Does Pires know Arsenal have secured Lemar transfer?

I would be fairly surprised if the former Arsenal and France international star Robert Pires did not have at least an inkling that Arsene Wenger was close to completing the transfer of the 21-year old Frenchman Thomas Lemar from AS Monaco, because he has been singing the praises of the talented young wide player and talking him up as being an ideal addition to the Arsenal squad and so would look a bit silly if there turns out to be nothing in the rumours.

As reported by Sky Sports, Pires says that Lemar with all his ability and versatility would be perfect for Arsenal and he touted him as one of the very best French players around at the minute.

He said, “I love him as a player. For me, Thomas Lemar is one of the best French players there is. He can play on the left, he can play on the right, he can score goals and he can make assists.

“Lemar is the kind of player who can make a difference. He has the right profile to play for Arsenal, definitely. I hope for him and for Arsenal that it happens.”

Despite some reports pouring cold water on this potential summer transfer and with Monaco seeming determined to keep their young winger having already apparently rejected three big bids from the Gunners, the rumours persist and Pires being an Arsenal coach and making such comments will do nothing to calm them down.

So does the former Gunner know or at least suspect that Wenger is close to signing Thomas Lemar?



  1. Lemar and any 2 of Kondogbia/Locatelli/Goretzka/Golovin, then allow Alexis to go out in peace.

  2. Kolasinac will probably misinterpret your comment and take him (Alexis) out in piece instead. Be careful bro lol

  3. Fk sanchez off to PSG..
    His pass completion rate is sh*** ..
    He may be a goal scorer, but he disrupts the team with his inaccurate passing.
    Have had enough of his antics..

    1. Hear hear….. if he wants to leave then he can go…. how often do we get counter attacks against us when Sanchez loses ball in mid field???? Come on and sign lemar ffs.

    2. Thank God, someone else with my views of Alexis…….he lost the ball many times too, holds on the ball too much when we are on the counter. Though it’s gonna be hard for his replacement to hit the ground running and score the same amount of goals, but the hype about him is too much and m tired of ‘m d best here’ attitude he shows the other players, like he’s never part of it when we lose, lemar is better than him at everything just dat he hasn’t really proved it yet, lacazette is better at shooting, strength, scoring than him, he’s pass completion rate is almost d same with sanchez.
      So, what d f**k, either allow him spend the rest of his contract with the reserved if no offer comes from outside and let him go wherever the f**k he wants to go
      Anyone remember his bust up with Ramsey because Ramsey passed to someone else he thought was in a better position than him………….

      1. I’m not sure Ramsey and Sanchez get on very well. Sanchez blamed Ramsey for not securing a win against Spurs back in March ’16 and maybe he also compares him to his Chilean team mate Arturo Vidal and finds him lacking. Can’t see Ramsey seeking Sanchez out for a killer pass – would rather pass out to the wing or backwards! There must be one or two but I can’t remember seeing a photo/video of these two in ‘good’ match pics. Get the strong impression Ramsey would love Alexis to leave.

  4. Lemar or Mahrez at RW and sell in my opinion Walcott
    Goretzka or Renato Sanchez simply a matter of preference dealing for either shouldn’t be out of reach. With Wilshere maybe gone and buy back clause or right to match any bids.
    If Chambers is sold as rumours has it. Why not go for Van Djik specially as we seems to be dealing Gibbs to them.
    3 additions with a few outgoing: Wilshere, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Walcott that should be enough and should complete the puzzle. Also renew at least Ox and Özil before the season starts and if possible offer Sanchez a 1Y deal with the money he seeks with a kicker that either extend his contract if we make it into UCL or if we don’t that allows to negotiate an exit on his term something along the line.

    1. Keep Wilshere…. he is a Gooner and we need mid fielders like him .more than we need the money. 2 years ago he was best English player and everyone raved about him. Give him a break …. excuse the pun.

        1. You mean wheelchair? I think he’s the most expensive injury prone player ever. Not mean to disrespect. JW10 has beautiful mind of football but doesn’t has the right pair of legs.

      1. I completely understand the feeling (I love Wilshere, his game and passion for the club) but at this point we need someone who can have an impact and Wilshere ain’t that guy. He is injury prone and before he went to Bournemouth was already not playing much when he had to fight it out for his place. Frankly a permanent deal somewhere else with a buy back clause would suit all parties. Were he to play a full season, no injuries and to have more impact than at Bournemouth with some assists and goals just bring him back. With Santi being one a 1Y deal right now that would be perfect

    2. I could see Arsene maybe laying groundwork to buy V.V.D. next season …maybe!. I can’t see him going for him now. We have seven CB’s, after Chambers it will be six. Then Mert retiring next year we’ll start to have room, and we can see how Kos gets on this season. He wouldn’t have offered Mert another season if he intended spending big on a CB.

      In my opinion Mahrez in this team is a woeful idea. Lemar wants to be good at everything, so he’d suit better, much better. Marhez only wants to play in one half, and only with the ball. We already have a player like that, the less of them the better, no more than one or you’re asking to be dominated. Suppose there are people who love getting dominated, I’d rather we were the dominators.

    3. VAn djik is good….but lets be frank, he really doesnt want to come to arsenal. he has handed in a transfer request and reports has it that its his wish to force a move to liverpool….if we sign him, he wont be happy playing for us. his heart is with liverpool

  5. If Pirez weren’t French – maybe I’d interpret this as inside info. But appears to me just the opinion of a French national team fan.

    Knows no more than you or I

  6. Lemar is a bit of a sticky wicket…we don’t get him without letting Sanchez move on and how disturbing it would be if we end up paying more for Lemar than we get for Alexis on the open market, especially since many of predicted big spenders have already made some big money moves and/or showed their hands…don’t get me wrong, the tape on Lemar is full of hope but Sanchez he is not. which is certainly not a slight on the young french national player; like him or not, Sanchez has provided some real world-class performances for club and country in recent years…if you do this move, you need to really clean house or face some serious consequences for the foreseeable future…half measures are rarely rewarded, that’s how we got here…tear down the wall…we need to get rid of Giroud, not because he isn’t a talented player, his skill-set simply doesn’t make sense if we hope to maximize the offensive potential of a quick passing, one-touch scheme…we need to evolve, like Barcelona, who realized you needed to have clinical finishers or face a mind-numbing future of horizontal passes and largely ineffective crosses…Barca went and got Suarez, even though they had Messi and Neymar on the roster (just imagine the possibilities—another in the litany of Wenger “what ifs”)…we need to be as clinical in the boardroom as on the pitch…accept nothing less or move on…personally I would move on from Welbeck, Giroud and Walcott, even Ox if he isn’t all in…I think the most intriguing player might be Perez, which runs counter to the thoughts in my head when he arrived late last summer…we need a deep lying DM with quick feet and long ball potential, midfielders who can counter quickly even when they are spread out and 4 or 5 players who know how to attack the lanes(kind of a cross between Barca, Dortmund and Monaco)…this is seriously an achievable goal, one that logically should have been achieved quite a few years ago…did no one in the Arsenal organization see the financial restructuring of the football universe…think of the players we could have had but we weren’t willing to cough up the dough only for those individuals to have their value double or triple within a 12 to 24 month period…even if just from an investment perspective these “no deals” represent a failure of monumental proportions…only if you cared, of course

    1. Ranting of some sort. I am still trying to pin point the purports of the rant.

      Just passing by ……

      Arsene, just ensure Lemar plays for Arsenal 2017/18 season. If Alexis moves (hoping not to direct rival) Mahrez addition will calm nerves. Walcott muted to be moving on …… Is he really still on our books? ? Giroud leaving? ….. Nah nah nah nah

  7. If Lemar is an exceptional 21yr old talent – as i think he is – then those responsible for finalizing this deal need to break the afc transfer record and bring him in before we get gazumped last minute by another team. Go get him arsenal and pay your way just like the fans pay their way – and put this episode to rest. Put up or shut up because its proving to be a misery being up 5am each morning wishing and agonizing over arsenal fc transfer activity.

  8. Why the stalling on Lemar’s transfer while negotiations on Bakayoko(completed) and Mendy progress. Honesty I would respect and give credence to David Omstein’s report than the usual fallacy of Emanuele Giu… From Italy. But right now I wish the Italian report turns out real and Omstein becomes false.

  9. OT:
    can anyone tell me how we can swap Sanchez for Aguero?, Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal, he dont want to sign a new deal, while Aguero is happy at city,and city either are in no mood to sell him (refer what their sheikh recently said.!).

    i think majority here are very much confused we are simply under pressure to sell him, while other clubs rumoured interested for him are happily waiting to see what will happen at the end,if we dont sell him now(wherever be to our rival or not), at the end he will leave for free ( might be to our rival too.!!), and other clubs know it!

    so forget about this Sanchez/Aguero swap, we are deluding ourselves, too late for us now.!

  10. Chelsea are apparently sniffing around Aguero, right now I really wish we’d get Aguero in exchange for Sanchez, we need to take that weapon off the market, just like Man. U did with Lukaku…Lacazette on the right, Lemar on the left and Aguero in the middle. Aguero is a bit injury prone anyways, which gives Lacazette even more opportunities to lead the line.

    1. More flexible, less sluggish and more ruthless when it comes to playing, lemar is an improved version of campbell

  11. Who seems to notice that pires since joining d wenger crew reveals a bit more of wenger’s intentions…it happened almost all through last season(eg wen sanchez was benched at anfield), it has happened with wengers contract, with lacazette, mbappe(though we may not get him)…makes d lemar deal look like an almost certainty.
    Watch d lines” I hope for him and arsenal dat it happens”

  12. sometimes it is not the players you have but rather the system adopted and game management that help win the league. a good example is we beat chelsea 3-0 and it is with the same players that they won the league. take the lose to crystal palace as another example. we have very good players. lets show trust and belief.

    1. BUT among them,only Sanchez proved that h z committed and doesn’t just give up irrespective of whether arsenal is beind led by 1 or 2 goals…………plus mustafi,xhaka and lucas once fiven a chance to prove

  13. Lemar = Potentially good buy

    Sanchez = Proven excellent First team player.

    How many YEARS have we been crying out for PROVEN players, finished players who will gel into the team. We have one and we’re messing about over wages. It’s more than value for money.

    My choice is to hold onto Sanchez. He knows the Premiership and will be a definite threat to all teams we play. Lemar is an unknown.

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