Does this mad EPL season really help Arsenal?

Everyone seems to be saying that this is the year for Arsenal. And if the Gunners do not win it this time then we will have blown the best chance for years and might not get another for some time. But hold on a minute here, why us? Why is it not a great chance for Man City, Man United or Leicester?

There have been some very unexpected things happening in this topsy-turvy season but why is it that Arsenal are the ones that should be expected to rise above? Why is it that our injury list is not taken into consideration? It is not as if many in the football media have much belief in Arsenal after all.

I reckon they can hardly wait to be able to write about us blowing our chance but if I remember rightly they said the same thing a couple of years ago. Of course I hope that we do it this year but if not I am not buying in to this media garbage that we will not have another chance next season or the one after.

Why do they think that Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United and the spuds will get stronger next year and we won’t? Is it me or are the football press just piling pressure on Arsenal?


  1. To answer your question it is simply the curse we carry of being “THE INVINCIBLES”. We have set such a high standard and expectation for ourselves but unfortunately we haven’t been able to live up to it. Yet the craziest thing is that the manager that accomplished that is still here with us. We’re very capable of doing it again but we clearly need the right group of players which unfortunately we don’t have at this given time. Who those players are or will be we will just have to wait and see.

  2. This season has been very open, competitive, and too close to call in the Epl! Next season won’t be that easy either as man u man City chelsea Liverpool and even spurs Will strengthen!

  3. Its silly to write us off BUT We are not entitled to the Trophy either. We need to earn it
    We just got 2 points from the last 3 matches. That’s pretty bad
    Man City got 5 points and Leicester got 7 points from the last 3 matches

    We need to improve fairly quickly
    I think we will because we have Coquelin back in addition to Alexis and Ozil

    Southampton at Home will not be an easy match. No PL match will be easy

  4. it is up to arsenal to show to the world that we are a big club. if we fail to win it, that we should step aside and dont make such noice and know our place amongst the other team in the world.

    has arsenal become weak as spurs, or did totenham become as strong as us. think about it and spare your self with this usesless babbling of words game.

  5. Yeah your right, why are they piling all the pressure on us, all impetus is on us. This is the only shot spu have ever gotten it would seem and it’ll likely be their last for an awful long time, like eons.

    They know what their doing too, pressure can be the final hurdle and it can be a massive obstacle, they really are trying to pile it on by saying stuff like it’s either this season or else what would seem never.

    Its up for grabs, so not just ours for the taking like they would have you believe. City should feel or receive more pressure/flack than we due to money spent and experience of been there. Yes we haven’t won it in a long time but that doesn’t make us more earnest. Tell you’s what, we’ll give it a go by trying our best and hoping for some luck ..that will either be enough or it won’t be. Arsenal for life ..maybe even more.

  6. There’s no doubts about it… We are a Big club,
    Who hasn’t won a Big Trophy, for well over a decade!
    And that’s why the Arsenal bashing media, love to bash us!
    ( no disrespect to the Fa cup )

    Wenger preformed miracle’s when he first arrived,
    Winning the premier league in his first year and also going on to win the double twice, as well as all his other achievement’s, The best being, going undefeated for a season and a half! In the league…
    Which was then followed by the worst…
    8 year’s without a major trophy!
    Even though, we have won back to back Fa cup’s,
    in the last two seasons, It’s the Premier league Crown that every fan wants!

    Wenger has proved it, time and time again,
    that, he has lost his magic in winning the big boy’s trophy.

    As the saying goes ” All good things, come to an end ”
    and a certain person, needs to accept that.

    1. ManCity is the favorite from the very first start, so the real biggest pressure should be on them.
      Screw the media, for me, we are collecting winning mentality from both back to back FA Cup. We are down a bit due to our starting injuries and inconsistency of their replacement, but the team is hang on and still has it within. Our treatment table left only Santi Cazorla. So, things will getting better soon for us.
      This period is not yet being two horses race like usual story on the past. I don’t care who they are, that’s not important. Forget the past, look forward only. We must play harder and sharper. COYG!!!

  7. I read an article blaming Flamini’s lack of discipline for Arsenal’s recent struggles.

    In a couple of early games replacing Coq Flamini was indeed undisciplined but since then the real lack of discipline lies with Ramsey who has a single-minded focus of working himself in front of goal and waiting glory in the form of a nice cross. He has had no interest in deep cover responsibilities at all.

  8. I see the title as a real toss up. So much can happen and predicting key injuries that can make a break a season is nearly impossible.

    Arsenal, City, Leicester and Spurs ALL have a chance. Beyond that is just guess-work.

  9. The reason it’s seen as the best opportunity for us to win it is that the usual contenders bar City are generally not in it.

    Let’s call a spade a spade here, in the last decade plus the 4 big teams have been United, Chelsea, City and Arsenal and of that bunch only Arsenal haven’t won the league in that period. United have won it 3+ times, Chelsea have won it 3+ times and City have won it twice in the last 4 years and haven’t finished below second.

    Truthfully we are generally out of the race by this time with one or two teams punching it out at the top. The big difference this season hasn’t so much been Arsenal but the usual suspects.

    Up till now no one truly knows what happened at Chelsea this season, United are a shadow of the team they were under Ferguson and show no signs of return, City flop between mercurial and pathetic. As a result you have a team that was facing relegation a few months ago at the top of the league in February with Spurs a mere 2 points behind us.

    It is the best time for us to win it because while we’ve generally floundered under pressure none of the other teams bar City have been there in recent times. Were any team as consistent as Chelsea were last season the race this year would have been as much of a formality as the last.

    The reason many don’t think we will be much stronger next year is based both on the approach of ourselves as well as our rivals, with us being the conservatives

  10. Maybe the press doesn’t have much belief in Arsenal because they are performing a bit worse than they did in the season 2013/14, the season when we saw yet another Wenger trophy. So how can one not see it happening yet again baffles me. It’s still one game at a time, but for me losing against Chelsea at home outlines the following performances in the derby matches, so I waved good bye to the title already. Even if they pick up form and win a few tough games, I don’t see them picking up more points than Mancity, that has a way easier schedule and that has entered the good run, which I honestly doubt will stop this season.

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