Does N’Zonzi talks mean Ramsey is leaving Arsenal?

David Ornstein has announced that there will be no more big Arsenal signings after the arrival of Lucas Torreira, but now that it has been revealed that the Gunners are in talks with Sevilla for Steven N’Zonzi, it could simply mean that Ornstein didn’t take into account that we may need to replace some departing players.

As far as I can see, the only possible midfield departure is Aaron Ramsey, who has entered the final year of his contract and will be much coveted by many top English sides, so he would easily cover the cost of bringing in N’Zonzi if he was sold.

Ramsey may be feeling a little lonely at Arsenal right now, as he is the last playing member of the so-called British Core. Well Carl Jenkinson is back from his loan but there is little chance of him actually playing for us again.

Jack Wilshere has finnally left after 10 years as a professional at the club, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain forced a move to Liverpool last summer. Kieran Gibbs never really became a regular either and was moved on.

So perhaps Ramsey has also decided to move onto new pastures?



  1. Dotash says:

    I guess; this is a plan B

  2. Durand says:

    Still waiting on that phone call from Barcelona, that’s why the contract delay I’m sure.

    Ramsey is good backup as a 10, or rotation spot in central midfield. But if rumored wages around 200k per week are true, then Hell no! Hard pass on that contract.

    Averaging 3.4 goals and 4 assists per year for 10 years doesn’t match up to wage demands. Good year last year, but no guarantee same stats for this year.

    In all honesty I’m more excited about AMN centrally than Rambo. Rather see Ainsley get more time on pitch than appeasing Ramsey.

    1. ACE says:

      Last I checked, if AFC are serious about
      offering Ramsey $200K(ridiculous) a week
      in wages than the Welshman would join this illustrous group of highest paid EPL midfielders


      Can any Arsenal fan honestly place Ramsey in
      this distinguished company?

      Sell him off to the highest bidder and slot AMN
      alongside Torreria/Xhaka.

      With the sales of the Welshman, Ospina, El Neny,
      Jenkinson and possibly Welbeck, Emery and Co.
      could make a serious run at both Doucoure/
      N’Zonzi and Lozano/Malcolm.

      Sorry folks but the possible acquisitions of Doucoure/N’Zonzi + Lozano/Malcolm is simply
      better business than offering Ramsey an
      astronomical contract he honestly doesnt

      1. Durand says:

        Well said Ace, couldn’t agree more.

  3. Does N’Zonzi talks mean Ramsey is leaving Arsenal?

    I HOPE SO!!!!

  4. dongazi says:

    I will b d happiest if he should liv

    1. Innit says:

      Liv? Live
      Well i want him to live to.
      Certainly don’t wish him to die

  5. Sparkles says:

    Ramsey will only be moved if he doesn’t sign the dotted lines. Otherwise, I don’t see Nzonzi coming over.

  6. gotanidea says:

    Most fans seem happy if Ramsey is replaced by a new midfielder, but Arsenal should have British (if possible English) first team players as their core

    The benefit of having British players have been proven by the previous EPL winners and the current top 4 EPL teams:
    – Arsenal: Ray Parlour, Martin Keown, Tony Adams, David Seaman, Ashley Cole, etc
    – Chelsea: John Terry, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, etc
    – Man United: Scholes, Giggs, Keane, Neville, etc

    If Ramsey leaves, Chambers, Maitland-Niles and Nelson have to be given more chances to play as starters

    1. Durand says:

      Your point is well made, but one thing stands out like a sore thumb.

      The examples you listed and the enormous gulf of talent that separate them and Ramsey. Not even on same planet.

      More realistic would be Drinkwater, Jordan Henderson, Wilshere, thats similar talent level.

      Arsenal will never win EPL with Ramsey as starting CM. Backup cm or as cam maybe, but as cm nah, keep smoking.

      1. RSH says:

        wilshere is below Drinkwater and Henderson though. The fact Fenerbache and West ham are the only interested parties proves that. Ramsey I would put in same category as Henderson. Drinkwater, bit overrated in my opinion.

      2. Someone says:

        You think Drinkwater and Henderson are better than Ramsey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha..

        1. Durand says:

          RSH was saying Ramsey same level as Henderson, and above Drinkwater, whom he considers a bit overrated.

          He’s about right, not much separating them.
          You could swap Ramsey and Drinkwater, and I’d be surprised if either team even noticed.

          1. Someone says:

            NO , Ramsey had 7 goals and 8 assists last season and a look at his other statistics will tell you enough about his ability , What about Drinkwater ? what has he done to be compared to Ramsey !!!! i’m sorry to say this but thinking that Drinkwater and Ramsey are the same level suggests a low understanding of Footballing ability , at least in this case Ramsey’s ability.

          2. Durand says:

            We have to agree to disagree I’m afraid. Ramsey has improved very little since he was 25, 23, 21 or overall really. Same limited technique, lack of discipline, and inconsistency we have seen over the last 10 years.

            200k per week is foolish waste of money. Like buying a fart. Rumor mill nonstop with all the clubs bidding for Ramsey. Surely he’ll go for £60 or £70 million right? Next someone will compare him to super Frankie or Patrick Vieira.

          3. Durand says:

            Club has gone from Petite and Vieira, to cesc fab, to Santi, to Ramsey? Sorry if I’m underwhelmed with Ramsey, he always seemed a bit mid table to me; Welbeck, Walcott, Gibbs, all kinda same boat.

    2. Shekar233 says:

      Cab you Say that about Mancity?

      The only notable first team english players are sterling and stones. Stones is still a back up to kompany/ottamendi.

      The only reasonably good team with British core is Spurs….whether we like it or not they have really improved their team by investing very little money.

      I think wenger if he coudnt compete for the league atleast could have concentrated on developing youngsters so that he could have left us by giving Emery a quality team to work with.
      Look at the number of spurs players called up for world cup…except for wanyama/aurier who are the first team regualrs all other players were at the world cup. Even most of the bench warmers are at the WC.

      Instead we are now in a situation to buy players who would last only till Emery’s contract expires and then again start afresh.

      On a side note…i think spurs will have a torrid first 1 or 2 months in the premier league as it looks like england and belgium are destined to meet in the final. Both the teams have many spurs players in the starting lineup. So they might miss out on top 4 this season owing to q

  7. Dion says:

    admin am sure by now you know orstein isn’t arsenal….and am so sure you know what match squad means….

  8. Sean Williams says:

    It would be insane to let the engine of our team Aaron Ramsey leave. Are we aiming for below sixth? We have no midfield controller. Without Jack or Santi, or Aaron we would have a **** midfield. Banega, Gomez or an real kingpin central magician would take us to the next level. We now have a defence and forward line, but our creative central midfield is genuinely poor. I would be shocked if Unai Emry does not address this serious deficiency.

  9. AndersS says:

    As Ramsey’s situation hasn’t been clarified, he could be leaving, but I don’t really see N-zonzi as a replacement. They are not even close to being the same type of player.
    So if there really is any truth in the N-zonzi rumour, it can’t be taken as evidence of anything to do with Ramsey.

  10. RSH says:

    n’zonzi is a DM, Ramsey is not, so don’t see how he’s a replacement. I don’t see this rumor going much of anywhere honestly. A Xhaka/Nzonzi/Torreira midfield supplying Ozil, Aubameyang, and Miki doesn’t sound very balanced. None of those midfielders contribute much goals and not a lot of assists either. Add on to that, Ozil himself doesn’t score goals. So we’d just be relying on Aubameyang and Miki, and Lacazette’s role in the squad is unclear right now.

    1. GB says:

      No for me N’Zonzi is more box to box like Vieira. He may have played DM but has a lot more to offer.

  11. Jack says:

    How many times do you have to write the same story over and over again?

    We get it, if Rambo leaves, you want to be able to say “we told you so”, but repeating something over and over doesn’t make it true, in spite of what some politicians may want to believe…

    Perhaps the repetitive nature of this blog is an indication of how hard it is to come up with topics of discussion this time of year… well, I’ll come back when there’s something original here to read again…

  12. Dion says:

    ffs…if a club decide to improve its squad wif competent players….what’s wrong with it…..will arsenal seize to exist if nxozi Ramsey and torrerea re all in…try to increase your perception fr the team bra

  13. John Ibrahim says:

    Football is coming home
    with Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina all out

    England is guarantee to win the World cup

    1. Sue says:

      Didn’t you say Liverpool were going to win the champions league?? ?
      Sterling is so greedy…. his end product has been awful

      1. Phil says:

        It obviously helps that Italy and the Netherlands DID NOT EVEN QUALIFY

    2. Someone says:

      England’s style is boring and annoying , they really don’t care about the word “Beautiful” in the beautiful game of Football , because the major reason to watch football is to enjoy the beautiful tactics and link up plays between players other than that only fans can enjoy the game not the neutrals.

      1. Sue says:

        It has been pretty boring… nearly fell asleep at one point

      2. Durand says:

        England has scored 10 goals, 8 from set pieces. Beauty has left this arena I’m afraid. Watching England and Sweden lump it over the top is more like tennis.

        Too bad Belgium and France meet in semis, that would be a great final.

        Alas, they outlasted other sides, so I’ll politely golf clap their achievement.

      3. RSH says:

        the entire side of that bracket is just dire. Only Croatia play somwhat entertaining football. And Colombia without James was joyless. I really hope France or Belgium win. I like upsets, but too many defensive teams with little skill have gotten by this world cup and I would rather see an actual entertaining side win this cup.

    3. COYG_CA says:

      Ha, ha, ha . . . good one! Watching ENG play SWE is like watching paint dry compared to the other side (BEL, BRA, FRA, etc). IF ENG were to make it thru the weak side to actually reach the Final, they would get smashed! Yeah, yeah, Southgate has got the team to “believe and have some fun”, but he can’t turn mostly boring squad-level players into a WC champion, please! Name me 6 ENG players that would bounce 6 BEL or 6 FRA starters . . .

      Saying all this, I assume your post was sarcastic . . . especially mentioning ITA and NED, which didn’t even make the tournament!?

  14. olis says:

    If England wins the world Cup.. We will never hear the last of it. Lol. Commentators in epl will be like and here is the young world Cup winner Marcus rashford with the ball.. And this is Henderson the England captain who lifted the world Cup with a shot.. And this is Eric dier with the clearance.. Scored the winning penalty against Colombia on England’s way to triumph in Russia.. And here is Pickford with a save.. Like the one he pulled off to deny becca in Englands penalty shoot out victory against Colombia..

    1. COYG_CA says:

      . . . it’s already annoying enough listening to some of the pundits . . .
      How many true football fans would watch the EPL without all the International players? Pretty much zero, that’s how many. Good for ENG to make it this far, but honestly, I can’t really get excited to watch them play. At least RUS vs CRO will be next!

      1. Sue says:

        Totally agree with you

  15. Ozziegunner says:

    Wilfred Saha at Crystal Palace like Ramsay is yet to sign a contract extension. He would fit in well on the wing for Arsenal; however transfer fee may be too high.
    If Ramsay doesn’t sign the contract extension on offer from Arsenal, he will be sold in the current transfer window. That will leave an additional attacking or box to box midfield opportunity.
    Notice that France brought on N’zonzi to play along side Kante, when they wanted to close out the game against Uruguay. Why wouldn’t Emery see him as a similar otion at Arsenal, given that Banega has decided to stay at Seville?

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Ozziegunner, the longer Ramsey delays signing, the more I think Emery will act decisively.
      He has already shown his backbone with Wilshere and, as much as I want Ramsey to stay, the new manager needs to make a statement.
      Your thoughts on Saha are also intriqing, especially if the rumours regarding our search for a winger is concerned.
      At the moment, the only movement is players in, but that will certainly have to change before the season starts.
      Could it be that the owner might just bankroll this transfer if he knows that someone like Ramsey COULD be on the way out?
      If we are interested, we will have to act quickly as the Spuds are rumoured to be interested.

  16. Andrew E says:

    I do not think Ramsey will leave because I believe he would like to be part of the new era for our club. In fact I would not be surprised if Emery gives him the armband.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      That would be suicidal. No captain material. Soft and very selfish.

      1. Durand says:

        Ks-gunner. Ramsey was captain in one of the Europa semi-final games against Ath. Madrid if I’m not mistaken. Anyone thinking Ramsey is captain material, rewatch the game and list what he offered in terms of leadership.

        Give you a hint; close your eyes and what do you see?

        Nothing? Yep, exactly. Double no thanks Ramsey as captain.

  17. ks-gunner says:

    Ramsey and leaving Arsenal will be his downfall. There is no other team in the world who would show the same patience as Arsenal did for him so far. So pick and choose. Either way now that Wenger is gone he knows that he needs to put performances in the pitch big time. So all the luck to him. No fancy back flicks or the bench is going to be his best friend soon enough. And he doesnt deserve a pay rise. Did not enough for it.

  18. Edwardjike says:

    I dont really like Ramsey playing style. We can get Nzonzi(he is matic type of player) sell Ramsey
    pair Torriera and Nzonzi
    Also lets get rid of Wezbeak in order to sign a good RW

    we’ll have Ozil play infront of Torr and Nzonzi
    mki 2 d LW
    Auba will get more goals with that.

    1. Edwardjike says:

      Better still sell welbeck and buy a better AMF
      Ozil 2 RWF
      Mki LWF
      Torriera and Nzonzi DMs
      Auba strikes

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