Does Ozil leak prove disloyalty at Arsenal FC?

Ally McCoist has claimed the recent leak that Mesut Ozil has refused to accept a wage cut to his mammoth £350,000 a week wage tells you more about his team-mates than it does himself.

It emerged that the German international, and up to two other Arsenal players, has refused to take a 12.5% wage cut amidst the current pandemic, in which all the club’s incomes have been put to a halt.

The former Scottish international midfielder has claimed that the leak shows a distinct lack of unity in the dressing room however, before praising Ozil for the good that he does for charities.

McCoist said: ‘It tells you about the quality of teammate you’re dealing with because you’ve effectively got a snitch. And no matter what you think about Mesut Ozil, it’s completely out of order that a private conversation over a wage reduction has been made public.

‘It’s been made public for a reason, to make him look bad. Taking the issue of a wage reduction to one side, straight away he’s got a problem with someone in that dressing room or somebody at that club.

‘I’ve read so many good things about Mesut Ozil and what he’s done for charities all over the place. I think it says more about what’s going on inside Arsenal at this moment in time.

‘Could you imagine a story like that coming out of Liverpool or Man City at this moment in time regarding one of their players? It just wouldn’t because they are solid as a unit, solid as a team and I think it tells you more about Arsenal and his standing in the dressing room that someone has tried to damage him.’

Do we think the leak would have come from one of the players out of disgust? Or maybe it could have come from the top as a bargaining chip in trying to force an agreement? Should the club seek to find out who was the source of the betrayal?


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  1. Robert Acedius says:

    If the accusation is false – yes. But there is so many who want to hurt Asn’l. People who are fans to other clubs etc. I don’t know where this Asn’l complex come from. Even clubs who doesn’t need to have an Asn’l complex (such as Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea) seems to suffer from it. Why? Why do they hate us?

  2. S.J says:

    I believe this information has come from the top executives not the players. The players like and admire Ozil that is why he was voted among the 5 captains earlier this season, so they have his back.
    The club is regretting giving him 350k weekly now they want to make him uncomfortable so he can leave. I would love if he left though only because he is no longer productive on the pitch after receiving such huge increase in his salary.

  3. Reggie says:

    No there is no excuse for people like Ozil, Bellerin and Xhaka, they are a total disgrace. Shameful!

  4. Gabo says:

    This is Mob tactics & a disgrace to a club like Arsenal. This are individual contracts being treated like collective bargaining.
    Will Arsenal stop paying dividends?

  5. SueP says:

    What is the truth?

    Whilst I originally thought that it was typical tabloid journalism, there really must be more than a grain of truth in it now that Neville, Carragher and McCoist have weighed in.

    I have read what Ozil’s agent has said regarding taking a deferral until the financial situation sorts itself out at the end of the season – whenever that is.

    This suggests a) if the season is null and void then a pay cut is acceptable or b) if it is finished and the tv revenue comes through then Ozil and the other two expect payment in full. All for one, and all for me is what it sounds like.

    Match day revenue has cut the club’s income. There is nothing coming in but there are still outgoings.

    I can only hope that the majority of the first team agreeing to take a cut was influenced by the Kroenke family doing their bit as well as a realisation that without going down this route it would materially jeopardise the future of the club

    None of this looks good for Arsenal at all, whether this leak came from the bosses or someone within the squad.

    In a time of need throughout the world, to be quibbling in this way is nothing to be proud of.

  6. Stuart says:

    As a season ticket holder if 32 years I am disgusted by Ozil and the other two players not taking a pay cut. If this is there attitude of “me first”, then leave the club as you are not welcome.

  7. Robert Acedius says:

    SueP. You sounds like Pontius Pilate when he ask Jesus Christ: “What is truth?” And the Son of God didn’t give an answer. The truth in this case, do we really care? I saw that some german ex-player (Asn’l) said that it is unfair to blame Ozil, Stan Kroenke is the one to blame (sitting there on 10 billion). But as I’m sure you know, it isn’t his money. The dough belongs to his wife (the Walmart woman). Stan is just prince charming who know how to fancy women. A philanderer, a womanizer. Why blaming him for his good looks, I wonder. Do you have an idea?

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