Does Mikel Arteta need to win a trophy to “break the ice” for Arsenal?

The new Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has had a tough start to his managerial career by being thrown in at the deep end to try and steady a sinking ship, but steady it he has, and the Gunners were the only unbeaten top team in Europe before the coronavirus struck.

Although he has had a lot of draws, he has still managed a 40% win percentage in his time so far, but he still has a long way to go to persuade people that Arsenal are back in the big time. Manuel Almunia, who played alongside Arteta at Arsenal for a couple of years, believes that his old team-mate is doing a good job, but he could do with a trophy to “break the ice”.

“With Arsenal, as the big club that they are, it’s a shame to see them like this,” Almunia, who now works as a goalkeeping coach for Al Jazeera FC, said in the Standard. “For the history, infrastructure, British and global fans and the attraction in general, they should be in the Champions League and higher up in the league.”

“Sooner or later, they’ll be among the best again and I’m sure Mikel will help with that. He was a player not long ago.”

“He’s shared the dressing room with some of the players he coaches now and he knows what modern football is like and he’ll know what the best thing for them is. He has to be given time.”

“With trophies, I imagine it’s a question of eras and a big title can break the ice. From there, the players will believe that they can win more and that’s momentum.”

Obviously, Arteta has been taught by a man that thrives on winning things in Pep Giardiola, but surely he will only emerge from under his shadow if he starts to win trophies in his own right. Do we believe that Arteta can do that at Arsenal and start off a new era?


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Eventually yes, but for now, we just need to see progress.

    We have seen progress, and I like the fact that MA seems to be focusing on the defensive side of the game as well.

  2. jon fox says:

    For me all bets are off with the coming season for the simple reason that some clubs will be hit harder than others by the lack of spending power and the need to keep all our / their best players. With Kroenke being esp hard hit – with his USA sports clubs all haemorrhaging money – and his new USA stadium costing an arm and a leg and running wildly over budget, we will feel the pinch more than most of our rivals . The only probably worse hit will be Spuds.
    To hope or worse still to expect a top four or top six finsh can at the moment remain a hope only.
    As I have repeatedly said – though something of a voice in the wilderness – this season IS already over and what matters now is how soon next season can begin. I am massively happy that Arteta is our manager and were it my decision I would offer him right now a long term extension, though on sensible financial terms, as with all our employees. And remember, players ARE employees, who come and go. ONLY FANS REMAIN!

  3. ken1945 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the two comments regarding Arteta, he is the future for our club.

    My only concern is that he will be judged on a completely different situation as the corona virus starts to impact our club.

    The reported news that kronkie is willing to open his wallet is positive, but all these players we are being linked to, carry a hefty salary and have been offered improved contract extensions.

    What MA should be judged on, is his ability to take us from a relegation situation to a top four / six possibility.

  4. Tommogun58 says:

    I am more than happy with what Mikel has done since his return to the club,he seems very level headed and does things his way, also seems to have sorted some of the problem boys heads out,it is definitely an improvement on Emery and really it is still early days for Mikel,from what i have seen i believe he can get us back into challenging the top teams again.

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