Does the Man Utd draw prove that Emery is the wrong man for Arsenal?

The Game That Proved Unai Not The Right Man For Arsenal by Dan Smith

I wrote after the NLD we probably saw a performance that confirms that Unai Emery cannot take Arsenal to that next level (I’m talking about being title contenders not squeezing into the top 4). The fact that he repeated the same mistakes he made against Spurs and again at Old Trafford confirms what I have always felt, the man is not positive enough to fit our ethos. That doesn’t mean I will disrespect him or claim he’s not good at certain things, sometimes in life a man simply doesn’t suit a job.

Freddie Ljungberg was sat next to him in Manchester and must have thought that this was not how we approached these types of fixtures when he was playing. Don’t get me wrong, our record in this fixture has never been great and I’m certainly not going to cry over a 1-1 draw. Yet the feeling was this was the worse United side in the Prem era, there for the taking, certainly nothing for us to fear.

Yet he again chose 3 DM’s even though it didn’t work when we played Spurs. In fact, he should have seen enough by now to learn that we have been at our best when forced to attack. Worse, at 1-1, apart from a 5-minute reaction to our equaliser it seemed our attitude was to accept the point. His subs seemed to have suggested that.

The home side, a poor one, were the ones trying to win it. I have written articles on the importance of bringing through youngsters who can give us some identity, but the Spaniard is risking his job on some of his decisions now.

Some will cheer the fact that Ozil is being frozen out. It is clear if the club had their way he would have gone in the summer and they will try to force him out again in January. The thing is, unless we are told the German has some sort of attitude problem, we have to believe that our coach think’s he has better options in our squad. Yet he’s playing Torreria further forward, he’s bringing on Nelson for Pepe? Does he genuinely think these guys can play a through ball or pick a pass better than a man who has the most assists since arriving in England? If he thinks that, that’s a sackable offence.

If it’s to help the Kroenke’s further reduce the wage bill, he’s just a yes man.
The fact is you can’t leave Ozil at home, then produce a display with barely any creativity.

Like I said, no need to be mean spirited. But I have seen enough now to tell me this man (like at PSG) does not like flair players and is too cautious. He simply does not fit into our DNA.



  1. Emery is the man to clean up the mess left by Wenger. Just one loss in 9 games is the Arsenal record so far this season and that loss was away at world champs Liverpool. Head coach Emery had a brilliant first season despite the horror mess left by Wenger. Season two is shaping up to be great also with top 6 a real possibility when every one was picking Arsenal to finish tenth. Arsenal was expected to be hammered at old Trafford but against all the odds gained a shock draw proof that Emery is doing great. Now to unleash the youngsters and senior fringe players v Standard Liege. In Unai we all trust.

    1. I agree that Emery must be given this season, however what exactly was the horror mess left by Wenger? He left the club in a healthy position

      1. “I agree that Emery must be given this season”

        OK, let’s give him not only this season, let’s give him the next five seasons

    2. What mess exactly did Arsene leave? He left the club in good shape, good players. We were just lacking a few key players to panel beat what we had(Of which the Kroenkes didn’t wanna support), but look here, Emery is trying to destroy every Arsene factor. Our front three would be pouring in goals if they had a player with magical passes like Ozil. You can’t start a game without a creative player(If he doesnot like Ozil then why not Ceballos), wanna play from the back yet he knows he’s using a shaky defense, he can’t even see what a lay Arsenal fan aged 10 can see straight out. Emery will never ever be a better coach than Arsene even if he spends 22 years too.

        1. What happened in the last 12 years was about having the BRIGHTEST MANAGER in the game trying to keep a financially mean club among the top boys in world football, trying to compete against unrivaled financially superior opponents, champions league football, title contention, 3 FA cups. After he leaves, big funds start coming in for a tinkering coach. Don’t you see that?

    3. Arsene left Auba & Laca. Take out Auba, Arsenal is near the relegation zone. Mr. Agu, What’s your view?

    4. This guy is UE in disguise….the way he supports him with poor arguments only UE can give such lousy reasons….hahaha….hello Mr UE please leave n take your useless backroom staff with you.

    5. Spoken like a person with no vision whatsoever, settling for a draw at old Trafford when it was obvious the game can be won, Emery isn’t the right manager, yeah wenger team wasn’t good defensively we know but Wenger’s last season was his worst at Arsenal and we still kept more clean sheet than Emery and it wasn’t an improvement bearing in mind Wenger’s team scored more goals and conceded less, Always play to your strength, even at Anfield we couldbhave done better if he played more offensive and fifny decide to sit back and let Liverpool have a fun day

    1. Sue-I’m Hearing It was the biggest hammering in London since Ericksen got home earlier than expected one day last week

  2. Like with Wenger it is not a matter of `if` but `when? Hopefully the directors will not put the supporters through another ten years of hell.

  3. At Arsenal, Ozil will be Emery’s downfall. Everyday he tries to be smart with all sorts of explanations but truth is we lack rhythm without Ozil. At the moment we do have players that Ozil can help tick compared to who we had some few seasons ago and in truth, Pepe would have scored by now if he was playing with Ozil. For the first time we have players that when pressure is mounted on Ozil, they will help him with clear runs and be threats. He has been unfairly condemned and when a team relies on Guendouzi when cannot help but wonder just how things are quickly deteriorating at the Arsenal. This is Emery killing our team with his stubbornness. Fire him now and let Freddie sit in for the rest of the season.

    1. We will always need a creative #10. Yes, Ozil has declined and is not the world class player he once was, and we need a better replacement asap. Before then, like it or not, we still have to use him for that position. You can call this a stop-gap solution.

      The real problem is the coach prefers graft over craft, and he lacks the people management skill for top talents. Hope he learn from real top coaches who seek out graft AND craft, and can manage them well.

  4. Emary has not be leaving ozil outside always because there some games that needs ozil’s brain .how will pepe prove himself when a player like ozil is frozen out of the squad

  5. The answer to the question depends of what you want Arsenal to become in 3 years.

    Champions are afraid of not winning convincingly. Title contenders are afraid of not winning. Also-rans are afraid of losing.

    Looking up Emery’s history, adding to the observation on his mentality and inclination during the 14 months in charge of Arsenal, it is quite clear that Emery will be a good manager for also-rans aiming to be the best of the rest, picking up one or two good victories and minor trophies every now and then.

    But to make Arsenal champion material, Emery need to improve himself quite a bit. Will it happen and can we wait?

    However, being the best of the rest makes commercial profit & loss sense in the current football world. May be this is exactly what the board wants.

  6. You cannot conclude because of an away draw that the manager is the wrong man for the Job. Does yesterday’s result (Spurs Vs Bayern) prove that Poch is the wrong man for the Tots? NO.
    Ozil may have been physically fit (or not fit), mentally fit (or not fit to play). The best we can do is to reasonably just guess why he didn’t play – including thinking the manager is clueless or not fit to manage a club.
    Managers and the backroom staff have a lot more data on players as they prepare for matches than we the ordinary spectators do. Let’s a bit objective when dishing out comments out of anger or frastration. But you have a reason to cheer: The 2-7 score Vs FC Bayern Munchen, UEFA Champions League, 01 October 2019. The biggest home defeat by an English team in any European competition. This is only bettered by their own Record defeat: 0–8 v 1. FC Köln, UEFA Intertoto Cup, 22 July 1995.

    1. Keno have you been sleeping for the last 14 months? Man U result would be a good one if we have been performing, because I don’t think Man U is a kids club, but the way this team concede goals (the amount of goals), no creativity, players are struggling (200 million). Leicester isn’t going to win the title but the fact that they are pushing teams is enough excitement for their fans and me too. Emery doesn’t push any team, teams are not afraid of his method, we play shitty football, small teams take us as mates (sometimes they think they are better) and big teams use us to accumulate points. Ozil is the best creative midfielder in Arsenal Football Club as we speak, Pepe will have better performances if he has good services. I love Arsenal I hate Emery. He is a shitty coach.

  7. I too would love to see Emery bid farewell at the end of his current deal, it expires at seasons end. I hope we get a progressive coach who’ll have us playing entertaining football with good results. I see a lot of potential in our squad but it isn’t utilised properly (Torreira, Chambers, Xhaka, Ozil and Ceballos), I don’t know if the unbeaten run from last season was a fluke or what because we have been pretty plain since the start of the current campaign, no aggression, no passion, no fight, there’s nothing in our performances just individuals playing together. Auba and Guen have carried us thus far but everybody else is just a waste of space.

  8. Well let’s compare:

    Solskjaer is being rated as a bad manager. I think majority of football fans can agree on that.

    How did we fare against Solskjaer’s United? Were we better? Did we win? Did we control the game? Did we have more chances? Did we play more beautiful football than them?

    Answer is no. We were as boring as Solskjaer’s United.

    Is our squad better than United’s?

    IMO Emery hasn’t performed any better than Solskjaer. We are now 3 points ahead of them and last season finished 4 points ahead of them. We now have 2 points out of 9 possible against top 6 teams. Not convincing with our current crop of players.

  9. How in the world wenger the great let a player like gnabry leave. He totally destroyed tottenham yesterday, what a great player he will be

  10. It’s only three defensive midfielders when we’re defending. Gunnndzi or Torriera were supposed to play a Ramsey type game whenever possible, support the front players. Manu always make these games more difficult, they take yellows and stop our breaks, they get a little dirtier, and they man mark Arsenal’s biggest threats.

    The draw v Spu was much worse, because we have to go away and it gives them a better chance to gain four points over two legs. If we beat utd in our home game then four points is respectable.

    We’ve a decent set of fixtures coming up so hopefully we’ll rack up the wins, cup games sandwiched in between them but this next set will tell us more. I believe we’ll finish in the places this season, and then with some shrewd buying it should bring our quality up some more.

  11. I say sgain, Fergie nearly got fired at ManU before he won anything. It took him 4 seasons to build. Wenger DID leave a mess, there’s no arguing that, and UE is trying to build a team. We will always argue about whether he is going about it in the right way, of course, and we couch sitters will always know better than he does, but meanwhile, give him at least this season to try. With the players he had, and the right plsyet mindset and tactics, we should be able to achieve 4th. If not, I will support calls for”UE OUT”

  12. It will be up to the Arsenal owner/management to assess whether Unai Emery has his contract as coach of Arsenal extended into the third year. On what performance criteria this will be based is unknown to most, if not all of us. One thing for sure (unless the attendance drops, banners come out etc) Arsenal will not be viewing the opinions on this site, as one of the criteria on which Emery’s performance is assessed.
    Given the current negativity here when Arsenal sits fourth on the table, I certainly won’t want to be around if that position slips. I have a life to live!

  13. Dan, you called it right, and many forums echo the same view, so it’s just a matter of time for apologists to see the facts. My view👇

    Tinkerman Emery should mend his ways asap, as he is doing enormous damage to a very good team. He has lost fans, inside & outside the stadium, and looks like the dressing room too. Auba’s frustrations are boiling over and that he may force a move if this continues, is just an example.

    His treatment of Ramsey and Ozil is highly condemnable; Ramsey is gone but Ozil is with us and is not playing. To add insult to injury, he plays favourites, to the detriment of the results on the pitch. Appointment of the captain is an indication of how he complicates everything to prove his point. We need a leader on the pitch, not some teacher’s pet, and there are murmurs that it was rigged to have Ozil as one of the five, which in itself is a joke.

    45 matches into his 76 match contract, he is yet to know his first XI, preferred formation, playing to the players’ strengths, firm tactics and substitutions. Apologists can say he needs time, but how much time? We don’t have our identity anymore and have lost our Arsenal way of playing the game, which catapulted the team as a successful international brand, with more fans in different continents that fell in love with the club. It took a long time to build but Emery is destroying it rapidly.

    He made his presentation at his interview which were basically lies to get the job, or so it seems now. He lies about the Ozil situation and is trying to paint him as a villain. He is converting good players into mediocre ones, Torreira for example, can’t motivate the players and confuses them totally. Add to this is his communication, and we have a disaster as our coach.

    It was clear to me from the 6th game last season, and I’m no expert by any stretch of imagination, so I’m perplexed the hierarchy didn’t do his yearly review at the end of last season.

    I have to bring Wenger into this now. Arsenal as a club is legendary and have always had loyal following, but it was mostly restricted to England. Wenger took the club global and legions became fans just the way his teams played. He also took loyalty to the next level and fans bought into it, but unfortunately so many people berate him for two bad seasons, some even call him a fraud. Ozil is called the shirt seller btw! We need to get back to the days where the manager is an icon, carrying the club and the fans along with him.

    Unfortunately, Emery isn’t the man.

    1. I agree with you 100% bro, wenger made Arsenal what they are now….some ignorant fans wont agree but then those fans never saw the world outside England.

  14. For me, I have no doubt that Emery is not the man to lead us back to the top. But one game could never lead to that conclusion.

    For me, he has not done enough in terms of improving our game with more than one season he has been in charge. In fact, we are void of any identity in the way we play and are becoming more and more faceless.

    Our defending has not improved and to be honest Wenger’s teams were better going forward or at least had more identity.

    Now there are many details I don’t like about this manager, his ever-changing tactics, team shapes, fearful attitude in away games, apparently blind faith in Xhaka etc.

    But all this is a conclusion resulting from his total body of work not because he fielded a team against Man U that was never going to have a chance to win with a midfield void of creative inspiration.

  15. Xhaka will be the end of Emery
    He has put his faith in him but the player will not deliver, the futures are linked and both will be away from the club
    Emery worries more about opposition that his own team , he is a joke, tactically and man management.
    He should have been sacked after the Watford capitulation

  16. The point is that Emery is not the man to get us to the top,he only has one way of thinking and does not seem to have a plan B just mind boggling tactics and team selections, yes he has got the team on some good runs but there is nothing impressive about the way we play in the prem, the only teams that have impressed me this season have been caraboa cup and europa league,those teams looked like they wanted to win and impress,for god sake how much more do players like Martinelli Tierney, Holding Chambers,willock have to do to impress this bloke,we have to give him this season now and see how we come out of it,but he is not going to get us to the top at any time.

    1. In defense of Emery, I don’t think his problem is not having a plan B, in fact, I think he has too many plans.

      1. Too many plan in my opinion is absolutely no plan. Auba,Saka, and Pepe just stag up top like Liverpool frontline not having to come get the ball due to lack of service, Arsenal made ozil into what he is today and I still believe play ozil alongside Torreira and Matteo and that from line see what we get

  17. Guys ,some of this stuff is highly unfounded. We all saw the set up against Man Utd when the squads were put on the screen . Lucas Torreira started as the deepest midfielder and only moved from that position about a minute before his substitution. Granit Xhaka and Matteo Guendouzi played on either side of him as central midfielders. He was in his “desired” defensive midfield role.

    Talking Unai , the team is in a slump and that is very evident in the lack of cohesion on the pitch . but we have all seen worse at arsenal. I think for his team to be struggling and he is still getting the fourth best results in the league should be a compliment.

    The so called 3 defensive midfielders. Do people judge tactics by the names of the players or by watching the games? Against Watford , we had 2 of our “most” creative midfielders on the pitch and yet neither of them put in a key pass . Mesut Ozil created one half chance for Auba and Ceballos had 100% completion of actual sideways and backwards passes . Against spurs “with 3 defensive midfielders” we created the most chances we have created this season . have you actually tried to look at why? Personally , I think Ozil’s style of play , despite him being a brilliant player is rather obsolete . Many times I have said that apparent eye for the unseen we praise Ozil for has been invisible for far too long. The kind of passes he plays are no longer peculiar to him. He typically plays balls behind fullbacks to release wingers ,pretty much how both Gundouzi and Xhaka pass . So even if I were coach , why would I lose their defensive contribution for someone who won’t offer any ?

    everyone here everyday is blaming the coach for tinkering . When’d does he tinker ? we pretty much know what group he thinks is the best . Tinkering as I understand it ,is the regular and sometimes excessive rotation of players by the manager occasionally for unprecedented reasons . while everyone here has named this lineup or the other , Emery has typically had the same one every game.

    Then the whole idea that he doesn’t give the youth a chance , since the beginning of last season , Emery has shown an obvious preference to have Guendouzi on the pitch ahead of torreira.At PSG , he dropped an undroppable Tiago Motta for Adrian Rabiot, David Luiz for Marquinhos ,and introduced Kimpembe to the first team . Dropped the experienced Christof Jallet in favour of The youthful Munier. proof is in the pudding . let’s give him time

    1. Joe, credit for sticking up for Emery.

      Not a lot of time to reply but quickly;

      Neither Xhaka nor Guendouzie have the vision or football brain of Ozil and should not be tasked with being the creative driver of our team. This does not mean I think Ozil should play but it does mean that I don’t think we should bench Ozil or any other creative player because Xhaka and Guendouzie can pass behind the full-backs.

      Also, just because he might have played Lucas T in his preferred role doesn’t justify the rest of his midfield selection, which for my taste lacked an ability to maximize our forwards.

      And our team has been in a slump since last season as far as I am concerned and that is on the manager. A slump happens to many teams but the lenght of the slump is for a large part determined by the manager. He precided over a slump that saw us throw away a great chance at finishing 4th last season (not in the least as a result of his strange team selections), a slump that saw us embarassed by a struggling Chelsea in the EL final and a slump that we have yet to revoer from.

      It is far too early to sing the praise for being 4th at this stage of the season, it is not far too early to worry about the number of shots we concede, the number of errors we make, the lack of imporvement in defending and the increasing lack of cohesion of our play.

  18. He probably is but still absolutely NO justification for firing him

    If you want to fire him, do it at the end of the season. As long as we are 4th place or near it, there is no justification for his dismissal

    Making Champions League and improvement is priority

    If he can’t get us there after two years then yes it’s time for a change

  19. He’s still making the same mistakes he was making 10 years ago!!
    Going all defensive, trying to defend slender 1-0 leads… dropping a quality player from the squad completely, putting his faith in his favourites, bizarre substitutions.. need i go on?? Oh my god, it’s like he doesn’t want to win, i mean was he happy with Monday? I certainly wasn’t!
    Maybe I’m being too harsh.. I’m just fed up…although, we didn’t concede SEVEN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Hopefully all our players will be fit and ready for the next game. Then, when Emery has no excuses left, we’ll see what sort of team he puts out.

      Will he pick a bold, attacking team with the mindset to go out and stuff the opposition with the excellent players we now have at our disposal – or will it be a feeble, anxious and defensive team, over worried about what our opponents might do to us?

      I think his major mistake was putting his faith in Xhaka. He then exacerbated that problem by making him captain. He’s now backed himself into a corner i.e. he more or less HAS to pick Xhaka now, even if he finally comes to realise the guy is no good for us.

      This means that Xhaka is currently taking the place of a good midfielder, whichever one that may be (and we all have our own thoughts on that), and so stops us from moving into full attack mode and letting our players unleash themselves on our unsuspecting opponents.

      He could of course wake up from his dream, admit it’s all been a ghastly mistake, start afresh by dropping the guy, and start picking a team with the attitude to GO OUT AND WIN!

      I won’t be holding my breath 🙂

      1. Exactly, GJ 👍 Apparently Bellerin & Tierney are available for Thursday, as is Holding. Laca and ESR will miss it, but aren’t too far away… but the big question is – will they make the team?
        As you say, once all fit, there’s no excuse not to play our strongest 11… but Unai usually has other ideas 🙄 i don’t like these defensive line ups with no creativity…
        And Xhaka.. 🙄 it amazes me how week after week, he’s rubbish (has an occasional good game) but mostly awful, yet he’s the first name on the team sheet, yet others are left out of the squad completely! Not even given a chance (oh sorry just 71 minutes!! Sheesh!)
        I don’t know GJ, who knows what goes on in Unai’s head 🤪

        1. Sue have you ever thought about who you would play if you could? I decided to have a crack at it just now but would also love to see who you would have chosen. Bearing in mind that Laca is probably not going to make it anytime soon here’s what I’ve come up with. I don’t expect many will agree with me and that’s fine. There is no right or wrong really until we get a chance to see in which formation the players themselves seem to gel best. Anyway here goes:

          The non-show so far of Pepe, Smith Rowe or Reiss Nelson gives Emery an excellent chance to make amends to AMN for playing him out of position all season. Quote from the Metro 19th Sept:

          Maitland-Niles is hopeful that Emery will give him a chance to impress further up the pitch. ‘I’m a midfielder by trade, either central or on the wing,’ he said. ‘It’s always nice to have one main position where you play, and EVERYONE ELSE GETS TO PLAY IN THEIR MAIN POSITION, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time before I can do that too.’

          This lineup should do the trick:


          Bellerin – Chambers – Holding – Tierney



          AMN ————–Auba—————Saka

          For Thursday I think he may rest Auba so he’s ready for Bournemouth and play Martinelli. I also expect to see Martinez in goal and congrats to him for his call up for Argentina. He gives me confidence, mainly by the way he handles crosses. There are others I considered of course but this is what I think would be a good, creative and aggressive team to start with. Any sign of weakness and Willock would be slotted in as my first sub. Have fun!

          It’s just gone 01:15am here so time for bed. Hoping to wake up and be pleasantly surprised by the magnificent lineup you’ll come up with 🙂 No pressure then!!!

          1. Hahaha magnificent?!!
            Right.. I’m not completely sold on Chambers, yes he’s been good the last few games, but I’m not sure I can decide between him and Luiz (yes, I know he’s been poor, but he does have a good game in him also…. although we’ve yet to see it 🤣) so…. I’ll go with
            Pepe has been awful, and I know Laca’s still out, but that would be my ideal team. I’m dying to see PAL, Pepe has to come good at some point, preferably before 2020!!!
            I like your line up & Ainsley there is interesting 😉 because I’ve left certain players out, doesn’t mean I don’t like or rate them (well.. Xhaka 🤔) but this would be the team I’d pay to see! Not sure if this was worth you getting out of bed for 🤣

            Tomorrow I’m expecting to see
            Martinelli COYG!!

  20. I doubt Emery is the right coach for AFC, I so want to believe in him but he proves me wrong week in and week out.

  21. Isn’t the next step finishing in the top four? As much as i agree that should be challenging for the title we’re not there yet. I think Emery still deserves to see out the season, and if we make it into the top four then he’ll have earned the reported one year contract extension and the opportunity to show whether we can kick on from there.

    1. Nitsram – I agree top 4 should be the goal. Challenging for the title seems a naive thought for this season.

      However, reaching the top 4 should not mean Emery gets another season. It matters how we reach the top 4. Did we reach it because of the failure of our competition? Or did we reach on our own strength and improvements (points, goals scored, goals conceded, points against top six, points from away games etc.)

      If we back into a top 4 because Chelsea can’t overcome the loss of Hazzard or Man U continue to be a mess then we should use that top 4 and CL football to attract a next level manager.

      1. You can only beat the teams you’re competing against, was or unbeaten season any less special because United were the only real competition we had in that time?

  22. It’s very simple… I said Brendan Rodgers was the PERFECT manager not Emery to take us forward for these 5 chronological reasons.

    1. Recruitment: This guy’s recruitments in midfield Guendouzi & Torreira are the most underwhelming in terms of ball retention and use… Now add on Xhaka to that mix??? Have always said that Coquelin alone was more talented than these 3 combined.

    2. Tactics:
    (i) In defence, any manager that thinks that he can play short defenders (<1.90m) e.g. Sokratis, Luiz as no. 5 is simply a joke… That's why have always said our best defence should be Mustafi..Mavropanos..Luiz..Kolasinac/Tierney. Bellerin as right-back was/is/ not any good enough for us.

    (ii) In midfield, only Ceballos and to a little extent Torreira should start. The rest aren't good enough to be starting in our midfield… Actually the midfielders that he recruited make us have the weakest midfield in the league. On top of that, he sold Mkitaryan the only no. 8 that I had confidence in. So, midfield alone contributes 80% of our problems.

    3. Striking: If Auba and Laca play together, they totally unbalance the lineup since we don't have traditional wingers like the Coeman (Bayern), Moura, and the Ljumbergs of old.

    4. Confidence: Just listen to this manager whenever we are going to play a big team… You will notice the fear in his words…
    Against Liverpool; "I don't want to play them ever".
    Against Man City; "It's very difficult to beat them, bla..bla".

    5. Finally, Case study LEICESTER
    It lost Maguire etc but Rodgers right from his recruitments, tactics, confidence, pre-match talk and actual play on the field, you can clearly see a team that's destined for greatness. So those who want to give Emery 3 years to make us a growth center, watch out!!!!

  23. Lack of communication and poor English have been given as a contributory factor for the mediocre football played of late. Some have even used Arsene Wenger’s considerable language skills to highlight this fact.This is a little unfair as Wenger was a one off in English football. an intellectual football Manager. The defenders of Emery would have you look at his Sevillia an PSG records. It is true he won the EUFA League/Cup with Sevillia and had a successful 2 years a PSG, although failed to win the Champions league, which together with his inability to man manage his world class players, eventually cost him his job. Football moves on and what was good tactics in 2014 and even last year are no longer valid. I think Emery is a very stubborn man and will not, or can not change the way he sees the game. This is personified in his treatment of OZIL and his continuous belief in his midfield choices. This is not Arsenal needs to be successful so unless he changes his days are numbered.

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