Does Mikel Arteta have the profile to attract big-name stars?

Mikel Arteta may struggle to persuade top quality players to sign for Arsenal.

The next transfer window will be Mikel Arteta’s first major transfer window and it is going to be interesting to see what players he signs.

The Spaniard is in his first senior managerial role and has been trying his best to get the best out of his current group of players.

He has signed two defenders on-loan as a temporary measure to fix the leaky defence, but critics say he struggled to compete for top players because of how far back Arsenal has gone.

In the next transfer window, it will take more than Arsenal’s current status as a team to attract the right players, it will also take the manager’s personality and profile to persuade players to join.

Arteta has been credited with helping the likes of Raheem Sterling and John Stones become better players, would that be enough to convince big-name players to join Arsenal?

Every player wants to play for the best managers and because of this, I suspect that Arsenal will struggle to compete for the real big players.

I reckon that Arteta is enough of a pull because of his experience as a player and as assistant to Pep Guardiola, however, when you throw into the mix the state of the Arsenal squad it could also easily be the case that only a real big-name manager could persuade the very top players to sign for an underperforming team.

It will be interesting to see the calibre of player that Carlo Ancelotti lures to Everton in comparison to the type of player that Arteta acquires.


  1. This is the team with a new young Manager who needs to be given time & support! Everyone thinks we can rebuild this team in one season. Forget it. The damage done by Wenger and Gazides is huge. So many uderperforming highly paid players. We need more young hungry players not big name players. I would love to see Auba, Laca & Ozil leave along with Luiz and Mustafi. Lets get the Hunger back and the desire then we willl do much better.

  2. The issue is a very crazy one, let’s see how it plays, I wish fans can buy back the club…
    And own it…

    Then make all the decisions and bring our club back to where it was….

      1. I wish fans can get it in our heads that we don’t have the money, and we should try and support.. The owners they too are not enjoying the low returns
        72mil… For a player…

        The club is trying and I think they should be supported…

        The club need the fans, and I hope for some day where the club will sign her fans, and pay them some 10k,20k and so on…

        This club is trying and will do better with our support…

        I wish I had the money…
        I love u guys

        Up gunners

  3. Sky are killing me… tonight they’re showing Premier League legends.. first Campbell, now Pires!! All those goals, all those trophies… all those players…. those were the days!! Sigh……

    1. Saw them last week Sue along with TH14- oh how we miss those guys.And how good was Gary Neville as host.

  4. Everton have money men behind them and they are willing to invest hence the arrival of Ancelotti
    We have at least an equally wealthy set up but the owner isn’t our sugar daddy.

    Ancelotti may well be a bigger draw for potential players but as we can’t afford to sign these players then hopefully a different but just as effective revolution in signings and working with what we have will surprise the doubters
    That’s my hope, anyway

  5. Very good question and one that wiil be part answered in the summer. Its not just big names but big prospects that need persuading.

    1. Arsenal are still very attractive to top players. Only that the club needs to be more ambitious in the market and on the pitch.

      1. I think every year we dont get CL football and every year we regress, makes us not so attractive. We aren’t at this moment as big a club as we think we are. We have taken our eye off the ball and the truth is we are getting less and less of a big club every year.

  6. Despite our recent problems Arsenal is still a big attraction to players .Great history, great stadium,great City ,potentially great team and Manager..

  7. Arsenal is still a big club, so can still attract big players, but money rules the world, we are still among the top richest in the world, though we are going down on that list.

    Our board needs to put more investment into strengthening the team this way we can win trophies and make more money

  8. Big named, high priced players, don’t always equate with success. And most of the so called “big named” players come with the baggage of even bigger egos. Something AFC do not need… IJS

    *Big ups Admin on the upgrade. Looks slick… 👍🏿

    1. True, the so called big names just cannot even jog on the field, football is for the fast and fittest.We do not need big names, but players with a big heart and big stamina to play consistently for 90+ minutes. Enough of these Prima Donnas; see how difficult it is to get rid of them.They just cannot chase the ball for 90 minutes. I preferred the Arsenal with Giroud, Ramsey, Carzola,etc. to today’s core of sweetie pies with sweet smiles and twitter likes.

  9. I don’t think we need to attract a big name, that’s been our problem because most of the big names we have got in the past come with baggage/weaknesses.

    I’d rather get a young hungry mid priced who can become a world class player.

    We need to follow the Red Bull and Ajax model.

  10. We can also pretty much rule out any player currently playing for a champions league side ie Upamencano.

    Why would they come to a team not playing champions league and probably not even Europa league.

    We need to source players from non-champions league clubs ie Magalles from Lille

  11. With all our recent problems we are still a big and classy club with a great history. The problem is the Kroenkes will not cough up for top players anyway especially after paying £72m for Pepe. There are quality young players around but we always (except for Martinelli) seem to miss out. Look at what Nagelsmann is doing at RB Leipzig, his oldest player is 25 and they are 1 point off the top of the Bundesliga. This should be the last season for players like Luiz, Sokratis, Auba, Laca and Ozil and Arteta probably knows that. It is a big rebuilding job but we do have a few promising youngsters already in Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah & Tierney. If you add Pepe who, I am convinced, will come through next season he is potentially world class along with Martinelli. It took nearly a full season for the great Henry to settle in. Arteta has already tightened up our defence and we do have a quality goalkeeper in Leno. I honestly think the future is bright, all we need is a bit of patience and support for Mikel Arteta.

  12. I need to make a break from the earlier presentations and ask just a few questions which many people don’t seem to ask. Who did the big name players acquire that status? Were they born like that? Has the room for big name players been closed? Can’t today’s nobodies become big name players?
    It’s not that I don’t know the answers to these questions. I am only trying to provoke some of us to to stop being obsessed with mere titles and descriotions. Who knew Fabregas before he came to Arsenal? How about Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Pires, Dennis Bergkamp, Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and others? Back to the present, how much did Matteo Guendouzi and Gabriel Martinelli cost? All these should show us one thing, that stars are oftentimes made by good coaches not made in the market. How much would Martinelli cost now? Of course I don’t oppose buying quality players but the bulk of the team cannot be bought in one single swoop. The players we buy should supplement what we already have.
    The issue of Arteta being a non-entity, according to some critics, is immaterial to me because already we have seen how he is improving the team. I am sure that we shall get the players we need as long as we have the money.

    1. David you made some valid points there. Nice one. “All these should show us one thing, that stars are oftentimes made by good coaches not made in the market. “

  13. They say the table doesn’t lie.

    As it stands this morning, the top four is pretty much as it will finish, with perhaps only 3rd & 4th switching.

    We are currently “grouped” (5th – 14th) with ;

    The mob up the road
    Sheffield United

    I accept a couple of the above have taken fresh financial clout on-board (Everton from us !) a couple more will be a challenge in the market, whilst others are punching above their weight (and doing very well to boot), but let’s be realistic.
    Go through the list.
    We are still one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and as a “*brand” ( *hate that) the world, but we must not get COMPLACENT (oh sorry I forgot, that has already happened over the last decade or so (caveat – I do NOT include Aretea in that view).
    So Mr perspective signing, take your pick ………………………………………. And come to the The Arsenal !

    (But that pull won’t last forever).

    P.S. I suspect M. A. is a very persuasive young manager (forget coach….Manager !), but as we’ve all written on here time and again – GIVEN THE BACKING.

  14. I believe a completely different tune will be sung at the end of the season. By that time it will be obvious that we have something special going and players will be qeueing up to join us. Watch this space.

  15. We are Arsenal as such we will always be attractive to players may it be our history or being in london. The reason of our struggle is mainly due to us being stagnant for the last decade thus allowing smaller clubs to catch up to us both financially and on quality of players.

    If arteta has a clear project as to how he intents to bring us back to our level.

  16. As to the last paragraph of this article, I think the caliber of player Ancelotti manages to sign vs Arteta is much more dependent on the budget than the manager.

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