Arsenal shirt

  17. Declan says:

    Yes €50 mil third bid for Lemar has been rejected.

  18. laban says:

    Guys no lemar……the bid was just rejected….

  19. ade says:

    Press says bid for lemar rejected , Re source says deal done . don’t kno which one to believe. Myself a Nigeria guy love mahares but more ppl say lemar is better

  20. jm says:

    Mahrez and lemar who is better only haters will say lemar. I will keep saying it again and again Mahrez is way way better. Get Mahrez for me

  21. JW Holmes says:

    Monaco have confirmed they are in talks to extend Kylian Mbappe’s contract and insist Thomas Lemar is staying at the club.

    The French club have already confirmed to Sky Sports News they have not agreed a world-record £161m (€180m) transfer fee with Real Madrid for Mbappe, and have now said there will be no more departures from the club.

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