Does the Nketiah/Ceballos bust-up show Arsenal are showing passion?

The gloves are off! by Shenel

Pre match normally gives us analysis on what is to come and match predictions, but the Fulham v Arsenal coverage had a little extra bite with it today.

While we were patiently waiting for kick off, for those of us that watched the BT Sport coverage, it was noticed that during the pre-match training an altercation happened between Eddie Nketiah and Dani Ceballos.

Both players started on the bench and were maybe given a little more time to rest as Nketiah was on international duty with England, and Ceballos had not long joined us on loan for a second season.

They were training in their group, as they do if they are on the bench for the start of each game, and a rather strong tackle from Ceballos on Nketiah seemed to start the altercation that took place. Ceballos was seen to go in strongly on Nketiah and was the first one of the two to push Nketiah, despite being the one to nearly injure his teammate. He then seemed to go in once more and maybe Nketiah had said something to him, and both players initiated the pushing of each other, having to be separated by Kolasinac and another member of staff who took Nketiah away from the situation.

Both players then remained on the bench for most of the game but were called upon to then help close up the game with their team 3-0 up.

Could the “fight” be both players showing the passion they have for the club and their anger coming through because they are not in the starting line-up, or is it more of an underlying issue that we are not aware of?

Whatever it is, can we expect to see the same amount of discipline for both players by Arteta, as he showed to Guendouzi after his antics against Brighton, given that he allowed both players to come on as subs I think not, but it could be that he is not aware of the incident or he will deal with it privately.


Watch the video of the altercation here

Shenel Osman


  1. Anyone who has played football at ANY level, knows that it is a game of passion.

    How on earth anyone can think there is something going on behind the scene, I just cannot fathom out.

    If MA has shown just one trait, it’s his belief in his own authority – so no, nothing is going on behind the scene.

    Just leave it to the media to try and split the club, players, fans.
    We don’t need our own supporters to do it!!!

  2. It happens to the best.From Kolo Toure fighting with Adebayo,to Balotelli fighting with Mancini,to Sir Alex Ferguson kicking a boot into Beckham’s face,to Neymar vs Semedo,very many examples some in a competitive game like Adebayo vs Bendtner in a game against Tottenham.

    Its not a strange occurance

    1. Unge, talk to Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henri about the treatment they got at training from Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Steve Bould at Arsenal training.
      What we don’t want to see is training ground and match day warm-up injuries.

  3. This aint passion, its frustration. Hope it doesnt distract the team spirit…
    if this what you call passion, then i hope the do it in a match against opposition team (just like guendouzi standing up for his team mate) and not against each other

  4. Guendouzi had indiscipline moment and he was axed from side… Ceballos and Niketia too had indiscipline moment so will Arteta Axe both???
    If he won’t then he is biased with players..

    1. Totally different scenario – Guendouzi was bragging about what he earnt, apparently throughout the game.
      That’s not passion, that is conceit and trying to humiliate someone.
      What was Guendouzi trying to achieve by boasting about his salary?
      Nothing to do with the game of football, nothing at all.

      1. Hey ken!! Fans werent in the stadium that day i guess you heard what he was telling them. Can you pls tell us what he was saying?
        guen one of the most passionate arsenal player…

        1. No I wasn’t there, but the players he was abusing most definitely were and our club corraberated the accusations. MA even covered it, you must have missed it.
          Guendouzi is passionate about himself and his actions are not what our club is renowned for.
          It’s all a matter of opinion, of course, but show me the passion of Aubameyang over Guendouzi any second of the day.

      2. Agree wholeheartedly, the two situations are not comparable and Arteta is not showing favoritism. He benched Ceballos last year, then reinstated him saying he was training like an animal. I say good for him and keep the youngsters hungry and ready

  5. Aggressive tackles on your team-mates during the warm-up session are clear signs of animosity or disunity within the team. The error by Gabriel at the start of the game was also a clear sign of poor communication with the keeper. All these signs are just part of the normal teething process we expect from a new team in transition and learning to play together as one unit. I am sure the team managers will take actions to address them before the next game, if possible.

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