Does the Kroenke’s prospective purchase of the Emirates Stadium scream as unethical? (Opinion)

The Kroenke family are claimed to be purchasing the Emirates Stadium from Arsenal FC, with the arena set become a holding of KSE, but the deal sounds disgustingly against the club’s best wishes.

The Gunners built the state-of-the-art facility has been our home since 2006, and will continue to be our home regardless of the prospective deal which is expected to take place, which will see Arsenal sell the Emirates to KSE for a £120 Million fee.

This move will see us sign a 99-year lease on our home, in which we will pay £10 Million year-on-year, but the problem I have is the following numbers. claims that the Kroenke family loaned the football club £184 Million to pay off the remaining debt paid to build the stadium in 2020, and we will now sell the club for less than that loan amount, whilst agreeing to pay a yearly fee, with the owners set to reap the benefits of using the stadium for alternative sources of income also.

I’ve realised that my rant could well prove to be misplaced, realising the day that the story was posted, and think I have to give props to the website for invoking a mini-rant from myself (who admittedly could have done with a little more sleep last night).

I’m now convinced that this must be false with the finances not even close to what would be acceptable, and will be wholly vexed should there prove to be any truth in the claim by the above.


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