Does Ozil’s anticipated eSports move prove his priorities lie away from football?

Mesut Ozil’s agent has claimed that he expects his client to move into eSports once his football career comes to an end, furthering my belief that Arsenal were right all along.

The German former international midfielder has taken a drastic downturn in fortunes in recent years, with his time in north London coming to a surprise end when he was completely left out of the team’s squad for the Premier League as he continued to fail to convince Mikel Arteta of his role in his side.

Unai Emery before him had used Ozil sparingly, the club’s highest earner at the time, and he was eventually allowed to leave and join Fenerbahce on loan, with us believed to have been paying the bulk of his wages before he joined them on a free come the end of the season, and his time there has hardly been on point either.

With time winding down on his career, his agent claims that he will move into eSports himself, with him already owning his own eSports team M10 Esports.

“He will go more into eSports, play himself and maybe become an eSports athlete,” Dr Erkut Sogut told the Telegraph.

“He’s really good, to be honest, at Fortnite and I think one day I wouldn’t be surprised if he is competing.

“He owns a team – M10 Esports – and he has players. He has a gaming house in Germany. He has football, like FIFA, and Fortnite.”

Some of his fans will not allow a bad word to be said about Mesut, but it has been evident for many that his priorities have lay away from the beautiful game for some time. His forays into eSports is likely where his mind has spent most of it’s time, with him having created his team back in 2018 while he was still playing for Arsenal, and this news only moves to cement the thought in my mind that he has not been interested in playing football for some time, despite the outrageous amount of money we was willing to pay him. To be fair he only played 18 games in his last two seasons at Arsenal so he had lots of time for gaming.


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    1. @PJ-SA
      Exactly. Can’t fault the guy for securing his financial future after his playing days are done.

      1. He secured his financial future being on the books at Arsenal
        I refrained from calling him a player

        1. Sue P, I called him many things but the word “player” was not among them. I stand by every word I EVER WROTE ABOUT HIM.

          IMO he did more harm to our club during his time here than any other single player in my 64 years as a supporter.

      2. One would have thought Ozil’s financial future was secure already?
        Just out of interest what is Islam’s view on believers being associated with gambling?

  1. Good on you Mesut, I bet there’s a few people who wish they had achieved what you have done, both personally and for the community.

    Seems your still doing it, as your footballing career comes to an end.

    Keep giving to the poor and needy, you are admired the world over for it.

      1. Admin Pat and Ken, but at least Robin Hood gave good value in the midfield as captain of Nottingham Forest. 🤔

  2. Good for his mental health,at least he’ll get to boss things this time around as he’s not willing to follow simple orders……..c’mon you gamer.

  3. I remember reading about him staying up all night playing fortnight or whatever and faking injuries to do so. This is all after the mega deal, before that he was a super player for us along with Alexis

    1. Was never a super player for us..
      Was so underwhelming for more than 80% of his time at Arsenal.. Had one good half purple patch in the 2015/16 season. Then another one for about 2 months in 2017/18 before his contract renewal. That was about it in my opinion..

      The most Overrated, overhyped, over worshipped, over pampered, overpaid player I have ever seen at Arsenal.

      Been exposed as a little trouble instigating weasel nearly everywhere he has been (Germany, Madrid, Arsenal and Fenerbache.)

      He was a 5.5 / 10 overall rating for his time as an Arsenal player if I am being charitable.

      The only aspect we can all Agree on is that he was a “Shirt Selling Genius” 😇😎

      Joke attitude / personality..

      1. I also never really got the hype. Highly talented, yes, but nothing that special in the grand scheme. Bergkamp was far more brilliant, fabregas as well imo. They did things I couldn’t see coming, whereas Ozil was mostly just extremely composed on the final pass, but didn’t want to put in the work to create openings openings.
        We definitely didn’t see the best of him at arsenal, but that’s because he’d already achieved everything he wanted and we were just how he made his money in the end. The way some people worship him for his time at arsenal is embarrassing – he wasn’t even trying.

    1. Just googled his name.
      Wikipedia says that he is a former footballer turned Social media influencer, political activist, Online Gamer, human rights activist, PR stunts man, Shirt selling Genius etc..

      1. Should have checked a little further on Wikipedia then, because these facts (not opinions ) were unintentionally missed, it seems.

        Net Worth = 120,000,000dollars.

        German Caps = 92

        World Cup Winner

        Euro U21 Winner

        La Liga Winner

        Copa del Ray Winner

        FA Cup Winner

        German Player of the Year 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2015 – 2016

        I guess those who have never heard of, or can’t recall him, have no idea what he has achieved in his life to date, so it’s good to reflect and remind football fans of his list of honours.

        Oh….. and of course, with over a million shirts sold with his name on the back, it seems that the name OZIL certainly made a lot of other fans want show their respect, with their hard earned money.
        Still see them being worn at The Emirates actually, but I digress.
        Why some fans try to tie his shirt sales up with his performances is a mystery to me, it’s simply a sign of respect, as I say.

        I’m sure he will be concerned at some of the comments on here

        Now, does anyone want to talk about his charity work and / or his politics?
        I’m sure someone will be itching to do a hatchet job on those two subjects as well.

        I found him a charming man, not one of our best players, but certainly a good one who, like Aubemeyang and (I’m afraid to say) Nketiah, was awarded a grotesque and unwarranted contract by the club.

        Just my personal opinion of course.

        1. Why am I not surprised there has been no reply for this comment?

          He might have some undesirable qualities just as he has good ones also. That is not a justification to deny or ignore all of his achievements and community works.

          Good of you Ken to bring balance to this discussion. Though you are the only one on one side of the scale, your points are heavier than the other side with many.

          1. The vast majority of those who appreciated Ozil the footballer left this site when he went to Turkey
            His generosity to the disenfranchised is without question but there are many footballers who are also extraordinarily generous too, Many African players support villages and hospitals in their own countries and with little fanfare. A campaign by Marcus Rashford brought about a government rethink on free school meals for the needy. Ozil isn’t the only one but he just happens to be one of the richest

            1. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate Ozil as a footballer clearly has something against him that has nothing to do with football. Because he underperformed in two seasons which is still better compared to many it does not take away from his whole career achievements. To be best German player 5 years out is nothing small considering their wealth of talent.

              I was not aware Ozil charitable contributions had any fanfare. You keep bringing that one example of Rashford against many known and unknown of Ozil whenever Ozil charitable works are mentioned which most of them had been kept secret for years. I am glad they came out because of undeserved bad reputation he was getting from some sections.

              Why do you think you have to compare his charitable works if not only to devalue them? Can’t we praise all of them for the good cause they are doing or have done?

              How many players have you refrained from calling them that for securing their future? Gareth Bale? Aaron Ramsey? Aubameyang? Arteta new contract? Eddie Nketiah? All players in the world? Which player do you think will refuse a 300K per week contract?

              1. Excellent reply HH. No player at Arsenal can currently match his footballing qualities, achievement, wealth, popularity, shirt sales, charity and future ambition. He wasn’t the best before he left but I see no reason for the hate. Many are just either jealous or just Arteta fans who will support him even if he sells the Emirates stadium for only £2m. Because he ostracized Özil, Özil is now a devil. Not appreciating him as a footballer is one’s own personal biased opinion, but attacking him as a person is complete lunacy. And I stand by that word

              2. I wasn’t happy about Auba either.
                The others weren’t Arsenal players and therefore, don’t interest me. Ramsey had gone and got his obscene salary.
                I’m English and Rashford springs to mind as do the few other players I’m aware of who care for their communities abroad- as in Drogba and Mane. No doubt others do it. Nobody I can think of gets the adulation that Ozil has received and I cannot understand why.
                You said he under performed for 2 years not me

                1. “Nobody I can think of gets the adulation that Ozil has received and I cannot understand why.”
                  I believe it’s because he’s created a brand of himself, very successfully, and many, many people fall for the pr machine.

              3. @HH
                This Ozil charitable work should be by default with anyone that makes that much money.. And the vast majority billionaires/ multimillionaire all give so much to their individual charities. Many African footballers are doing so much back in their own countries, Kanu, Adebayor, Essien, Ococha, etc, nearly every African player that has made it big into football has their own Charity works in their countries and other African countries. Building schools, orphanages, Hospitals, homeless shelters, food, football academies etc.. It just takes a second to type into your mobile phone (So and so players charity works) and there you have it all..

                This cringeworthy tactic of trying to deflect and guilt trip anyone that criticises Ozil has been exposed many time on here. Whenever ozil is called out for being a little weasel his followers will start bringing up his charity works hoping to deflect.. That’s all they do..

                Again, most of us also give charity even if we we are not worth £120 million like Ozil. It might not be much as compared to Ozil as he is a multi millionaire. But we also set up direct debits for our chosen charities. We all have our own dear charity organisation we contribute to each month.. But that does not mean we shouldn’t be criticised on other aspects of our lives..

                If I was making £millions like Dear leader Ozil I would also be giving a big percentage of it to good causes..

                I bet you more than 99% of these Multi millionaire footballers all give to charity.

                So stop with these Ozil Charity deflections..

                1. Goonster, it was you who failed to bring up his footballing history, despite going to Wikipedia in order to write out the description of him.
                  I thought it only fair to continue your “exposure” of this footballing icon by listing his achievements – which of course are FACTUAL, rather than Wikipedia’s VIEWS.

                  I was equally balanced in my views, when I said that he wasn’t one of our top players and also covered your, seemingly, paranoid attachment to his shirt sales.

                  As I say, a balanced view.

                  On to his charity work.
                  If we, once again, want a balanced view, then your point about his donations versus his salary should surely be the same for the “Rashfirds” of this world?

                  So, what do you propose should be the answer?
                  All those people with money should stop donating, as they have too much themselves?

                  I mentioned his charity work, he didn’t – as he has never done in the way our media hyped up the excellent work Marcus Rashford has done…. but of course he’s British and I bear him no ill will over the money he earns in order to do such marvellous charity work.

                  Anyway, as Mesut’s playing days are coming to an end, I’m sure his charitable work will continue and as he sits back and reflect what he has achieved in his life, a satisfactory glow will surround him.

                  1. @Ken
                    You have always shown Özil’s more positive side. That’s all you have done 99% of the time you have mentioned him throughout his Arsenal career even now that he is a Fenerbache superstar. 😊

                    So we can’t all be worshipping Dear Leader Ozil. Some of us have to expose the other side of his personality that you absolutely don’t want to hear about as it hurts your feeling…

                    Some of you keep with your Saint Ozil angle while the rest of us can keep with Ozil is no Saint angle..

                    In between there the neutrals will have to find out who has more objective FACTS on their side when it comes to the Shirt Selling Genius.. 👍

            2. @SueP
              I noticed that myself.. Just go back and look through the comments on Just Arsenal from 2013 to the start of 2021 when ozil was forced out by the club.. You had a lot of middle Eastern or South Asian sounding names all over the comment section causing mayhem on here. Always more concerned about Ozil an individual than Arsenal the club. They called Arsenal, Emery, Arteta, Ljumberg and ozil critics all sorts of names.. But the moment their Cult hero was flushed out of our club most of those names disappeared from this site..
              This is why I always called them out for being Ozil cultists that will follow him everywhere he goes. They will become fans of whatever club he ends up at..

              Now the he is moving into this eSports thing, most will abandon football and become eSports superfans because of their cult hero..


              1. Goonster, Well said! My attitude towards idolising footballers changed fundamentally from the time they began to regulary receive and DEMAND still more and more and more MONEY.
                I see all players as no more than employees who get obscenely andludicrous wagews at the expense of ordinary, ,often hard pressed fans. My sympathies lie mostly for those fans and esp when such players as Ozil and Auba choose to give as little as possible back IN EFFORT on the pitch.

                Of course I still respect and find an attraction towards all players who regularly give their ALL for the cause and esp when they have done so for many years.

                I feel THOSE players have earned my adulation, despite, though not because of, their personal wealth.

                But NOT and NEVER those who like OZIL, “CHEATED” our club by lack of commitment on the field and in his case by throwing sickies and mysterious back aches when he could not be bothered to play.

                I have nothing but huge contempt for Ozil.

                As for his charity work, that is his affaiir, not mine, and I do not consider it relevant for a fan such as I to comment on what I do nort see or know about. It is nothing to do with me.
                JA is a debating site about football and Arsenal and not about players charity work or lack of it , as applicable!

                Finally, I much regret that in todays younger generation there is a tendency to idolise the individual above and in front of supporting the club.

                I have never done this and never will! But I grew up in the 1950’s and was then and remain, a supporter of THE CLUB!

                1. DK and a tendency in you to completely ignore the many points I regularly make but instead, to resolve only to attack and insult me . Those are the tactics of a coward DK!

                  And why a coward? Because you have nothing from our own brain to offer to challenge my posts .Easy and juvenile to deflect from the sublect and to insult me, as you do so regularly.

              2. There have been also English fans and true supporters who have been attending games and are closer to the club than most on here who have stood by Ozil among them Ken, Phil and Sue to mention a few.

                You have to understand that some are not comfortable staying quite when an innocent person and an Arsenal player is vilified.

                A good example is majority of comments on this article. Most have gone on mocking him and refuse to acknowledge shamelessly all his football achievements.

                I don’t remember Ozil doing anything to the fans or club to deserve that. What I am seeing here is just another victim of cancel culture.

            3. Many African players support villages and hospitals in their own countries and with little fanfare…..that is why Ozil humanitarian gestures shouldn’t be over looked because he is one of the few European that does these. And as a footballer all what Ken said about him will be there forever.

        2. @Ken

          But I myself have never said that he was never a footballer, that’s why I clearly said that Wikipedia says “Ozil is a FORMER FOOTBALLER”.. So all the football accolades you listed fall into the “FORMER FOOTBALLER” category. The millions of shirts that you mentioned falls into the SHIRT “SELLING GENIUS” Category. His social media charity offerings fall into the “Humanitarian activist” category. Etc. So I don’t think I short changed him here..

          May be you can say I short changed him by not mentioning his £120 million Networth. I did not know he was worth that much. What would Jesus Christ have done with £120 million? Bible says “A RICH MAN will find it near impossible to walk through the gates of heaven than a camel 🐪 squeezing through a pinhole”. Tell your IDOL about that verse. OMG, look at me preaching the word here even if I am not a religious person at all. What the hell? 🤣😇🙏

          And I forgot. Wikipedia also says he is a CULT HERO with millions of CULTIST FOLLOWERS that worship and kiss the ground he walks on..

          It also says he is known as the BIGGEST VICTIM in history after DONALD TRUMP.. He is some kind of ROBIN HOOD of our modern times, not a single person has given to charity and good causes than him, hence why he has accumulated about than £120 million like your said..

          Also says he suffered RACISM more than any other person in history, in Germany, Madrid, Arsenal and now at Fenerbache (Turkey) all because he is a muslim and of Turkish descent.. That’s why Germany, British media, Arsenal and Fenerbache FC all treated him the way they did.. If he was not a muslim of Turkish descent then there is no way he would have been treated the way he has been.

          I hope you and me have basically covered all aspects of his professional life until now.. Is there anything we have missed out? And if you still have any more accolades of his under your sleeves then don’t hesitate to list them..


          1. 184 appearances
            54 assists
            33 goals

            Yea not much of a footballer there …

            He isnt the first footballer to go off the boil and he won’t be the last .

            1. @Dan
              For nearly 8 season at Arsenal the Shirt Selling Genius has only ever hit 10+ assists once in the EPL in his whole Arsenal career..
              In the 2015/16 season is the only time he has ever reached reached 10 plus assists in the league at Arsenal. He hit 19 assists that season and that was it..

              All the other seasons he struggled to hit even 10 assists or goals per season. Only once in his whole Arsenal career did he hit 10 plus assists, that was the 2015/16 season when he smashed 19 assists. That amazing, credit to him there. But as it turned out it was just an anomaly / purple patch..

              Here we go.

              2013/14 = about 9 assists / 5 goals.
              2014/15 = about 5 assists / 4 goals.
              2015/16 = 19 assists / 6 goals.
              2016/17 = about 9 asissts / 8 goals.
              2017/18 = about 8 assists / 4 goals,
              2018/19 = about 2 assists / 5 goals.
              2019/20 = about 2 assist / 1 goal..
              2020/2021 = ?????

              So if we are to look at those 184 appearances, 55 assists and 33 goals in context then there is clearly a massive discrepancy for the overall hype. Isn’t? He was hardly ever on the boil at Arsenal if we are to dig deep into those clustered numbers you provided..

              It is much more impressive when one clusters everything together eg,
              184 appearances
              55 assists
              33 goals etc.

              Can be a bit misleading if not put into context..

              Just say it was another player not named “Ozil”and Arsenal were willing to pay £42 million and £350,000 a week in wages for him with stats that indicated;
              For 7 seasons, 184 appearances, 55 assists and 33 goals, would you be as enthusiastic about us signing that player? Or you would only make a special exception if that player was named Ozil?


              1. That fee was a bargain at the time he was signed and he was not on those wages the first time he signed. You have made up figures to support your points there.

                1. @HH
                  That £42 million was over the Top back then. That’s was my opinion back then and still remains my opinion today. He was a £26 million on average and a £35 million player at the highest in my opinion. Because Madrid wanted to get rid of him and no other top clubs wanted him. It was between Arsenal, a recently minted PSG, some Middle Eastern clubs and I think Anzi Makhackala. That was it. All the other clubs passed him on, but as always we just went full stupid and spent £42 million on a player that was being forced out of Madrid with no other serious club in for him.

                  And about the figures. Tell me the figures I made up?
                  It even gets worse, before he extended his contract with us, the majority of his and Arsenal fanbase kept saying that it would at least cost us about £60 million to replace him, so it was better to pay him whatever he was asking for.

                  So with those 184 appearances, 55 assists and 33 goals in 7 seasons, would you have ever been on board with Arsenal if we were willing to spend £60 million and £350,000 a week on a player (not ozil) with such underwhelming stats?

                  That’s the same with Gabriel Jesus at the moment, City want to get rid of him, he his numbers are as underwhelming. Are you okay with us spending £45-£50 million in him?

          2. No, you short changed him by cherry picking what you thought degraded him.
            As a footballer, what stopped you listing his achievements?
            If you took the time to look him up in Wikipedia, as you did, why just print their VIEWS and not address the FACTS regarding his career?

            Simple answer? It didn’t suit your characterisation of him – such a underhand thing to do.

            All your waffling about shirt selling genius and his idol worshipping followers, are just laughable to the extent that I wonder where you are actually coming from.
            Keep up this line of BS, it gives me a good belly laugh every single time you use it.

            1. @Ken
              I couldn’t print the whole Ozil Wikipidia Biography. Had to summarise the thing. It would taken up this whole comment section. Imagine copying and pasting Özil’s Wiki bio into the comments section, it would fill up the whole thing. And i bet Admit Pat would flag it as spam on here, ban me or delet it.. 😊

              So I did not short change him, did I? You went deeper into the “Former Footballer” and “Charity/ Humanitarian” categories, that’s all.. I did cover all categories. I think I was fair.

              Are there any more Ozil accolades I have missed that you would like to get off your chest? Please don’t hesitate to list them..

              Let me give you more belly laughs here, i love happy people.. So how is the Shirt Selling Genius getting on at his childhood club (Fenerbache))?. Many promised us that we would be made to eat humble pie as he will absolutely smash at in Turkey. The ASSIST / PRE ASSIST KING will show his critics / bashers.

              I Bet you the Fenerbache fans / owners can’t get enough of the multi £millions he is bringing in through his “Shirt Selling” acumen.

          1. Özil haters everywhere. I wanted him gone from the club fot the same reason I wanted Willian gone. Same reason I want Mari and Cedric gone. Same reason I don’t want Rashford 100miles near our club. And what is that reason? It’s called footballing reasons. Nothing to do with their personalities, just pure footballing reasons. That’s why I do not bash him after he’s gone. It’s entirely footballing reasons. Haters are always out with their forks whenever his name is mentioned. Like he’s the only one who has left a club due to underperformance. Moreover, he was booted out due to not being a yes man by seeking assurances of where the reduced wages will go. Many sources have cited that he was ready to sign a 30% wage cut, more than double what others agreed if only there were assurances that jobs will be saved. The club kicked him out for this and he left honourabley. Continue the hate. He remains who he is

            1. dgr8xt, Why do you so wrongly and incorrectly misuse the term “hate”?. Not appreciating a fooballer and speaking bluntly and forcefully about him is a completely different meaning from “hate

              To use hate so incorrectly does humanity a disservice, because it leaves no room for its correct use . Such as what Putin is doing to Ukraine and Ukrainians. Such as racism, bigotry, wars. To use it insuch a juvenile and unthinking fashion about mere footballers is very depressing for older and deep thinking fans such as I to read.

              People close to me in my family have been victims of TRUE HATE!


              Hate harms mankind and people like you, who misuse it , make it worse, by a sort of wrongheaded sanitation or dilution of that DREADFULword.

              1. But you said he was worthless jon
                “I have nothing but huge contempt for Ozil “


                the feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or beneath consideration.


            2. Agreed DGR8XT. There are many members here on JA who wanted him gone for purely football reasons and that’s what they have always commented on. And there are few who the way they talk about him imply hate to be honest.

              Calling him a snake? A thief? Where is football in that? I myself am not happy with him because of the role he played on Emery’s sacking who was an innocent victim and in effect unleashed Arteta upon us. I resent him for that.

              But that is not a reason for me to call him things, criticise what he does with his life, downplay his charitable contributions or refuse to acknowledge his achievements.

              1. I called him a snake for clinging to his contract when he could have asked his agent for a move to play football elsewhere – even if it meant a drop in earnings. It showed to me that money was his motive.
                He is not the only one either. Plenty of vastly overpaid footballers coining it in and not doing their side of the bargain. But depending on what side of the fence you sit, it becomes the fault of the club’s negotiators

            3. @dgr8t
              HATER is a very deep label.. 😊
              So does that make you an ARTETA HATER yourself? Or you are just an Artata DOOMER / Critic / Basher? 😊

              If we are to throw around the term HATER to describe anyone with a differing OPINION to another person then it gets a bit triggered and about personal feelings. Isn’t it?

              Just because you don’t RATE or fancy Arteta as a manager should not be a reason enough to be labelled as a ARTETA HATER. We all have our own personal opinion on different issues but labelling others as haters I find childish and triggered..

              I think you are 100% a ARTETA DOOMER / BASHER, but not a HATER..

              I am one of the biggest Ozil BASHERS / Critics on here but don’t hate the guy.. Just because I don’t rate Ozil like many do, just because I severely criticise his weasel-like side of his personality / attitude shouldn’t make me a HATER..


              1. Oh I get it now Goonster – you can call anyone what you want, but take offence when the compliment is returned?
                People in glass houses comes to mind.

                1. @Ken
                  I never use words as “HATE / HATER” to label anyone that I disagree with. If some one says that they absolutely HATE someone then I can label them a HATER.. But I don’t think that I have ever labelled anyone a HATER on here. And I don’t mind being labelled a hater, been called a Ozil hater on this site as far back as 2014 just because I was defending Giroud from the Ozil cultists.. I have become ammune to it..

                  But you don’t like Arteta, you have been so negative towards him, criticising him since 2020/21 season. But I don’t think you are an ARTETA HATER.. You just don’t like or rate him due to some personal issues to do with (certain players), you don’t like his personality and attitude etc.. But you are not a HATER. You are just a typical ARTETA DOOMER / Basher like all the rest..

                  I don’t rate Ozil and have never rated him as highly as some of you. I dislike his sneaky weasel-like personality and attitude. He reminds me of a sneaky bully toddler that screams “Foul” whenever someone stands up to him. Always playing the VICTIM CARD everywhere he goes..
                  Think he is the most overrated/ overhyped, overrated worshipped, over pampered player I have ever come across in all my decades as an Arsenal supporter. I will criticise him with no handbrakes required.. But I am not a OZIL HATER..

                  You also criticised Emery to death calling for him to be sacked consistently. But you were not an EMERY HATER. You just did not rate or agree with his managerial style.

                  Isn’t it @Ken?

                  1. You see, I wasn’t even going to comment on the article, as it’s nothing to do with where we are today – but your comment about Ozil and Wikipedia is what triggered my reply.

                    I have never “worshipped” any football player _admired them perhaps, so you offend me, just as you get offended with the word “hate”, when you accuse me of “worshiping” anyone…. but, for some unfathomable reason, that doesn’t enter your head does it?
                    Likewise, your incessant “shirt selling genius” quote… it’s so predictable, it’s like knowing night follows day – it has no impact whatsoever!!!

                    If one decides, as you did, to quote a source to back up your personal thoughts and then actually state the name of that source to back you up, any sensible person would check that out and look closely at it.

                    I simply enlarged your post to include the FACTS as to Ozil’s career – to show what the man has achieved.
                    Now, as you cannot dispute those FACTS, surely all the personal BS, in your penultimate paragraph, is totally irrelevant to anyone but you?

                    As for Emery and Arteta, I judge them by the same criteria that Wenger was judged by.
                    I do not move goalposts to justify mistakes.
                    I compare the three men equally and, yes, your correct, I did judge Unai to harshly.
                    He has gone on to prove how good he actually is and Mikel has witnessed that first hand of course!!!

                    Mikel himself? Luckiest man on the planet to get the managers position at our club, along with the £8,000,000 three year contract he has just negotiated with kronkie, who supports him to the hilt.

                    BUT I will be at The Emirates, supporting him 100% and hoping he will become our greatest manager ever.

                    Why do you find all the above so hard to understand eh Goonster???

                    1. @Ken
                      If you put as much effort into propagandising for everyone else like you do for dear leader Ozil and Wenger then I would take you seriously. But you have a very hypocritical biased point of view when it comes to spinning for those two..

                      And let me ask, when was the first or last time you ever applied this same (very harsh) criteria you have applied to the likes of Emery / Arteta with Wenger or Ozil?

                      10 years you afforded wenger, to this day you still spin for him.. More than 10 years of wenger stagnating or declining but you still was advocating for him to carry on..

                      With Emery, you gave him about a season and wanted him gone.

                      Arteta, you gave him a season and have wanted him sacked since the 2020/21 season..
                      Imagine if you had allowed yourself to afford the likes of Arteta and Emery as much time and lee way as you do with Wenger and Ozil. Afforded Ozil nearly 8 years of average performances. Afforded wenger about 15 years. I myself afforded wenger about 10 years from 2005 to 2015, will own up to that..
                      But you are judging Arteta and Emery with the same criteria you did with wenger?.

                      @Ken, when have you ever constructively criticised our dear leader Ozil? You will write articles and comment upon comment defending (Ozil and Wenger) but never do the same for anyone else.. Is it just a coincidence or just obvious bias?

                      When it comes to anything Ozil or Wenger you get so emotionally triggered but not for anyone else. How come?


                    2. Goonster, I do wish you would answer the questions put to you, before firing more at me.

                      I have stood up for every player, manager, coach and supporter who has been wrongly accused in my opinion.

                      Players :
                      Ramsey, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Bellerin, AMN, Arteta,
                      Eduardo, Diaby, Ozil to name a few.

                      Managers / Coach
                      Graham, Arteta, Wenger, Emery

                      Anyone who has been called out for their personal views, by others who think the vast majority have the same views as them and don’t like it when others respond in kind.

                      I loved the way you referred to my inclusion of Ozils footballing achievements as the complete right up from Wikipedia in order to explain your surprising omission of them.
                      Admin printed my reply with no hesitation whatsoever – just another example of trying to BS your way out of doing EXACTLY what you accuse me of above!!

                      I think you should read Siamois’s post below and then ask yourself why you decided, once again, to put out your hate message…. because that’s EXACTLY what it is, as DK explained in his dictionary analysis.

              2. If you aren’t hater of his you certainly talked about him like one. Maybe you should change your tone then.

          1. OG, just correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t MA play him in every game until the coronavirus and pay cut issues came up?

            I certainly agree that his form dipped and I have no issue with Mikel making the decision – it was the circumstances leading up to that decision, the ostracising of the player and the way our club handled the whole affair that was so wrong.

            I don’t miss Ozil, but when he is crucified by fans with an agenda, I give the FACTS.

            Interesting your question about his religion and gambling – do you know the answer?

  4. I know that some supporters are keen to know about what former players are doing now, but for the life of me, I cannot understand the purpose of an article such as this.
    It doesn’t look as though he’s doing his badges with a view to becoming a manager. He wasn’t part of our youth system; so not part of the journey at Arsenal that the likes of Saka have made and that we followed. Instead he was like any number of players who joined and left.
    There are Arsenal legends who we hear far less about than Mesut Ozil and who I believe gave much, much more to this club

  5. I seem to remember reading a number of reports about Ozil “playing video games” at home while he was an Arsenal player. Sometimes he was injured, sometimes he was “an outcast”.

    At the time, no-one suggested it was “Esports”, just a bloke getting paid a fortune for playing games at home.

    But he always turned up for training, physio etc to make sure he got paid.

    But it now looks as if his priority was video games long before he stopped being on the Arsenal payroll.

    I remember years ago, a journalist went into a club (I think it was Leeds) to see what changes the new manager had made that turned results around. The biggest change was that he had all the TVs removed from the treatment room, made sure any injured players came in to be treated at the club facilities and spent at least as much time there as the fit players and they had their diet monitored (the diet thing is normal now, but not back then).

    Pretty soon, the injured list was very short.

    In more recent times, when you look at the players who’ve been given big money contracts either by staying at Arsenal (Ozil, Auba) or by leaving (Sanchez), their performance has dropped off a cliff as soon as they got the big contract.

    Perhaps AW’s salary structure approach was right after all?

    1. Or… maybe players shouldn’t be paid as if they’re employees, getting a fixed amount no matter what they do – or don’t do.

      Anyone else working on a contract basis only gets paid for time worked. If they’re “injured” (i.e. sick) then they don’t get paid.

  6. Woah! imagine that,a footballer nearing the end of his playing career making plans for his future,I think it’s scandalous, horrifying, shameful and a pure disgrace!!

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