Does the Alvaro Morata to Arsenal story make sense?

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a three-way deal to sign Alvaro Morata from Juventus, via Real Madrid, but I’m struggling to get my head around it…

We are believed to be working on a club record move to sign the Spanish international, and his former club Real are believed to hold the key.

Upon reading the Sun’s story (I know), they claim that Morata is keen on a switch to the Emirates, but then go on to tell us that he actually wants to stay with Juventus this summer, and that his club also want to keep him.

Real Madrid have a buy-back clause in his contract, which says they can take him back to the Spanish capital for a reported £25 Million, but any move would have to have the approval of the player.

The striker cant simply be forced to sign for a club he doesn’t wish to move to, and would he even be agreeing to sign for the Champions League finalists at all? It is a weird one.

If Morata wants to stay, and Juve want to keep him, as far as I’m concerned, he is going nowhere.

If he did want to leave, nobody would begrudge him, especially as he has been the third-choice for most of the season, behind Mario Mandzukic and Paulo Dybala, whereas he would likely overthrow Giroud in our starting line-up.

His former club are supposedly keen on making the deal happen, in order to pocket around £20 Million from the move, although the story also states that Zinedine Zidane, Real’s current coach, would want him in his own playing squad for the new campaign.

Do you really believe there is a chance this three-way deal could happen? Are we just hoping that we get the big-named striker we have been yearning for?

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  1. Slightly off topic, but speaking of three way deals…
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kostas Manolas arrive in north London at some point over the summer.
    (Bear with me)
    With Bayern Munich recently securing the services of Hummels, Benatia will drop down the pecking order there; Roma have expressed an interest in him and he has stated that he would be keen on a return to Italy.
    Another player that Roma have expressed an interest in is Arsenals very own Szczesny.
    In true penny pinching fashion, we may well see Wenger offer a relatively modest fee, maybe in the region of £18m plus Szczesny for Manolas.
    Roma would use the funds to purchase Benatia from Bayern and everyone’s a winner….
    Bayern still have three very good centre backs.
    Benatia has got his return to Italy and ensured more minutes.
    Roma have got the keeper that they want and a very good centre back whilst keeping the books balanced.
    Arsenal have got a great defender at a cut price while also clearing their third choice keeper from the wage bill.
    Maybe a long shot but it does seem to be a very ‘wengeresque’ piece of transfer business….

    1. Totally agree with you and it makes total sense!! And maybe that’s why both Benatia, Kostas & Szczesny have been talked about in pretty much the same articles more than once since our transfer activity started! Hopefully they agree upon something quicly…would send the fans into a frenzy specially after the Xhaka deal is confirmed for good.

      1. Like the positivity, cant see it happening though. Wishful thinking that Roma have a shot of luring Benatia back there when all of Englands top clubs are after him. Italy pay there defenders not much compared to other top teams. Nothing Iv read suggests that Roma are in the driving seat, although Iv heard we were until manu and che got involved. Paper talk I suppose. Roma would probably prefer keeping Manolas for all we know, he had a terrific season, whereas Benatia is going on 30 and hasn’t been fit for two seasons. If it was us, would it make sense to sell Kos and bring back an unreliable Vermalaen.

  2. Higuain and Aubameyang are the only two that would instantly lift us up. Morata could be hit or miss, you never know. That dutch fella would take time to adjust and same with the french guys (lacazette and the other dude). Benzema maybe?

  3. I remember when Thiery Henry left Juventus for Arsenal.
    During his first year, most of us would have sworn that he was a waste of transfer funds.
    But once that first goal went in (after several matches), there was no stopping the dude.
    I have a strange feeling that Morata will be a hit at Arsenal. ‘IF’ Wenger signs him.

    1. I have that feeling as well, I’ve seen so many negative comments on here already about the guy. I think if Wenger does get him Arsenal may just be the club that sees his career lift off.

  4. I don’t think Morata will come as i read dybla is leaving but I don’t think he will offer much more than sanchez as he operates from the left side too but if he dose come to Arsenal I will support him for sure Off all the strikers mentioned in here I like jensson and abumayang and right now i will go for jensson

  5. When you say does it make sense, it depends on for whom you are talking about. Does it make sense for Arsenal, with the numbers you are talking about, I don’t think so. For RM, sure , they would love for someone to give them 50 million pounds for Morata. But before we get to carried away with this, I would refer you to the official post on the Juventus web page when the initial deal was done back in 2014.

    “Juventus Football Club can today announce that Alvaro Morata has signed a five-year contract with the club after a fee of € 20 million, to be paid over three years, was agreed with Real Madrid.
    The deal includes the option for Real Madrid to reacquire the player’s registration rights at the end of the 2015/16 or 2016/17 campaigns, at predetermined values, up to a maximum of €30 million. These values will be based on the number of matches played by Morata in the relevant season.”

    The buyback number of €30 million is consistent with the number that was posted on another board. So if RM gets a €20 million profit on their expense, plus the €20 million they sold him to Juventus for, thats a good deal for him. So this puts his fee to Arsenal at about €50 million. Which makes more sense for Arsenal than £50m. I think this is doable for Arsenal if they really feel he is the striker that is desired. I am not as sure about this , but I could see this happening. AS for as RM are concerned, they need cash to go after the players they really want so a €40 mill profit on this player is acceptable to them.

  6. I know we are desperate for strikers but there is nowhere on earth where Morata is an upgrade from the current strikers we have. We hare looking for a proven 25+ , quick and strong striker, Morata does not fit any one of those attributes!

    1. Why are so many people stuck on we need a 20 to 30 goal a year striker? It would be an asset yes but to depend on 1 player to carry such burden is insane. Forget Aguero, forget Kane, forget Vardy, forget Lukaku and focus on Arsenal players and what they should and can bring. What about all those technical and offensive minded midfielder we have? The wingers like Alexis who had an on off season bar injury? Yes Giroud should have converted more of those assists Özil layed on for him but he isn’t the sole reason we lost the league. That’s just unfair. Everyone needs to chip in, instead of pass pass pass we could have scored so much more from other players who found themselves in great positions to score. Our best game I though last season at home against Utd the goals were scored by a midfielder and a winger. If you’re in the position to score take it and stop passing the buck to someone else who at lot of times are in a more difficult position.

      1. Come on man no point in arguing..every man and his dog knows inorder to win titles you need strikers who bang in 20 or more goals..ask barcelona, ask Leicester, ask man utd ask chelsea.

        1. Ok fair enough. Wenger might think otherwise since Giroud more than likely is leading the line again come next season. That’s why the talks of Morata are doing its rounds.

        2. OG scored 24 and 6 assists. That’s responsible for 30 goals in my book. Just because he scored against Bayern doesn’t mean those goals don’t count. League goals or CL goals all help the team.

  7. I say we blow the rest of our budget and put a £70 million bid for Harry kane. Kill two birds with one stone even though he plays for spurs he’s our prodigal son.

    1. He is a Gooner but money and fame can buy allot of loyalty/or silence. The longer he stays at that club the bigger the lies he tells himself. We all seen the pictures, the freaking Freddy hairdo and the whole shebang kit and cadoodle, celebrating like it’s 2004 in Red nth London.

  8. I’m having a hard time understanding how so many ex-players, pundits or whoever are backing such a despicable person like Mourinho to succeed at Old Trafford. LVG might have had his flaws but his treatment was rubbish, I guess it’s a Manchester thing because Pelligrini was done dirty too. How soon did we forget his behavior to his own team at Chelsea or his public mistreatment of the club Doctor. Some people have no shame and the arrogance is overwhelming. Reasons like this I remembered why I supported Arsenal in the first place. #CLASS

  9. Another name came up today, slimani. First I heard of him was from tott having an interest. I seen his numbers and wondered why papers haven’t linked us to him. Something like thirty odd goals in 40 plus games. He supposedly has a decent record of scoring against the bigger teams in Portugal. Alternative for missing out on Marata if it’s the case.

    Do I think Morata price tag makes perfect sense, if by perfect you mean get and by sense you mean real, well then yes, perfect sense dude. What I am scratching a little about is Arsene. We all know how cautious or frugal our boss is, and here we have a player that was sold for 20m Euros not even pounds, and doesn’t start frequently and has a worse goalscoring record than Gervinho had over there (I’m guessing). There would have to more than meets the eye on this one if Wenger is willing to pay just under 40m pounds.

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