Does the Gabriel injury news mean William Saliba will stay at Arsenal?

Gabriel pulls out of Brazil squad due to injury; what that means for Saliba?

Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhães has withdrawn from Brazil’s Olympics Squad due to a knee injury.

The 23-year-old defender has been suffering from tendinitis, which is a condition where the connective tissues between muscles and bones (tendons) become inflamed.

It is certainly a cause of concern and remains to be seen for how long the Brazilian will be sidelined for.
Brazil were due to play their first match on 22nd July. While the final of the tournament was to be played on August 7th. That certainly would have acted as a pre-season for Gabriel.

With potential signing Ben White likely to take a delayed break due to his participation in the ongoing European Championship, Arsenal will only be left with Rob Holding and Pablo Mari as two fully-fit senior centerbacks, with Calum Chambers as a back-up.

But what if Pablo Mari ends up leaving for Besiktas?

That is hardly an ideal start to the league campaign, especially the pressure that is on Mikel Arteta to dramatically change Arsenal’s league position next season.

But a heartbreak for one can be a delight for another. Gabriel’s injury might mean that the Gunners decide on keeping William Saliba at the Emirates Stadium.

It has been already reported that Marseille’s coach Jorge Sampaoli, who Saliba has been in constant talks with, prefer Luan Peres of Santos rather than the young Frenchman.

Gradually, stars have started aligning for Saliba’s career at Arsenal. Although things can again change suddenly, I would be hoping that the 20-year-old stays in London for the next campaign.

Saliba can be a direct replacement for Gabriel, as he had played as a left center-back for French club Nice as well as St. Etienne.

This is the first time I have had some positive feelings about a player (Gabriel in this case) getting injured.

And if there is any concrete base on the reports stating that Mari will be open to joining Turkish club Besiktas, then keeping Saliba makes even more sense.

Yash Bisht

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  1. I hope so, think he has shown enough to compete for a spot, maybe not as a starter yet though.

    Keep this year see what he has, and determine if he’s class with some polish and sharpening.

    At best we get a CB possibly for a decade, at worst we raise value and sell for a profit.

    Unfortunately prices have been driven down by poor decision making from management. A failure of EDU’S MAKING NOT ARTETA.

    However Arteta does not do U-turns or change his mind when he makes a decision.

    Changing one’s mind is not weakness or being flippant, it’s analyzing new information as you get it and making an informed decision.

    Only Arteta, Saliba, and his agent know the relationship between the two, but the history between the two does not look too positive.

    If Saliba really had a future you think club would extend him before he goes on his 3rd loan. Otherwise it looks like time wasting and hoping some of the ire dies down over the year on loan.

    1. Only MA would loan out both Saliba and Mari(Besiktas)
      before actually signing Ben White. When the Brighton.
      man decides at the midnight hour to chose a CL club
      over Arsenal, the Spaniard will scramble to bring in
      Gary Cahil or some other EPL EXPERIENCED CB to
      seemingly fill the void.

      Holding/Chambers/Cahil to start the season…

      Sounds About Right. 😂😀😛

      1. 😂😂…I won’t be surprised and also how is a young 1 year experience Brighton player who hardly set the EPL on fire going to resolve our defensive issues even if we sign him. I feel Arteta is getting his advice from Boris Johnson because both seem to be clueless one about football and other about COVID.

      2. Gabriel injury means that our potential opening day back 4 can be chambers, White, Mari, Tavares.

  2. 3-6 weeks I’ve read ,if reports are true ,so for me I can not see it having a different outcome for Saliba ,Arteta does not rate him so would be loaned out either way .

    1. 3 – 6 weeks about right, if it is in fact ;

      “tendinitis in the right knee with swelling”

      Gabriel himself citing the injury as “nothing serious”.

      1. That’s what I read ,but we know how Arsenal players react to injuries ,he will probably be out till December 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Marseille’s have confirmed that Saliba would be 3rd choice cb for them yet some of you want him to come in and be first choice for us? We are offering him out on loan and it seems barely anyone wants him. Have any of you actually seen him play because i can tell you now hes not ready for the premier league and chances are will never be.

    1. Arteta seen him play 2 preseason games last year, hardly a fair eye test.

      Some could argue Arteta himself not ready and could use a loan to French club himself.

      Ready or not his handling has been so poor. If CB is an issue, then why chase a 23 year old with 1 year PL experience?

      Not like White was moving mountains at Brighton last year; lower 3rd percentage of CB’s in passing stats.

      Bissouma was the star; tackles, interceptions, passing, etc…

      But hey, White is the new hotness based on hyping his 1 year in PL, who could very well turn out to be another Saliba; “not ready” to compete and getting club back into top 6.

      How one trashes Saliba yet buys into hyping White is just chasing trends.

    2. Gallagher, of course intelligent clubs don’t take young players on loan then put out a statement that he will be their main player. First it will cause problem with their own players and second it can also play into the loaning out club hands because they can bump up the price if they see that the player is important to you. You don’t need to tell us now because you are not Pep or klopp who’s statement carries any weight upon which Saliba can be judged. A lot of ppl have seen him play in French league and they definitely rate him more then your failure Arteta does but again that’s the difference between a good manager and failure of a manager like Arteta who just can not spot the talent and nurture it.

      1. Logic, the voice of reason. I am waiting for Brendan Rodgers to put in a cheeky bid for William Saliba to reunite him with his ex St Ettienne team mate Fofana.

    3. Most of the fans here at JA, including myself, are rooting for Saliba to be included in the first team squad and not to be considered a first choice. Nobody knows the exact terms of the loan deal offered by Arsenal. Is “compulsory obligation to buy at the end of loan” one of the terms? If that is the case and the fee was set equivalent to what we paid for him initially, the fans will wipe Saliba out of their mind.

      Nobody raised a concern when Mavropanos sealed another loan move. Had Saliba been brought in for a fee in the same bracket as Mavropanos, none of the fans will be discussing his future at Arsenal with such vigor.

      1. VasC, a lot of fans have been asking for Marva to be given chance for some time but with time that movement has died I guess but some still bring up the topic so nope ppl have asked for him to be given chances on so many occasions, second Saliba has be identified as more talented and better prespect then Marva so that’s why a lot more ppl want to see him given a chance and third unlike Marva Saliba never played a competitive match for us so that’s like zilch chance.

        1. @Logic I don’t mean to be offensive or rude to you with this reply. And my sincere apologies if you feel offended.

          When a fan can’t get the name of the player correct, I can’t believe that the player was in the fan’s thoughts or discussions for a considerable time.

          I don’t know about how long and how regularly you’ve been checking JA comments section. I’m a newbie here. But, what I’ve observed from the fans’ comments is this. For almost every 100 mentions of Saliba, Mavropanos gets maybe a 2 or 3 mentions.

  4. If Magalhaes can play again after one month, we won’t need Saliba

    Jorge Sampaoli prefers an experienced left-footed CB over a 20 years old CB, like Mancini’s preference in Euro. Arteta’s system also requires similar setup, so I don’t think we’ll let Mari go before finding his replacement

    1. Arteta sometimes needs to be flexible with this players and lower his high ego once in a while. He is a young coach and all eyes are on him. Players like Willock needs to be given more time. You don’t score 6 goals on a stretch if you don’t have a talent in you. I guess the New Castle coach understands how to use Willock better and that’s what Arsenal coach should take a clue from

    2. GAI, can you please write a full article on what you believe Arteta’s “system” to be, because I am totally in the dark. I can’t speak for others, if they think the same, but I haven’t gleaned any understanding from individual comments.
      I seek enlightenment!

      1. @Ozziegunner

        Whatever, whenever and however that full article comes out, i’ll bet my bottom dollar, we’ll be seeing “left-footed center back” and “play out from the back”.

        1. VasC, I don’t disagree regarding CB, however what about the other 10 positions and the overall team formation and playing style?

  5. Nope, Arteta will send him on loan, he will keep going on loans till his contract expires or we can sell him to someone. That’s the way Arteta operates if he does not like anyone his big fat ego does not allow him to look past it. Oh well, nothing any one can do just as wait. I am afraid by the time these lot are finished with our club we will have another mass of deadwood and we would have got rid of a lot of talented youngsters.

  6. I still expect Saliba to leave…

    Preseason starts next Tuesday! All of our July fixtures will be live on
    Match passes from £7.99… unless you’re a member/st holder who has renewed, then it’s free as a thank you from the club.
    Looking forward to seeing some of our Hale-Enders in action. Plus, the Euros will be over and the window will be in full swing! And we will know for sure about Saliba!

  7. If Gabriel is badly injured then he would have to be brought into the squad, otherwise it’s like ‘biting your nose to spite to your face’ as the old saying goes. He’s a ready made replacement for Gabriel.

  8. Saliba is an arsenal player and the team has not put out any information about him leaving any terms… the coach he will get his time to play this season and that’s all we know……..IMO kid is vulnerable off the pitch abd if that part is not managed well it may affect his performance. Let the team and his health experts do their job……the kid lost both his parents abd that’s important too…….if not a real priority.

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