Does new Bellerin deal mean curtains for Jenkinson?

All Arsenal fans were surprised when Arsene Wenger sent Carl Jenkinson out on loan to West Ham, despite the Gunners clearly being short of competition in the defence, but we were all even more surprised when the young Spaniard Hector Bellerin stepped up to the plate and excelled in his place.

The Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta had faith in the youngster and said after his opening games. “I think he’s a top player, hee’s going to be the right back of Arsenal for many years, in my opinion – providing he continues to progress in the way he has been doing.

“Mentally, he handles what is requested to play at the highest level. He’s got pace, technique and he’s a very positive guy.”

It looks like Arteta got that right, as it has now it has been revealed that Bellerin has been awarded a pay rise and a new extended contract to cement his position at he club. This means that Wenger will have some serious thinking to do at the end of the season. Matthieu Debuchy should return as first choice after his unlucky opening season for the Gunners and with Bellerin confirmed as first choice backup (and with Chambers waiting in the wings), where does this leave Jenkinson? Carl has been getting rave reviews over at the Hammers and I am certain they would like to sign him permanently, but as he is a lifelong Gooner I am also sure where he would rather be next season.

Would you keep him, sell him, or send him out on another years loan?

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  1. its over for Jenkinson…

    now Bellerin needs to go on loan to get some experience…he needs to play regularly..

  2. Not sure what to make of it. I liked the fact that compared with Sagna, Jenko could at least give a decent cross. But is hard not to observe how fast Bellerin is and in today’s football speed is very important. I believe jury’s still out on this one.

    1. Oh jeez – Aurier back on the forum, got seriously overdosed with “Aurier this and Aurier that” on here last year. Wouldn’t have minded him coming as it happens but equally cool how it all panned out in the end. I am reasonably happy with the MD/HB/CJ right back conundrum without putting Aurier back in the mix.

  3. Wenger would be mad to sell Jenks the gooner….Debuchy is 30 and Chambers is better at CB. Him and Bellerin can fight it out for next 10 years. Jenkinson also offer us height and physicality, a much needed qualities especially against likes of Stoke, West Ham West Brom etc playing away.

    1. I like Jenks too. I actually thought Wenger might have given him a go at CB with his height and speed. Wenger has played Sagna and more recently Monreal at CB when we have been looking for a fill in. Just a thought.

  4. Keep Jenk. He’s a bloody Arsenal fan and one of the best English right backs at the moment (more a statement of how bad English right backs are). He’s doing well at West Ham and can stay there improving. Look at Debuchy though. He will be 30 before the start of the next season. How many more will he play before he starts to decline? We will be looking for another right back within 2/3 seasons anyway. Jenk will be one of the best right backs in the country by then I believe.

    SO should we sell? Nope. I think he deserves to come back and fight for his starting place in a year or so. If a huge offer comes in, fair enough, sell, but I think the best option is to keep him. I don’t think Wenger will be keen to offload him though – the boy clearly has talent. I think another year on loan is the best option.

    1. Yes, Debuchy is 30 next season – but did I read that Mourinho is giving Ivanovic a 4 year contract at 31?? Think there are a lot of top class defenders round Europe aged 30-35 – don’t think 30 is as old as it used to be (!) with all the diet, fitness advances etc.

      1. Ivanovic barely misses a game ever. Debuchy out all season. Granted it was a fluke and he’s probably got another 3-4 seasons in him at the top level but the extra season of loan time is not really going to be a financial burden for Arsenal so why take a risk? IF Debuchy didn’t come good for us next season after spending a year out we’d be down to Bellerin as first choice and then quickly looking for another right back – Jenk would be that answer. It just makes no sense to sell hastily when Jenk has alot to offer.

  5. i like jenko but i think he is of those players who play well for mid tables teams but it comes to make the step up to a big team he doesn,t really cut look at some the players bought by pool they wer oustanding for their previous clubs but now not so good what about carroll newcastlle,west ham but liverpool no!!but we will always love the JENKO!!

  6. My HEART wants him to stay
    But my HEAD thinks he is surplus to what we need.

    No doubt that he played well this season for West Ham
    He is definitely talented, but we have Debuchy, Bellerin and Chambers
    If Jenkinson was a LB we could use him because we only have 2 LBs

    I think his play this year probably increased his value. We should get apprx £10 mil for him

    The great thing about getting young talented players is that if they are needed (ie Bellerin) we use them, if not then we can sell them for a profit.

    I think we could use another quality CB and backup/young LB

    1. would you rather have chambers playing at RB when debuchy and bellerin are not available?! what does your ‘HEAD’ say?!

  7. In the Premier league, Jose Mourinho, Pellegrini, Van Gaal, Rodgers, et all are always talking up the oppositions or refree or the fans or player development or opposition manager.

    But Wenger during his press conference is like a medical professional.
    “Arteta is 3 weeks away.”
    “Chamberlain tweaked a muscle.”
    “Walcott will have an examination.”
    “Jack is back from injury but i can’t give you a definite date.”
    “Ramsey pulled his groin.”
    “Debuchy is in a lot of stress.”
    “Coquelin is still bleeding.”
    “Diaby will be back from injury.”
    “Koscielny has a achilles heel.”
    “David Ospina was already crocked when he came after the world cup.”

      1. Good evening Hafiz,

        Personally speaking, i don’t believe any manger plays mind games. It’s a media invention and renders a cool image to the reader. Maximum questions the journos ask the manager, they get a spontaneous response and i don’t believe there is enough time to make up and frame an answer with an objective to get something from it.

        But I do believe mangers have an agenda when they want to put something across deliberately. Like Mourinho going on and on about how much Hazard gets fouled in the game or LvG coming in with a sheet of paper to prove that his players are not a long ball team. But that’s hardly mind games.

        Mind games are played in chess or poker where you calculate a move even before it is made. To quote my favourite star Niam Leeson, ” Staying one step ahead in the game is never the plan, staying two-three steps is.”

        P.S.- Going to look very stupid replying to you. 🙂 But a lot of time on my hands today.

          1. “1 comment”

            What is that supposed to mean? Don’t you get cocky, or else I will that house™ on fire.

  8. I would keep Jenkinson. Although I thought he looked awful playing for us, you could see some potential there, he just needed a run of games. I’m not not sure how he has been doing at West Ham, but he’s been playing a lot, so I imagine he must have improved. With Debuchy not far off 30 years old, and being very injury prone, it makes sense having Jenkinson back. I’ve never liked Chambers at RB because he’s a CB, so I’d rather have Debuchy and Jenkinson as back up for Bellerin who is definitely first choice now.

  9. So far so good for Belerin, I don’t see chamber as RB but CB, which means we hv
    Debuchi is not reliable (age n injury)
    Therfore, Bel n Jek will still have their place in d team.

    1. That’s a good point. Chambers is a better CB than RB. Jenkison can stay as RB. Chambers and Gabriel can back up Koscielny and Mertsacker at cb

      I do think that Debuchy will take back RB though when he comes back.

  10. Loan him for 1 more season, then sell Design buchy and have Bellerin and Jenkinson as RB.

    Chambers and Gabbs as Cb ib 2 or 3 years as Mert will probably go in next few seasons

  11. WENGER KNOWS BEST!!! Jenko will get another 1year loan then i’ll be back, Chambers is a future CB, Get Wellington Silva back also works more as Sanchez, can run forward and help our full back top quality

  12. jenko will be back we need the numbers in defense(wenger might buy another c/h to push the others forward) for injuries over the season he is playing very well this season at r/b plus he can play c/h if we are in a pinch chambers can also concentrate on c/h plus just for the quota of British players is important to have him in the squad.
    As for the summer wenger will most likely go heavy on attacking players in the transfer window as i feel that we lack a major cutting edge in the big games, still that can only be remedied with big game attackers on top of what we got wenger should be building the attack around ozil and sanchez, by adding top class second winger and striker for extra cutting edge in the big matches.

  13. Jenks is a big boy so get him in as 4th CB/RB as Mert has 1 season left and debuchy 2 seasons left.
    My back 4 : Bell(end)erin, Chambers,Kos,Gibbs

  14. No. They are both our future whilst Dodd who worked with chambers says he will be a very good centre back

  15. Jenkinson will command good money in the UK as he is home grown. If sold we could get £10 mil for him. If we keep he will sit on the bench and be wasted as we have plenty of good cover for RB.

    By the time Debuchy needs replacing, 2 years down the road we should buy someone that will compete or is better than Bellerin. We want Arsenal to improve don’t we.

    I would not mind seeing the money from Jenks sale to be spont on Mings. He is 19 year old home grown LB and can be groomed for this position. He is unusually tall for a LB and is fast.

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