Does Man City win show that Wenger still has the support of the Arsenal players?

Arsene Wenger has come under the cosh lately as the team has dropped away from the Top Four in the title race, but due to our Cup run we have a few games in hand which could put us right back in the mix if we get a winning run going. Yesterday’s win was ‘mission accomplished’ for Wenger and the team and can give us more confidence going forward, but it was the solidarity of the team that was most pleasing, and according to Olivier Giroud, they want to win the FA Cup for Arsene Wenger.

Oli said on “In [four] years, it’s going to be the third final that we play. I’m very proud of that. This afternoon we’ve done very well, [shown] a lot of solidarity. There was great togetherness in the team, we fought for each other and it was a great fight actually, especially for me in the front against the defenders. We’ve been efficient and even though we conceded, we finished very strongly and we’re happy for all of our fans.

“We want to win it for him (Wenger), because he always supports us and is always behind us. He always tries to protect us and then we just have to focus on the pitch. This afternoon we wanted to go through the semi-final and I’m very happy with this win. It will give us more confidence [for the future].”

Wenger said good things about Aaron Ramsey and the British Core before yesterday’s game, and Ramsey returned the compliment after the match. “We have another seven cup finals to try and get into the top four,” Ramsey said. “We have let him (Arsene Wenger) down at times this season, we want to win it (FA Cup) for him and ourselves.”

So all this talk about Le Prof ‘losing the dressing room’ and no longer having the confidence of the players is just a load of bull. Does this performance show that Wenger can still motivate the team for great things in the future?



  1. bur says:

    I think wenger has lost the changing room. The only players who seem to be backing him are those who would be sold if some one else comes in. I got the impression that the players went out and won that game for themselves yesterday, not that I am complaining , on the contrary I am over the moon to be in the final and i hope the final goes our way, but it does NOT cure the heart ache and dismay that a lot of us Arsenal supporters have endured through this season and indeed previous. I am definitely still in the wenger out camp and i truly hope he goes as soon as possible.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger said Ramsey and Ox are our future


    He played well yesterday but if he is 26 now and he shouldnt be our future judging on how he played this season

  3. Pablo Picaso says:

    Yesterdays win was amazing to say the least. BUT no, Wenger has done all he could and he cannot motivate the team anymore.

    Time for him to head up stairs if he likes and let someone else take charge of the team on the pitch while the fans still respect and adore him. Wenger staying on may dent all the good he has done in the past, we have been here so many times in the past 13 years, when all is lost Arsenal give a late surge to the finish line, and the process restarts the following season. We have had enough of that. Time for a fresh chapter.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    He has already lost it

  5. HA559 says:

    Put Mustafi inplace of Ramsey in the 3-4-3 and we will have a solid team defensivley. Atleast Mustafi can play forward passes.

  6. John0711 says:

    So Griezmans agent states he has a buy out of 85m and the only clubs who have shown interest are
    Man UTD

    Just let that sink in that was reported on sky 5 mins ago

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Pounds or Euros? I’m guessing pounds. Arsenal can only compete with the likes of Everton in the transfer market haha. The fans were sold a lie!

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        He is 99.9% joining Utd.
        To be honest, I’d rather have Mbappe instead, but he won’t be cheap either.

      2. John0711 says:


    2. JP says:

      No way would Arsenal pay £85 million plus wages for a player…. Kroenke would prob sack Wenger just for asking. (lol)
      Plus the board will prob only give Wenger £70 million to spend so if he wants more then he has to sell.

  7. Dr Livingston says:

    OT: Has anyone else noticed there wasn’t actually enough hours in the day to read through the number of articles written when we were struggling (Sky Sports, Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc, etc etc)

    Now that we have actually won a couple games and booked a place in the FA Cup Final none of them can be bothered to mention it.

    Bias towards other teams is actually ridiculous in the media.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    It was only ONE game! This question would be more relevant come the end of the season, but I think he has lost the dressing room. Wenger’s position became untenable a long time ago, that’s why we have been so bad. At every other club in the world, the manager either resigns or is sacked, once their position becomes untenable. It even happened to Mourinho, and Ranieri, who had both only just won the league. Once you lose the dressing room and the fans, there’s no way back.

    It is so refreshing to see something different for once, what with the new formation, but change only happened because Wenger is desperately clinging onto power. If we were doing our usual thing of plodding around nicely in fourth, then nothing would have changed. It’s too little, too late in my opinion. He should have gone years ago, and hasn’t done anything to deserve a new contract.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Refreshing it was and long may that continue and I also agree that Wenger is desperately hanging on in there by showing willingness to change ?? what with him getting off the bench more frequently and the changing of the formation getting a positive response from the players. That’s two games played with that setup and it was an improved performance the second time around and if it continues to improve with each game then who can denie the delusional one his extension ?? I for one wouldn’t, if it brings the good times back.

      1. Pablo Picaso says:

        Fatboy he also tried the Conte type of celebration at the final whistle. Guess the protests really hit the old man hard and he is trying to show as all that he he still passionate about the game and he can be “like a new signing”.

  9. Janssen says:

    It is not quite the same story as previous years because this time we won’t finish in the top 4. But to give Wenger credit for being able to motivate this team to great things in the future is a bit far fetched. Our cylce of not producing the goods when we need to and only show a little bit of a rally once the big titles (PL & CL) are gone once again is fully in tact.

    Let’s assume (we don’t know for certain but it is quite possible) the 3 at the back, as Kos mentioned, gives more confidence to the team. Should Wenger get credit for trying it once our season is effectively over? Or would the sign of a great manager be to have done it, like Conte, when there was still a chance to win a major trophy?

    Players will always publically say positive things about the manager, remember the comments about Ranieri? His players “fully supported” him and they said “they had let him down” but after he was fired the truth came out.

    It was nice to steal a win against an inconsistent City it would be even nicer to beat Chelsea, but to me it does not suggest Wenger is still the man for this club. If he was he would have gotten the problem solved last year after we lost against Evertona dn City on the trot or after the first 5-1 drubbing by Bayern. Now he was backed into the 3 at the back a bit like he was backed into Coq. Too little too late as far as this season goes. Good managers make changes when it is not too late.

    Besides anyone who says Ramsey is the future of this club has no clue what it takes to win the PL.

  10. Irebami says:

    Even with the FA cup at hand which is a mountain to climb, Wenger needs to bow out.

  11. Gavana says:

    Thursday 27th April 2017
    Man city vs Man U

    Who should win? Or a draw is favourable?
    Personally, I prefer a Man city win!
    One, a Man city win means we might catch up with both Man U and Liverpool
    Two, a Man U loss will increase their pressure and that could lead to many more dropped points.

    1. JP says:

      all I’m hoping for is us winning every game now and hoping Liverpool Man Utd and City mess up as much as possible… prob too late for Spurs to implode. lol

  12. ger burke says:

    should wenger be sainted ?.

    1. Janssen says:

      hahahahaha!!!!!!! 🙂

      Isn’t he already? Only saints get jobs for eternity.

  13. It’s just me or Alexis is not the same player he was a couple of months ago….yes he scored but he is not the same….Ozil represents what is wrong with this Club he is too fragile both physically and mentally, he plays well for Germany because the rest of the team makes up for his fragility….let’s just win the Cup, pray that AW will bow graciously with his dreamed trophy and hope we have a good run for the 4th we might make it not because our great performances but more likely for the competition shortcomings, either way I take it.

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