Does Saliba still need convincing to stay at Arsenal this season? (Opinion)

Willam Saliba is set to stay with the Arsenal squad for the upcoming season, but with Marseille said to be ‘confident’ of a deal, I’m not wholly convinced that the player has completely made up his mind.

The Gunners are readying themselves for a return to European football ahead of the new season, having missed out on any form of continental football last term, and are believed to be building up their squad to tackle just that.

Willam Saliba joined the club from St Etienne in 2019, but as yet has not made his senior debut for the club, spending two-and-a-half years of that on loan with his former club, Nice and most recently Marseille.

While everything coming out of north London has stated that he will be staying to vie with Gabriel Magalhaes and Ben White for a first-team role this season, the player is yet to come out with a statement which firmly backs up his intention to do so, and the fact that Marseille are claimed by RMC to be ‘confident’ of persuading him to return tells me that the defender may be in contact with the Ligue 1 side.

I would be pretty annoyed if we allowed Saliba go without giving him a fair shot, with not a single minute of competitive yet in his three years under contract with us, but at the same time, he isn’t guaranteed to earn a place ahead of either White or Gabriel regardless.

He does appear to be a serious player in the making however, and unless an offer is coming in for more than £50 Million, I don’t see why we would entertain any club’s interest.

How much do you think a club would have to offer to tempt us into a sale?


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  1. I really don’t care anymore about players that want to be primadonna.. If Saliba thinks he is such a massive superstar now then he should beg Marseille to put up the £45-£50 million.

    If Marseille can do that then I would give Saliba free taxi ride to heathrow and wish him all the best..

    Those days of over pampering and over indulging these egotistical primadonnas are gone.. That’s what I like about Arteta.. A bit of sanity has been restored in the dressing room since Arteta showed up. If you don’t want to be at Arsenal then find your preferred club and make sure they are willing to pay the sum Arsenal want..


    1. Well said mate, I’ve grown tired of the WS
      soap opera regardless of who the resident
      experts want to blame.

      Arsenal should offer him a competitive
      extension or let the bidding begin @ $50M.

      Marseille can EAFD if they think $25M is
      anywhere near the asking price

          1. I’m just tryna lay emphasis on the actual amount and currency cos i learnt they want launch a “25 million pound” bid,how ridiculous,LOL.

    2. To be fair he has been treated extremely unfairly by Arsenal. He is not being primadonna,

      Just imagine, if a club has bought you 3 years ago and hasn’t given you a single minute of playing time while there were players like Mustafi, Sokratis, Holding, Mari getting starts even after abysmal performances.

      For 6months he just sat in the Arsenal reserves when players like Holding were getting chances when other defenders were injured. And he was not even worthy of the bench?

      I heard rumours that Arsenal have done this for financial reasons, to save a few million that has to be paid to St. Etienne.

      There were some appearance bonuses in his contract which Arsenal did not want to pay especially after the way St. Etienne treated Arsenal with the mandatory loan-back clause and also putting bad PR in the press when asking Saliba to play for a cup game against PSG after his loan contract ended and returned to Arsenal.

    3. Egotistical = Inflated sense of self importance.
      Prima Donna = leading female operatic star or temperamental person.
      Can you please explain how Saliba fits into that description?

      The player has said that he belongs to Arsenal and he wants to show the fans what he is all about.
      He’s gone about his business in a respectful and professional manner and that’s why Mikel wants him back at the club.

      It’s up to Arteta to now start using him and, if he’s worth £50,000,000 then he should be given the opportunity to do just that.

      To date, he hasn’t and our new look defence hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory with our own £50,000,000 player at the heart of that defence not showing he’s worth that kind of money.

      Surely we are not seeing Saliba becoming the next target for some of our own ” fans” before he’s even kicked a ball in the PL?

      1. Saliba is a talented young player, and has earned a chance to compete to unseat White at RCB.

        Think on this,
        Most are saying 50 million at least if we sell Saliba.

        Ask yourself would anyone consider paying 50 million for White? 40 million?

        Saliba has size, strength, that White lacks, and I believe Saliba will show he’s the better player to start if given a chance.

        Give him a run with the starting 11 to show his ability and let’s see if he delivers.

      2. Ken there are some real hypocrites on this site, as well as a few trolls, that just spout rubbish to try ruin the site.

        1. Agree Reggie – why on earth anyone would start having a go at an Arsenal who hasn’t even kicked a PL football yet, is beyond comprehension… and it’s done to, seemingly, stop any criticism of the current management, who, it seems, are sacrosanct no matter what!!

            1. Agree ken, have your opinion on the kid but dont slag the guy off. He hasn’t done anything wrong!!!!!!

          1. It is clearly inappropriate to slag off the player at this point as there is little to suggest that Saliba is some sort of prima
            Unfortunately, at the same time, some of those who are up in arms about the inappropriate characterisation of Saliba are all too happy to insult and disparage Arteta for the handling of Saliba’s development.

  2. “unless an offer is coming in for more than £50 Million, I don’t see why we would entertain any club’s interest.”
    Depends if he signs a new contract. If he wants out, we’re better off just selling while we can make a fee – we’ll look pretty stupid if we let him run down his contract after all this.

  3. He is a good player, we need him to challenge for a starting place, the combination of white and Gabriel is not convincing, over 50 goals conceded in the epl,no clean sheet in the last 13 games in the epl, is not so appealing.

  4. you reap what you sow, so when you treat a promising young player like a piece of sh**, there’s going to be a price to pay…unfortunately, due to the piss-poor manner in which MA has managed this situation, I very much doubt they will ever receive a proper transfer fee for this player…if only our MIT wasn’t such an egotistical primadonna…Simples?

    1. Well said. I’m shocked that comments above can refer to Saliba as a primadonna. After being treated like a piece of rag, you want him to have an undying love for Arsenal and Arteta right. We owe him while he owes us nothing. If I was him, I really don’t think I would want to play for Arsenal. I’m putting myself in his shoes. If his loan had gone badly, Arteta would have been praised for clearing out another bad, useless, egotistical, underperforming, dross, deadwood player he met when he joined. Moreover, he worked hard to ensure Marseille qualified for the Champions League and he wants to reap the fruits of his labour. If he stays with us, I like that. If he chooses to leave, I will not blame him one bit

      1. This kid you lot are feeling sorry for,claiming he was treated like thrash has already stated that ‘it felt like a good slap’ to him cos it really pushed him to the limit which made him who he is guys should stop pretending not to know he will stay cos it seems you are just trying to blame the manager at every slightest opportunity like it’s some kinda addiction.

    2. Egotistical = Inflated sense of self importance.
      Prima Donna = leading female operatic star or temperamental person.
      Can you please explain how Arteta fits into that description…

      1. why don’t you ask Goonster, as it was taken directly from his earlier post when he was speaking about the player in question…speaks volumes about whose posts you focus all your attention on…btw I could easily write a quite lengthy post regarding our manager’s egotistical and temperamental inklings if you would like, but I would rather not beat that dead horse

  5. There will continue to be real doubt about Saliba’s future at the club, only when it has been confirmed on the official Arsenal website that he has signed a new deal, only then will the suspense end.

  6. I hope we finally get to see him play in an Arsenal shirt this season. We need Saka and Saliba to sign extensions. We can’t afford to keep haemorrhaging talent.

  7. William Saliba has confirmed that he’ll be returning to Arsenal to fight for a place in Mikel Arteta’s starting XI.

    Saliba was awarded the Ligue 1 Young Player of the Season award following a stellar 2021/22 campaign in France. The 21-year-old has played nearly every minute of the league season for Les Olympiens, keeping 13 clean sheets over 36 appearances. He helped the side finish second in Ligue 1.

    The Frenchman’s displays earned him a senior national team call-up, too, making two appearances for Les Bleus back in March and included in the latest squad for UEFA Nations League fixtures. It’s no small feat, with the loan move working wonders for his progression.
    Copied and pasted from › … › William Saliba
    Also from Saliba confirms Arsenal return as Marseille miss out on loan transfer … › en-in › news › saliba-c…
    05 Jun 2022 · William Saliba has confirmed he will be returning to Arsenal this summer, with Marseille now set to miss out on a loan transfer extension …

  8. A pointless article based entirely on a false premise. It also ignores the legal fact that SALIBA IS OUR PLAYER and under contract and will play for us this season.

    All other rumours to the contrary are untruths and falsehoods.
    SALIBA IS AN ARSENAL PLAYER , so the fact that he once WAS, but not is, loaned to Nice and then Marseille is of complete irrelevance and besides the real point.

  9. My recollection on Saliba is that the first loan-back was contractual. Then he came for pre-season training and the manager (I can’t remember if it was Emery or Areta) decided he wasn’t ready, so another loan was arranged.

    Then covid hit, so he didn’t get a game for a year which meant he needed another loan season. So 3 of his 5 year contract trickled by, one due to covid, one contractual – the only real decision point was after his first loan ended.

    He hasn’t been treated badly as far as I can see, as some have suggested – he’s been developed by making (apparently) good decisions not to rush him into the PL.

    Arsenal bought him for £27m, which is his current market value, so why do Marseille think they can buy him for less when Arsenal took the risk and did a lot of the work to develop him?

    AFC is not a charity – they didn’t develop the player for Marseille’s benefit. It may have been a mistake to let him play in the same club as a malcontent like Ghendouzi who clearly has an axe to grind with Arsenal. I wonder… does Ghendouzi have an account or two here? Could explain a couple of things.

    I’d have William back for pre-season, assess him and see what’s what. If he’s good enough then a season of success in the first team squad – even with rotations, competition for places etc – might see his attitude change towards the club. Personally, I hope so.

    1. He said himself, he felt left out and wasn’t told he wasn’t getting a shirt number, when he expected one. What a stupid suggestion to say Gouendouzi had anything to do with Salibas future. It is agents and players who decide that. Totally misguided by what you have written. He himself feels Arsenal haven’t treated him well but om sure Gouendouzi can tell him a few truths though.

  10. OT – Riley is standing down from his post at the referees association!!!!

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