Who is under more pressure? Arsenal or Leicester?

It was no surprise to hear Arsene Wenger talking this week about the pressure of being at the top of the Premier League, as his Arsenal side have suffered with it plenty of times, including over the last few weeks when the Gunners hit a slump after finding ourselves two points clear and in pole position to win the Premier League.

So far the only expectations that most people have had about Sunday’s visitors to north London, Leicester City, is that they would falter at some point. But after the Foxes went to the top and then beat the second placed team Man City away to increase their lead, the pressure and expectation has started to change and Wenger has tried to make sure that their players are thinking about what they have to lose.

As an Evening Standard report reveals, that has prompted their defender Danny Simpson to hit back and suggest that the pressure is still on the likes of Arsenal and Man City because of the relative amount of money spent on players and the expectations of the fans of the big clubs.

Simpson said, “We’ve lost two games so far: Arsenal and Liverpool. And we bounced back from both of them.

“People are generally expecting us to slip up against these teams. They’ve been building their squads for years, whereas we’ve been in the Premier League only for a year and a half. Yeah, the table says something different, but we approach these games the same way we always have…

“There’s definitely more pressure on the other sides up at the top. Most people expect Arsenal and Man City to win the league. So we just go into our games with no pressure. We can just do what we do. That’s how we’ve been from the start of the season, so why change now?”

Is it just me or does this sound like the player is trying to convince himself and actually tells us that the pressure is starting to be felt in the Leicester dressing room? To be fair, Simpson has more reason than most to be nervous, as the right back is going to have to deal with Alexis Sanchez on Sunday.

Who do you think will be feeling the pressure more at the Emirates?

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  1. Why is this a question ? It’s obviously Arsenal, Leicester are under NO pressure and haven’t been all season because their only goal was to stay above relegation. Meanwhile Arsenal are fighting to win their first title in 12 years after many seasons of humiliating missed opportunities.

  2. Both are under huge pressure.
    Leicester have never won
    the Premiership or the old
    First division in all their
    132 years in existence.
    They may not get another chance for 50 years.
    They are close enough to start calculating
    what they need to do to cross the line first.
    This would be the greatest achievement
    in English football history.
    Even a draw will keep them on track.
    Don’t tell me they are under no pressure.
    As for Arsenal as it has been said the invincible club
    of 2004 have now gone 11 years without the title.
    With Utd and Chelsea out of it this is Arsenals best chance.
    Adding to the pressure is the fact that hated rival Spurs
    are right there too seeking a first win since 1961.
    Arsenal under pressure? Oh yeah.

    1. Leicester will play like nothing to loose. However, with all those weight on the shoulder, Arsenal will beat them tomorrow. COYG!!!!

  3. One thing I know for sure is that Leicester are gonna come out at Arsenal like a relentless force that they are if we don’t show up on the day. And if that happens I’ll be sorry to admit that it’s lights out for another season yet again. I hope we prove the romantics wrong by stamping our authority with a win!

  4. The reality is that, it is US who falter when the pressure is on,
    We have proven that time after time and year after year!
    In fact, this season has to be worst for missed opportunities,
    How can anyone even suggest that Leicester will be feeling the pressure, when all they have done is proved people wrong throughout the season.
    The last time they had a run of difficult games, everyone expected them to lose and start sinking down the table,
    But that never happened and the same thing was said about their fixtures against Liverpool, Man City and Us.. Yep,Two down and one to go ?
    So, no matter how hard mr wenger trys to manipulate Leicester into feeling Pressure, it’s not going to happen,
    Because of one simple reason…. “expectation”
    That’s where the pressure comes from and no one has or is putting that on Leicester City.

    At the end of the day, Leicester have already achieved their goal by avoiding relegation and the only feelings that they should be feeling right now is “excitement” with the chance of winning the league or at the least qualifying for Champions league football and that will keep their adrenaline running high, which is a good thing and it will help them.
    And with the extra days rest inbetween their remaining fixtures… that’s another tick in their box too.
    ONLY INJURIES can derail the foxes now???

    Nice try mr wenger.. But it’s only you that flaps and craps under pressure ?

    1. Hahaha. .. There’s loads of them mate! ?
      But you have to be more precise!
      If you are referring to the spuds?
      Then, you need to know that we are actually sniffing their crack ( on goal difference) In this moment of time.
      ? ?

      1. 26 million, Huth, Okazaki,Kante,Inler, Gray, Amartey,Iversen, Benalouane. Ceck it for yourself, it is on the club page.

  5. @fatboy Gooney
    You’ve never heard of the spuds being called the THE TOSSERS?
    shame on you.Have you also not heard them being called Tottering blotspur as well?
    Any more, which can be printed,would be appreciated.

  6. Arsenal have missed many opportunities to get clear ahead at the top of the table. This game is a must win to stay in the race. Years of expectation from us fans, one of the richest clubs in world football.

    Arsenal are feeling the most pressure

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