Does this CLASS spud mashing prove Podolski is NOT leaving Arsenal?

I must admit that I was more than surprised to see that the Arsenal team sheet for the Premier League home game against Hull City on Saturday did not include the name of Lukas Podolski, not even as a substitute. After the German striker had complained about his lack of time on the pitch this season and the injury to Mesut Ozil, I expected it to be the other way around.

I thought the striker was due for his first start of the season and when Arsene Wenger left him out entirely it suggested that his complaints had not had the desire effect but the exact opposite. Now whether it was just a one game punishment or the Frenchman realised that he had made a mistake and could have done with the German on the pitch on Saturday, we will probably never know.

It does seem, however, that the BBC jumped the gun in thinking it spelled the end of the road for Podolski as a Gunner. They got it wrong so spectacularly, in fact, that Podolski was forced to troll them and our local rivals at the same time. The BBC claimed that the 29-year old was set for a shock switch to the spuds, but Podolski hilariously slammed that suggestion via social media.

He tweeted, ” “Hell will freeze over before this transfer would happen.”

Now I am not saying that this is proof that Podolski and Wenger have resolved their differences and that he will be on the next team sheet, but you have to think that the player would not be so keen to dismiss talk of him leaving and get a dig in at our rivals if he was unhappy with things at Arsenal. So do you think we will see Lukas Podolski in the starting XI for the Champions League game against Anderlecht tomorrow?

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  1. John cross reports that ospina is out for 3 months. Another long term injury. Quality bants from Wenger, his team and their dinosaur ways of training that most likely cause all these injuries. What else could it be apart from how we train?!

    1. It’s not funny anymore why are we getting all these long term injuries ?
      Something has to be done and quick

    2. It is a recurring injury that he has suffered with for years, he had the same injury from the WC, when he came on he was not fit and therefore he aggregated it further.

      Another player with an injury record, fantastic. We now know what Wenger means when he can’t find the ‘right’ player, what he really means is he can’t find a player with a terrible injury record so he can later use it as an excuse.

    3. Your wrong but I do blame wenger for this one he said hat he new ospina had an injury towards the end of the season at nice then again at the World Cup. When he came back to arsenal he was nursing this injury and he avoided training his legs, which Inturn weakened his leg muscles.he didn’t feature in our first ten outings and he apparently wasn’t fully recoverd from his injury when he had to replace sczezney who was sent of wenger has said this week that the injury is a long term injury to his thigh meaning there is a high chance of it reoccurring,

  2. With Arsenal not looking any where like champions material, my wish is for Southampton to do an Atletico Madrid and win the title this season.

    1. Shouldn’t you be wishing that for arsenal considering we are amongst the underdogs for the title alongside Liverpool and Manu?

      Chelsea n city play the role of barce and real

  3. Podolski is a powerful player. He mixes brains & brawl to good effect. One of the most mature in the team. Also technically gifted with shooting boots. Can come in on the wings or center when we are out muscled. But the coach seem not to believe in those type of players anymore. He seem to favor a team full of Danny Davitos who can be out jumped or easily bulled off the ball. When they try to fight back the result is a card or injury.

    1. I think the main challenge that poldi has is fitting in the 4-1-4-1 formation as it takes him even further from goal playing Lm instead of Lfwd

  4. In 39 PL-starts Podolski has 19 goals & 11 assists – & remember he rarely plays 90 mins. That’s a better goals per start ratio than Giroud.

    Podolski’s positioning & defensive work rate his problems still he does well esp against mid table / bottom half teams we need depth

  5. Ospina out until mid-January according to reports wenger should make a move for valdes or wait till jan & go 4 neto (fiorentina) who will be a free agent in summer (can be signed for less fee)

  6. Wenger on Ospina: “It’s 2-3 months out. He first got the injury at Nice – I think maybe they rushed him back.”

    first kalmstrom now this no wonder diaby is still at arsenal bet he passes every fitness tests

    1. Diaby must be really getting pissed off!
      Just when he thinks he has got the medical room all to himself and lo and behold some another crock moves in!

  7. Who would you all like as the next manager that should be the next topic

        1. You do realise Bould gets stiffled by Wenger.
          Remember when Bould arrived and our defense really gelled.
          When Bould got too much credit at a press conference Wenger threw his toys out of the pram, said “its not all him! and stopped the defensive drills Bould had introduced.
          Result we started to leak goals and only when Wenger reneged were we able to scrape a top 4 that year.

          Wenger has lost it badly, putting his own vanity above the team is a sackable offense.

  8. No. It means he respects Arsenal and wouldnt disrespect them by going to a derby rival

    He would still move back to Germany in January if terms were agreed or Stay if given a chance by Wenger

    Wenger is like Scott the Canadian from the show South Park. He is being a giant dick to Podolski, Campbell and the fans.

  9. I can care less about what Podolski says at this point.

    8 games into the league and we’re 7th. if things don’t improve my end of november, then i think it really IS whatever comes will be better than Wenger.

    Wenger is the one who’s got the problem, not knowing how to utilize our players, and keep asking them to do things they’re not best at, all to facilitate his ego of building up from open play and through the middle.

    we have no crosses, no long balls, horrible in set pieces defending or attacking, no width, noone who can reliably win the ball back, but we’re still caught up in keeping possession.

    seriously, Wenger should go. He’s done enough, lets not shat on all of that u’ve built and leave, when u still have a little bit of grace left.

  10. i love pronz poldi, and i hope he means it.
    but i am still mad and therefore marked by something like “shoot me if i ever join Chelski” or something like that, by someone i used to like

    1. There is a chance that if we find someone like Klopp, that is so motivational, our team might play a very different game, and even Podolski can come back as a beast.

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