Does Sead Kolasinac have a future at Arsenal following the emergence of Bukayo Saka?

The performances of Bukayo Saka put Sead Kolasinac position at Arsenal under pressure

Arsenal now has three players that can play at left-back and can be considered fully-fledged wing-backs in Kieran Tierney, Bukayo Saka and Sead Kolasinac.

Of course, Saka is more an attacking left-sided midfielder, however, he can easily double up as a back up to Tierney which brings into question the future of Sead Kolasinac at the Emirates.

The Bosnian is now surplus to requirements because of the emergence of the teenager and while it could be argued that Saka could easily be pushed up into the midfield and Kolasinac settled as the back up to Tierney you would then get into a situation where you are basically keeping Kolasinac on in a backup role that could easily be covered by the teenager.

What is the point of that?

Money would be raised by the sale of Kolasinac to be spent on other areas that are in more need of strengthening.

Saka can cover Tierney and not be confined to the bench, Kolasinac is hardly likely to be used in the midfield and therefore he has just one use.

Saka would also be able to cover the left wing in both midfield and attack, such is his versatility.

I know some will argue that there is no reason to sell Kolasinac and so on but it is not just up to the club, would the 26-year-old really want to be nothing more than a bench warmer? Because the reality is, that is all he would be, whereas Saka would not.

Personally, I do not think Kolasinac has a future at Arsenal for the reasons I have illustrated above but also because I do not actually think he is Arsenal quality anyway, not really, not at the level the club wants to get to.

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  1. I think Mikel Arteta managed Arsenal should keep Sead Kolasinac but not sell him next summer transfer window. Moreover, I don’t succumb to the thinking in some school of thought that says Kolasinac is surplus to requirements at Arsenal. If at all anything to the contrary, I will say Arsenal have 3 top quality left back/wing back players enough to cover for injury layoff and suspension at left back position in the team. Remember, both Tierney and Kolasinac suddenly became sidelined to injury as a result of this, the ex interim Arsenal head coach Freddie Ljungberg dragged Saka from attacking front left winger to defensive left back position in one Arsenal Europa League Cup match at away. And since then Saka has largely not disappoint but appointing for Arsenal so far as he plays on as a young left back/wing back player for the club to appreciation performance level. At Arsenal that is like a pot of soup where every Gunner has his own peculiar playing attribute like ingredient and brings it to the pot. Kolasinac is a tank who is difficult to push off the ball. He gives assist and he scores and defend well. And I think at 26 there is still room for him to improve on his game at Arsenal to better his performance.

  2. I liken the left to the right now

    Tierney Kolsainac Saka

    Bellerin Soares Maitland-Niles.

    Saka and AMN both prefer to play further forward so as well as being 3rd choice left backs, could be first choice midfielders in a 433 or back ups to the wingers, Saka is possibly the best left wing choice at the moment. One thing for sure is we are currently well stocked up front.

    The squad certainly has more balance, possibly a little over loaded at centre back, but with 2 out on loan, 1 long term injured, 1 in on loan and 3 entering their last year. There is set to be wholesale changes there.

    Quality not quantity has to be the rule of thumb for the summer. There also has to be focus not to miss out on transfer fees. Deadlines need to be imposed on players to sign a new contract. If it’s not met he is automatically placed on the transfer list and circulated to clubs to start a bidding process.

  3. I do not agree that Kola is excess to requirements and not required at Arsenal. He has got physical strength and other attributes that will help Arsenal in the long run. Also considering injuries and suspensions and the not so reliable injury situation of Tierney I think Kola should be kept at Arsenal. Also at 26 he still has a long way to go. Up the Gunners!

  4. Basically it depends ..If MA thinks and then can convince Saka that his future is at left back. Then I would sell Trienny instead. Leicter is interested in him. So we may offer Trienny plus some cash to get players like Ndidi or Maddion. Why not… In that case Saka will be our left back 1st choice and Kola will be the back up.
    The important thing is the rise of Saka and Martenelli gave us big relief and so as the players like Mustafi and Xhaka. Now we are not in crisis in any of the position and now can focus in to bring world class players…This team is good enough to CL spot next season

    1. Sell Tierney and keep kolasinac
      I have heard it all
      After all said the fact still remains that kolasinac is not near arsenal quality, for the fact even xaka is preferred to him this days says it all.

      1. I agree with Sunny, Tierney has not been proven for us. The Tank is a hard worker and offers us so much more. The one time I saw Tierney he was exposed at left back and he delivered 50% accurate crosses

      2. Then you are contradicting yourself. You want kola to remain yet you assert that his quality does not match that of arsenal. make up your mind.

  5. Sell Kolasinac. He won’t renew, as he didn’t renew at Schalke. He might be a-Flamini type of player who always leaves on a free. So sell him while we can.

    Get a new LB, Saka wants to play LW so let him. It’s not like he’s been defending ever before in his career.

    Apparently BVB wants Milot Rashica to replace Jadon Sancho. If BVB is after him, then we must act quickly. BVB usually gets their scouting right, so he’s special. And Rashica has a release clause around £33m. Get him before BVB! Saka/Rashica for LW.

    As for a new LB, maybe Robinson of Wigan or Diego Rico of Bournemouth. Both have been playing really well for their team. Good tacklers, don’t get dribbled past easily. Shouldn’t cost more than £10m each. Very good back up for Tierney.

  6. Atid summed it up very well.Quality not quantity is what really matters.While Saka has done very well as a makeshift left back, he is clearly a natural left winger and that is where he will be more effective.Tierney is a top class left back and/or wing back who has on occasion player left centre back for Scotland.He was man of the match in that position against the Netherland a few years ago in Aberdeen .The Dutch side included the much lauded VVD .In essence Tierney is a really good defender whereas Kolasinac is not.

  7. Saka, it’s good that he’s versatile but he will be a winger, he’s done good at left back and it will put him in good stead as he learns more about defending. He’ll be more aware of his teammates duties when he gets pushed further forward, Arsene used to do this, sometimes it worked out well other times it didn’t. Lauren was probably looked at in this way but he ended up so good back there that we kept him there, the forward players being terrific ballers would also have played a part. I don’t envisage this for Saka.

    If the Tierney injury concerns become a bother, then maybe Arteta might give some seering concentration on this matter. Chelwell, it’s a wonder his name didn’t come up, he’s had a good season and Tierney’s old comrade is over at L;eic. Only if KT is a problematic/unreliable player would we consider it. I really don’t know where I land on with Kolasinac, he too improved under MA, under Emery I knew where I was, not sure now. I think we’ll need to see more yet, it’s still too early to say if we are strong at left back or could we do a lot better.

  8. I am not sure that we can do with less than three players at LB right now until we see how Tierney can actually hold up. Lots of missed time due to injury…I also think that if Arsenal told Saka that he was going to be the starting LB it would become his favoured position. He is making a case that he is the starter. Kola seems to accept his role and is a team player – he also gets injured.

    Would argue the same thing on the other side, Bellerin is slowing down and it is showing. We need a starter. As long as he is in the mix (Bellerin) we need three.

    Good thing is that we have two versatile players in Niles and Saka who can cover off really well – they need to be rewarded for this…

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