Does Schmeichel transfer show Wenger IS fixing Arsenal problems?

When the Arsenal transfer news broke a few years ago about Arsene Wenger signing the veteran keeper Petr Cech from our Premier League and London rivals Chelsea, it was met with widespread approval from the Arsenal fans and the football media.

This was not just because the Czech is a fantastic keeper either, but because he was going to bring with him a winning mentality and also the experience of what it takes for a team to finish a long and arduous season on top of the table. Arsenal fans felt like they had won a jackpot using the gala casino promo code, but it has not quite worked out the way we hoped, because Arsenal are still waiting to reclaim the crown we last won in 2004 and this season Cech has not always been at his best, although his competition David Ospina has been even worse.

So I am not all that surprised to see The Mirror reporting that Wenger is looking to sign a new goalkeeper in the summer transfer window, or that the man in the frame is the Leicester City star Kasper Schmeichel.

If the report is true then as well as it being a sure sign that Wenger is going to remain in charge, I think it also tells us that he is determined to address the problems that have stopped us mounting a serious title challenge. In all the issues with the Foxes this season that saw Claudio Ranieri sacked just months after his incredible season I think Schmeichel has really stood out as the one player who kept giving his all.

You often see him rallying the Foxes and keeping them in a game with his ability and determination and Arsenal could certainly do with a player like that, don’t you think?


Updated: July 13, 2017 — 7:04 am


  1. lt does not matter who he buys if the tactics dont change and the players give up like they have in so many matches its just beyond a joke.

  2. I rate our keeper Emiliano Martinez highly.

  3. Brian Rotich chess

    Wenger Out!!! banners are high here in Kenya
    Left back-Rodriguez
    Douglas Costa
    Kante like player

  4. If I remember well, something very similar to this article was written when we were expecting Cech as our No.1

  5. In his first season for us, Ospina played the second half ond was outstanding. According to squaka, the stats per 90 minutes played in the premier league 2014/15 season are

    Name/ games played/ goals conceded/saves per goal/clean sheets
    De Gea/37/0.98/2.17/0.3

    In other words, Ospina concedes less goals, makes more saves per goal conceded and has more clean sheets per 90 minutes played. Goals conceded is particularly impressive, the other concede 50 per cent more goals.
    Add in his awesome performances in the world cup and copa america with double saves against messi and aguerro and we had an outstanding performer at both club and international level. I questioned at the time why we were buying Cech.

    Now the general concensus seems to be that he is barely adequate as a number two. What has gone wrong? Perhaps nothing, i just hope that with cech injured he takes his opportunity.

  6. What’s the point?

    In over a decade Wenger hasn’t fixed the problem of a replacement for Vieira

    If he hasn’t fixed the problem of getting a defensive midfielder in over a decade why do you think he will fix all our problems now?

    We have a lot of things to fix now
    1. Top defensive midfielder
    2. Replace Alexis with similar quality
    3. Prolific CF
    4. Top LB
    5. backup RB
    6. Another reliable CB
    7. Sell some of our average players

  7. Do some pple find it funny mocking us? From yesterday articles hve just been hitting us hard and telling us wenger is staying its like the authors are so happy about that!! This is a matter of arsenal football club and the fans of future generation. The rate we are going we will just be old guys supporting our beloved club

  8. What has stopped him from addressing the issues that make us not compete??? This is just another trick out the hat the club is pulling to divide the fans once again and make most accept wengers extension. Once he signs its all i never walk away from my contract drama. But onto serious issues admin needs to do pre match analysis or pre month analysis. Looking at our fixture of april my oh my i don’t know why we are worried coz the number of points we pick can be 3 or 6 max. We hve very tough games coming up this april can be a nail in wengers contract. We still hve alot of tough games so i don’t know why pple think fans will let wenger stay the embarrassment is yet to get worse

  9. The board is trying to rip the fans again for another 2 years with the bull that Wenger is going to ‘fix things’. Its all lies and we won’t win jack sh&t as long as Wenger is in charge. Old habits especially from someone like Wenger will never die.

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