Does the pressure make Arsenal improve?

Has pressure gotten the best out of the Arsenal squad and the manager?‏ by KM

Hello everybody. First of all i want to bury the hatchet with everyone that felt bad about my articles here. Look I don’t want to offend anybody on this site and I feel that feeling insulted if someone has a different opinion than you is wrong. I read every article on this site and respect everybodys point of view on the questions about our beloved club.

A big shout out to Admin who provides the opportunity for all fans to express what they want to say in a fair manner. Last but not least if you do not like my articles, feel free to ignore them, but don’t blame JustArsenal who are doing a fantastic job, to allow every single one of us to tell his feelings of the club.

All I want is what is best for the club. I want us to win the league title. I see a platform for us to be up there with the very best. We are in the top 6-7 richest clubs in the world. We build a fantastic new stadium because every top club needs a top venue. The league is a rollercoaster. We have a great opportunity to capitalize on the problems the other teams have and have a real go.

Going back to what was probably the best win over United I have seen in a decade, you have to ask yourselves how did we manage to transform this way? I have my issues with Arsene but one thing he does is never let a crisis go on for too long. We are the crisis comeback kings! At some point something happens in Arsene’s head and we just spring back from the bottom of the ocean to sea level.

We are never rock bottom with Wenger, but we’re also short of the treasure island. So what can push us over to the shore of that league title we all so desperately desire? Is it the pressure? Wenger came under huge criticism leading to him threatening to leave a press conference. But in the end he came out fighting.

Some tabloids stated that Wenger raised his voice on the training ground and that did the trick. A kick on the backside and we came out firing on all cylinders. I mean did you see those 20 minutes. I was watching in disbelief how easily we destroyed United. I do believe LVG is not that special but take nothing away from what was a performance that will long be remembered in our hearts.

I remember an away game to Liverpool which we were losing 1-0 and we turned it 2-1 and in a post-match interview Fabregas said he never saw Wenger so angry at half time. Maybe a bit of shouting gives the needed motivation and desire? I don’t know, whatever the formula is, but put in a bottle, write it in a book and produce it over the course of a whole season.

It’s a shaky start for everybody in the league so if we stabilize and move onto that part of the season where we pick ourselves together and start putting those results on a daily basis, we’ll be in it with a real chance.

After the break if we survive the international injury storm, we have Watford away. The expectations will be back on us to perform like we did against United. Then it’s Bayern Munich. If we can repeat those 20 minutes, put Cech in goal, and it might be on. We literally have nothing to lose anymore.

Bayern have not lost a point so far and they swiped Dortmund with ease, but we might get a sneaky win against them. They’ll be huge favorites and they’ll try to dominate us and if we repeat the intensity of Sunday, we can hurt them. I think it’s nice that the Champions League puts only the champions in pot 1. This way we can face better opposition in the group stages and not take them too lightly.

We did a great recovery before the internationals. I’m happy and I believe we all are after that performance. Now it’s time to assess what we’ve done so far and where we can improve. There’s still all to play for. Enjoy.



  1. Arsenal won a game for goodness sake, not a title. I was over the moon when we ran riot on Saturday, but I’m still afraid of a possible inconsistency, and that leaves me not putting up my hopes. It’s a long season, we’ll win the league.

    1. was a great result..but now do we get two weeks of…
      arsenal for the champions league.
      arsenal the new invincibles

      it was ONE game

      an no usually we dont turn up for pressure games, it tends to be when the pressures off we beat the man cities, bayern munichs of this world

      we showed promise
      consistency has been our problem for years

  2. For now, onwards and upwards. Long may it continue… I shiver. However, no matter what, I’ll support my team. THANK YOU JESUS for The Arsenal.

    1. @Budd
      We still have City away-home
      Swansea away – home
      Clesea home
      Man U home
      And ever ECL game…These tests still await us.

  3. As far as Bayern are concerned, we keep them from scoring at home to us, then it’s on when we go to them…

  4. I think Liverpool getting kloop is the best signing the EPL has had for a long time and arsena not having him work with AW until he 2017 is again a big big lost. I think he will awaken a big lion in Liverpool I do. He will sell but buy big and good. God help top teams in the EPL but you no what years ago it was arsena and Liverpool so maybe AW will now sell 5 6 players sick notes and bring in so harden EPL players as well as 3 world class players. We need a Brazilian Player to keep our CD company as he don’t speak very good English and you no what go to Barcelona And take naymer we have the cash. Just think the front line him TW A S with the speed of our left and right backs who I!!!!

    1. i rate klopp very highly
      liverpool will become title contenders next year…bold claim?
      wait and see

      remember going to see dortmund at there stadium when they were still kinda on the come up…with a die hard dortmund fan
      whos that bro?
      thats mario gotze
      looks alright..crikey what a pass ..whos that?
      marco reus
      holy mackerel hes great with the ball to feet for a tall lad, whos that?
      ffs lewandowski
      is he anyFFS BRO WATCH THE GAMEE!!!!
      jeeze sorry…

  5. IMO I think we tend to perform better when we are under pressure. Last season we won at man city after a poor string of results.
    Off Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo on Sir Ferguson’s hairdryer treatment- “I remember sometimes when we do something bad or we lost some games he kick the chairs and he kick the boots, he kick everything, the waters, the drinks, and he’s so red and ‘f**k you, you should pass the ball you,” said the Real Madrid forward.
    “it was unbelievable but it was good – because we
    I think Wenger should start being more ruthless with the players. We saw how the players responded against man u after Wenger’s training ground spat.

  6. When we lost the second UCL game, I said to myself, Arsenal had two surprise bad games, can they have three surprise fantastic games? Why not? We have passed the first one, now bring on Bayern!

  7. Was a great result but nothing has changed. We will not not win the league or (laughs) the UCL.

    Not that I dont want us to or that I get satisfaction from saying so Its just that our inconsistency, system, squad, and tactical naivety and un-flexibility remain. We have as usual just glossed over the cracking with a stand-out performance.


  8. Someone here said he would be happy to lose against Olympiakos and win against Man U…your wish was granted man.

    Please always wish we win…seems football gods listen to u a lot.

  9. ppl here better not get all stupid if it flops against bayern
    we go into it with faith and a hope of a little luck

    we unravelled it after first two cl games
    stay realistic plz

  10. Konstatain, do you think the Boss will be contented with the winning only the Premier League title this season? Which of course he will definitely win. I believe Arsenal are ready to win the fifthruple, of which they’ve already won the Shield out of the five. Arsenal aren’t afraid of Bayern Munich as long as they are human beings footballers and not spirit beings from another planet. Bayern Munich are beatable, aren’t they?. For this beatable reason, Arsenal will not only beat them at the Emirates Stadium, but also beat them at the Allianz Arena.

  11. The thing is arsene Wenger was under pressure and the players especially Theo who said during the interview he wanted to do it for the boss meaning they had a little meeting only players to regroup themselves after the UCL loss, I feel arsene is pyschologycially damaged than anybody else rather than the team who are called as damaged cause his style is old,inefficient.

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