Does Official Arsenal squad photo confirm controversial vice-captain? (Opinion)

The official squad photo for Arsenal’s 2021-22 campaign has been taken this week, and we believe that Granit Xhaka‘s presence alongside Mikel Arteta confirms his role as vice-captain.

The Gunners boss takes the central role at the base of the photo, while he has his right-hand man Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang alongside him, and we believe that the Swiss midfielder’s positioning on Mikel’s left is a clear sign that he will be the striker’s deputy.

Xhaka did start the opening league match of the season with the armband, with PEA having been ruled out with a positive Covid-test, while many had hoped that Kieran Tierney could well have been next in line as captain, but that no longer seems the case.

Granit is a previous captain at the club, but had to be stripped of that role after his outburst at the club’s fans where he was seen to be swearing at the Emirates crowd, and that memory will be tough to forget for sections of our fanbase.

Has Xhaka earned his place as a leader within the side? Have most fans forgiven his outburst?


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  1. Joe. S says:

    Nothing new to add on this dead issue.

  2. fairfan says:

    Deputy G is a fair observation.
    Another fair observation is that Granit Xhaka has been Arsenal’s most played, most consistent most trusted player five years in a row.

    1. Gunnerdev says:

      Yes consistently slowing down the game,
      consistently getting booked and sent off,
      consistently passing the ball sideways or to the defence.

    2. DaJuhi says:

      Also most consistenly:

      the most red-carded player in the PL since arrival
      the most errors to concede in the PL since arrival

      Thats 4 red cards and 8 errors directly leading to goal. So he has almost the same amount of errors leading to goals, as he has goals (9) in the Premier League.

      1. DaJuhi says:

        PS: That stat of error leading to concede is dated March 2021. I don’t know if he’s committed more since.

    3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      what an absolutely laughable take, once again FF

      1. Dan kit says:

        TRVL ,don’t you mean Wyoming!

  3. Y3mmxiii says:

    If offered the armband, shouldn’t have taken it. He knows, he’s unreliable.

  4. Val says:

    i like that ALL our CB’s are standing except White

    ( they could have given him a yellow pages to stand on to make him appear taller 😛 )

    1. Sue says:

      🤣 and check out Holding’s ever-changing hairline!!

      1. Biscuitbum says:

        A man cannot help it if he’s thinning on top.

  5. Gulangai says:

    Premier league team of the year

  6. I says:

    Fans should give Xhaka some benefits of doubt. Most coaches he has played with love him and see him as a leader.

    There are definitely some qualities he possessed that fans are not seeing.

    What if the cards he received are as a result of his willingness to take risks compared to other plays who would rather allow the players to go through?

    We applaud other midfielders when we see their YouTube compilations. Have we taken out time to check Xhaka’s YouTube compilations?

    If the coach who sees the players in the training pitch, dressing room and field sees him as his deputy captain, so be it.

  7. Reggie says:

    There is no way any manager with half a brain, will give xhaka the captains armband again after what he has done at this club. He has direspected, the fans, the club, the shirt and the team, no manager with any amount of sense would give him any responsibility at Arsenal.

    1. Biscuitbum says:

      Wanna bet?

      1. Reggie says:

        NO Biscuitbum, i dont !!!!!!!!! 😁

  8. Biscuitbum says:

    If to be a captain of this arsenal has absolutely no relevance, so what does that say about the vice-captain. The Captain probably should be Tierney, failing whom, probably White, as you need committed a player prepared to chivvy up teammates, even bark orders, make sure players aren’t out of position or slacking etc. That isn’t Auba or Xhaka. If Arteta isn’t prepared to appoint a captain with with this sort of authority, then I couldn’t care less who the captain let alone the vice captain.

  9. gunnerforlife says:

    A Captain material should be in the mould of Vierra, Gilberto Silva, Tony Adams, Henry, Bergkamp, or Martin Kion, this is the rich legacy, history and tradition of Arsenal. I think only Tierney, Laca, White or even Ramsdale could come a bit near to our outstanding Captains over the decades. Total and unfailing commitment to the team cause, dedication, determination and unflinching loyalty are a must and he should be an example to our youth and newcomers.

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