Does Ozil signing make this Arsenal’s best transfer window ever?

Well just a half hour ago, I was reporting that the German paper Bild had proclaimed that Mesut Ozil was set to sign a new contract with Arsenal this summer, but it now looks like he has gone ahead and signed it already! So the Gunners have now secured Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil as our top striking force for the next few years, according to the BBC’s David Ornstein.

This is what he has just tweeted….

There was a report earlier (which I must admit I didn’t take seriously) that Man United were set to make a last minute attempt to get Ozil to join Sanchez at Man United, so maybe Arsene Wenger gave the German a take-it-or-leave offer with a deadline of this morning. I can imagine the new ruthless Wenger refusing to allow Ozil to leave for free in the summer, and having secured a potent strike-force to play alongside him for the next few years, he has convinced the midfielder to stay at the Emirates rather than play under the volatile Jose Mourinho at United.

Maybe Arsenal are not such ditherers in the transfer market after all….



  1. Is Ozil even worth half that? ?

    1. RSH says:

      no, but happy he’s staying. Even though I think losing Ozil would not have been a big of a disaster as people think, as there are a ton of CAM’s to replace him. But hard to find a player that creates as many chances as him. Ozil can be even better if we get a manager that knows what they’re doing and can actually manage to create a cohesive squad, instead of the mess it is right now. All these changes, yet the main constant dragging us down is still there, so EPL will continue to elude us. Sad that all these good players will be wasted on a manager like Wenger.

      1. Billy says:

        Ozil worth every penny. With class in front of him now, you watch him become goal assis kingt of Europe

        1. saurab kr. sanjel says:


          1. MW supporter says:

            In today’s ridiculous market, yes he definitely is.

          2. Yossarian says:

            I can’t wait to see Ozil playing with our new-look forward line. I think it looks great 🙂

    2. John mayor says:

      Are you worth half a man

  2. Otunba007 says:

    Just signing a defensive midfielder now will make it a PERFECT transfer window.. but seeing Ozil extend his contract and now the signing of PEA is one of the best

    1. MW supporter says:

      Great day, sort out the defence and the futures bright.

  3. Phil says:

    Ivan G is the one pulling the strings.He still needs time to get Sven and Raul working in tandem but with their proven track records they should be hitting the ground running.
    Just need to get Wenger out now

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Wenger out now or tomorrow would make this window as the best transfer window ever.

      1. jon fox says:

        gotanidea, “Ever” is a long time to be the best ever window. BUT you are STILL TOTALLY CORRECT!

    2. Sven says:


      I was defending Wenger until recently, but seeing how he sold Coquelin because we didn’t play with a DM anymore and then started playing the 5mil. man Elneny as our only remaining DM soured it all for me. He will never take the DM position seriously, even if it’s one of the 3, 4 most influential positions (remember Makelele in different clubs? Or now Kante first with Leicester then Chelsea? Or Fernandinho??)

      Without a top quality DM which Wenger will never both buy and then play, our offensive players will keep having issues due to having to defend more than if they had a DM operating behind them.

      The thing is, we only need 1 more decent CB, one good DM, and a good GK, but I’m old enough now to know it’s always going to be something. If not for other reasons, at least so Arsene’s sweethearts Xhaka and Ramsey can play all the time.

      1. Phil says:

        I am hearing Alex Song is tracing with Arsenal and is a free agent after being released from his club in Russia.He was excellent for us up until his final season and would be a good addition if he sits in front of the back four and concentrates on breaking up play and feeding the players who are technically more gifted in front of him.Worth a shot till the end of the season do you think?

    3. jon fox says:

      Phil, It certainly looks now as if Ivan at long,long last – considering the time he has been in the job -has finally had enough with Wengers inaction and has determined to do something to change things. For this reason, I will not now slaughter Gazidis, as I have til now done regularly along with the arrogant, puppet board and morally corrupt and absent owner. The best favour Uncle Ivan could do us all now is to prevail upon Kroenke to sack Wenger. Were it upo to me , I would have sacked him back in early 2008, after we blew the five point lead over United in Early March. I knew then and there – after the GALLAS , who was captain, sulk at Birmingham, that Wenger did not have the toughness to take real action to change things. And I have been proved,sadly, only too right.

      1. Phil says:

        Jon it has been a long time coming but Ivan G is I believe exerting his authority.Wenger will not like losing a single part of the stranglehold he has held at the club and he will soon have a decision to make.See out his contract and go(hope not)or go at the end of the season.All of a sudden we seem to have overnight developed a big club mentality that has been allowed to be missing for years.Lets hope it continues

        1. Yossarian says:

          Can’t help thinking that getting rid of Walcott and letting Giroud go was all to do with Sven. I reckon Wenger would have kept both of them for ever if he had his way.

  4. Arseneout says:

    ozil is a worldclass player and if played behind aubamyang and lacazette !!!! goals goals and more goals, but where mikki will play ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think Arsenal need explosive wingers more than a tall striker, but let’s see later.

      1. Sven says:

        Agreed. But Lacazette for all his skill, which IS better than say Lukaku, is not too fast, not strong, not tall. For him to succeed in the Prem with those physical characteristics, he would have to be an amazing dribbler or an excellent distance shooter.

        1. ClassyGunner says:

          If you have ever played the game as a striker you will know that a striker’s most important attributes are positioning, awareness and instinct.

      2. Dee23 says:

        gotanidea, Aubamayeng isn’t just a tall striker. He has Henry like pace, he’s powerful and skillful. He isn’t ranked one of the best strikers in Europe for nothing.

        1. andcliff says:

          He’s quicker than Henry & Walcott. He’s even quicker than Usain Bolt (over 30 metres) so I’m told. Anyway I hope he frightens the hell out of PL defenders.

  5. jon fox says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd that OZIL would sign a new long term contract , just hours since our teams most dismal non performance for ages? In awfulness, it even beat many other disgraceful capitulations at away grounds this season. However, there is ONE possible explanation, is there not; MONEY, loads and loads of it guaranteed for several years to come, whether Ozil turns up in games or whether he doesn’t! I also firmly believe that the new buy from Dortmund P-E A will prove to be trouble, when he does not get everything he wants. Time was when shrewd managers avoided rotten apples like the plague. This one has much form for being a real, rotten to the core, apple and -though he is undoubtedly talented- I always counsel against bringing poisonous players into a team game. Trouble ahead therefore. AND, we STILL ignore the fact that currently we do not have ONE REAL TOP CLASS DEFENDER at the club. What a way to mis-run a club! In this window he should have sold Xhaka, Bellerin, Ramsey, IWOBI AND ELNENY AND USED ALL THE MONEY TO GET BETTER PLAYERS TO REPLACE THEM. But he did not! Who is not surprised either! No one else who needs to be sold would bring in any real money, otherwise I would have put 75% of the squad up for sale.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree Jon, money is the one that has driven Ozil and Aubameyang in signing for Arsenal (or Sanchez and MU). Basically they all are similar, including the last contract rebel, Wilshere.

      Let’s hope the new German speaking spine will bring different playing style, because our manager seems to be out of new ideas.

      1. Billy says:

        Come on John, I always agree with you, but this time no. How much would a replacement for Ozil cost. Yes we want defence and DM, oh and Wenger out. But lets look on the positives.


        1. jon fox says:

          Billy, I did NOT say that I wanted Ozil out or not to sign. I am glad he did. But I am world weary and long enough in thr tooth to know that he only did it for money BACKED by the fact that no other top club has come in for him. Yes, rumours of Man Und next summer; but only a rumour and nowt concentrates the mind like hard cash now, and lots and lots of it , guaranteed for years to come, esp as he is getting on in years too. You surely cannot deny there can be no other football based reason for him signing now; now that Sanchez has left and our away form is almost relegation form, Can you? Cynic or realist? You decide!

          1. andcliff says:

            We would have lost Ozil for nothing in the summer. At £17.5m for 3 years or £52.5m in total. To replace him would cost a huge fee plus salary. A decent deal for a class footballer who now has a finisher like Aubameyang to take some of the many chances he provides unlike Lacazette and Giroud.

            Also, any replacement would take time to settle if we could find one. By the way it appears that he was offered £450k per week to go to China. I agree that Alexis went for the money otherwise he would have gone to City.

      2. Hhhh says:

        So everyone went to man city because they love the club? 90% of all players go for money, look at neymar! Not manybpeople actually dream to play for arsenal

        1. jon fox says:

          Hallelujah! A realist at last , among all the naive fans who fool themselves that players, almost all players, anywhere, actually give a damn for the club who pay their wages. They are not fans, like us. True, some like Henry, Bergkamp and many from the days when players gave their all for their club became fans. A tiny few , like Jenkinson and from decades agom Jimmy Carter were Gooners since kids. But unlike you, me and the other realists, who are firmly in the minority, the vast majority of players are in it for cash first, silverware and medals a distant second. As a young man , I worked for a furniture company, but I did not favour their furniture over others , even when I was there , let alone after I left. Why should players, in todays money mad world , be any different! P-E A apparently has ten or more flash cars. Who do you think he cares more for , his Aston Martin(or whatever) or Arsenal and its fans. I am not actually asking you personally, since I know you too are a realist and live in the real world. Shame most fans don’t even want to!

      3. RSH says:

        could probably grab Fekir for around 50-60mill, and wages would be less than half of Ozil’s is about to be, would be younger too. Arsenal’s chances of ever getting money for Ozil were gone a while ago. He won’t be worth much by the time we do decide to sell him, and he was leaving on a free in the summer. So Arsenal’s choice was whether to let Ozil go for someone younger, or to pay the 350k per week. We’ll just have to wait and see if it was worth it. For all the praise Ozil is getting right now, he has just as many times not shown up for Arsenal. Let’s hope this new Ozil is here to stay because he’s been great this season. I’m happy, but we’ll just have to wait and see if all the pieces fall in place before we call this window a success.

        1. Dee23 says:

          Still one of our best players though. We would have been pissed if he had gone to United along with Sanchez. I dare say you will see an even better Ozil playing with players like Aubamayeng, Mkhitaryan,Lacazette and Wilshire around him. Once they get the chemistry flowing and get used to playing with each other Arsenal will be very deadly in terms of attack. Hopefully we will scare the other teams so much that they will sit back more and attack less like how other teams play against City or how teams in Laliga sit back against Barca.

      4. RSH says:

        and John is absolutely right about the money. This is an occupation to these people, let’s not forget. Nobody was ever going to offer Ozil 350k besides Arsenal, and nobody was going to match Sanchez’s demands besides United.

    2. Sven says:

      You may be right.
      On the other hand, RVP was an extreme form of a rotten apple at Feyenoord, who nobody but Wenger wanted, and he only turned rotten after 7, 8 years with us, so let’s wait and see.

      1. jon fox says:

        Sven, Not the best comparison , to use RVP as a rotten apple. He was still very young when he joined us and most kids DO truly grow up, in mentality and honour too. P-E A is 28, has a history of throwing his toys out of the pram and I strongly expect him to be trouble. Van Persie was not esp troublesome til he, rightly, saw Wengers lack of ambition and wanted out. His main problem was not being a rotten apple but injuries but that is not the same thing. So, i disagree with you on RVP. THOUGH Cole, Nasri and Adebayor, were all “maggot bitten apples” to their very core. Most players are NOT trouble makers but virtually all love “loasdamoney” and will go where they can get the most.

  6. Lupe says:

    Why did aubameyang sign for arsenal?
    Why is ozil extending his contract at arsenal?

    I just hope it not because of money but them believing we can compete to win things because it just mean they wouldn’t care too much if we keep loosing. Think about it, which ambitious top player will choose to stay here or come here if they truly want to win trophies. Anyways lets get wenger out and maybe a new manager can put some fight and determination into these players.

    1. gotanidea says:

      It is obvious, MONEY. You are right, they would not care much if Arsenal keep losing, because there are no real pressure at Arsenal, Wenger’s overstay is the example.

      Ambitious players like Henry and Fabregas moved up to Barcelona to get major trophies. Let’s hope the manager leaves soon so we can see different ideas from different people.

      1. AY75 says:

        Can you guys be happy about anything?…….. FFS, we jst signed a top class forward, and Özil, a top class CAM, jst extended his stay……. yet you guys complain it’s for the money….. should they have signed for free?!…… granted, Arsenal is in shambles, and I’m ‘wenger out’ 100%, but we’re going to need very good players in every position or at least in 9 out of the 11 positions to get out of the slump………. how are we going to become great again if you guys keep slagging off players for choosing to play for arsenal….. Man. City and Chelsea paid heavily, for their positions among the elite teams in England, heck, same applies to Man. Utd……. so, y r u guys complaining

        1. jon fox says:

          AY75, I profoundly disagree with you. We want Wenger out for a whole host of reasons and also know that whoever comes in as players, we will NOT win Prem titles and CL while he stays. We are also realistic enough to know that players sign for huge cash and also know that Ozil- due to his in or out(with little in between) performances over his stay here, will not get huge cash at his age elsewhere. Saying this truth is NOT the same as wishing him gone. I am very pleased he has chosen to stay and I also know EXACTLY why! Surely, in a free country I am entitled to state my opinion. Or perhaps you think I am not so entitled? Stating something , assertively, is NOT the same as complaining about it. You might try finding where in my post I said I wanted Ozil to leave. You may be a long time doing so and still without success. Some of us pick our words with great care. And we do NOT need your permission either!

    2. Maks says:

      Very straightforward “prediction”, and although I am also Wenget out I am very happy that club I support will have those two players in the next 4 years on the peek of their cariers… And with Mhki as well I will enjoy watching Arsenal much more then with Alexis and his desparate faces of a child.

  7. Antiwenger says:

    Bellerin. Kos. Mustafi. Monreal

    Mkhitaryan. Wilshere


    Lacazette. Aubameyang

    1. Maks says:

      Not bad… but Mustafi is having some mental problems, doesnt he? Last night perfomance is not alone case of his insanity.
      And Elneny is not the player who can take a ball from box to box… Wilshere is much better with that.
      but still we need someone new to work hard infront of our defence.

      1. Sven says:

        I think you will find that in the proposed team Elneny is a DM, Wilshere box to box, and Mkhitaryan playmaker.

        There are, however, dozens of DMs better than Elneny. Even Le Coq was marginally better.

        1. Maks says:

          if formation is shown have to corespond to the tactics…

        2. Phil says:

          The best CDM at the club could just be AMN.I would stick the kid in.He has been consistently good playing totally out of his natural position and is good enough to play to orders and sit in front of a back four.Zhaka must be dropped NOW and Elneny doesn’t do it for me.

          1. jon fox says:

            Spot on Phil! AM-N is three classes above the hapless, hopeless, creativeless Elneny , who should NEVER have been within a million miles of a club like ours. Same goes for Xhaka!

          2. Bookie says:

            But Elneny was the most committed player in the pitch against Swansea right before Mustafa, Monreal and Cech went mad. And then they substituted him and Swansea scored a third. You should re-watch that game, seriously

  8. Kedar Damle says:

    Not yet… At least one CB or DM and Extension for Wilshere..

  9. Supertuur says:

    Very good transfer window. It would be even better if Max meyer signs. I believe in DM we have the real issues. Xhaka is just not mobile enough and exposiing our defense.

    I rather have Max Meyer that Johnny Evans.

  10. AB says:

    Nope, without a strong DM signing. Wenger kicked out will be great too but don’t think that will happen.

  11. Phil says:

    Can I just say guys this has been a very good Topic Subject to put across our views and the comments posted have all been on point and very well scripted.We all have our opinions and we must respect each and every one offered.
    Can’t wait for those AKB TOSSERS to finally stop spouting their nonsense though (sorry but I just could not resist that)

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil. So”you could not resist ” . Then why even try? Indulge your passion for our club and INCREASE vastly your calls for Wenger to go. We all know he is poison and should say so, all the time , loudly and clearly!

  12. Waleed adams says:

    Who ever say that ozil signing is not a big deal and that if he left it wouldn’t have made a big differents don’t know soccer I’m a loyal arsenal supporter and love ozil in an arsenal shirt on his day he’s argubily the best no.10 in the world even thou he’s not wearing the no.10 jersey. I make a plea and on my knees asking Wenger to go the 3-5-2 root and letting ozil play behind laca and Abu with Nelson on the left and please sign mahrez to play on the right or draxler arsenal will surely go on to be champions again please anybody that know how to get hold of Wenger or that can pass this message on to him please do so

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