Does the fixture list favour Arsenal in the race for Top Four?

Who has got better fixtures to finish in the top four?

The top three places in the Premier League have all but secured arguably by one of the three best teams in Europe.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are a different beast altogether. There’s still a long way for other clubs to catch up to them.

Apart from those three positions, the fourth Champions league spot is still up for grabs. Currently, Arsenal occupy that place and they are followed by West Ham United, Totten*am and Man Utd.

Four teams fighting for a single spot will definitely make things interesting for the neutrals and nail-biting for the supporters of these clubs.

The race for the Top Four might end up getting decided on the fixture list of these clubs.

Let’s see who are playing who in the remaining league matches.




West Ham




Man Utd

Spurs (a) Norwich(h) Arsenal (h) Aston Villa (a)
Burnley (h) Leeds (h) Leicester (a) Brentford (a)
Wolves (a) Man Utd(a) Chelsea (a) West Ham (h)
Brentford(h) Watford (h) Southampton (h) Burnley (a)
Watford (a) Leicester (a) Wolves (h) Southampton (h)
Leicester (h) Newcastle (h) Man City (a) Leeds (a)
Aston Villa (a) Wolves (h) Leeds (a) Watford (h)
Crystal Palace (a) Liverpool (a) Everton (h) Man City (a)
Brighton (h) Aston Villa (h) Man Utd (a) Spurs (h)
Southampton (h) Spurs (a) West Ham (h) Liverpool (a)
Man Utd (h) Everton (h) Newcastle (a) Leicester (h)
West Ham (a) Brentford (a) Aston Villa (h) Everton (h)
Leeds (h) Burnley (h) Brighton (h) Norwich (h)
Newcastle (a) Chelsea (a) Brentford (a) Arsenal (a)
Everton (h) Arsenal (h) Leicester (h) Brentford (h)
Wolves (h) TBD Norwich (a) Liverpool (a) Brighton (h)
Liverpool (h) TBD Man City (h) Burnley (h) Chelsea (a)
Chelsea (a) TBD Brighton (a) Norwich (a) Crystal Palace (a)
  Brighton (a) TBD Brighton (h) TBD
  Burnley (a) TBD


Judging by the fixture difficulty rating, I think Arsenal have the best fixtures until the end of the season. They play a top six side just four times. Two of those matches are at their fortress, the Emirates Stadium.

In West Ham’s case it is six, while Spurs and Man United have five matches each against the so called “big boys.”

If we take current form into consideration, the Gunners have a very good chance of qualifying for the Champions League after five years.

A few smart signings in January would only help Mikel Arteta’s cause of landing the club’s first qualification in Europe’s elite competition in half a decade.

But we also can’t get ahead of ourselves. There’s still a long way to go. Just hope we continue this impressive run we’ve been in.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Nice analysis, a bit early to be looking though. It’s the EPL, anyone can beat anyone.

    When we get down to the last 10 games we should have a look.

  2. Yes I too have looked at the fixture list till the end of the season and I also think Arsenal does have the best run in. They are all crucial games of course but I believe games will now get easier after having played City.
    To me the away games v Spurs and Westham are massive plus the home game v United. The two Wolves ties loom as critical while the away games at Palace Sothampton and Villa are where top 4 will be one or lost. Chelsea away and Liverpool at home may not be so hard now as they may be out of the title race and cruising to top 3. Injuries, fixture congestion, the effect of European football, FA Cup comittments plus January transfer business all look to be variables. I think Westham will drop out. United have Champions league. Spurs are developing more grit under Conte but they just don’t have the squad. We have only used 14 players as regular starters so need a lot of luck with injuries and fatigue. We need Aubameyang and Pepe to become more prominent and hope the young guns Tomi White Odegaard ESR Saka and Martinelli do not get jaded. Yep will come down to the last couple of rounds for sure. 4/5 is my guess right now

  3. Every team in the EPL is tough to beat and no game is easy. Predicting the games has to be difficult probability wise. That said, certainly Arsenal, on current form, stands a good chance of making it to the top4. I think in addition to the fixture list, the January transfer window could also be a decisive factor in deciding the 4th spot. We need a CF and a DM, both of high quality, to help boost our chances. OT it is reported in most media outlets that Arsenal have good chances of signing Vlahovic, hope it works out, he would be a dream signing.

  4. Signing Vlahovic and a DM is where my hope of top 4 rests in, Just two signings only and we are done if we maintain the consistency.

  5. A very fair, sensibly put and to my mind an acute analysis! I personally make us favourites and many on here know I am a successful pro bettor who is well able to put all personal club bias aside.
    I agree that the fixture list favours us . However, that is just one – albeit an important one- among many variables that will decide which of these four clubs makes fourth place.

    United and West ham have the added disadvantage of European games to come. My opinion is that currently we have about a 40-44 per cent chance of making 4th place, which is the biggest chance of any of those four top clubs, outside the current top three of course. I put Spuds second with about a 32 percent chance.

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