Does this mean Arsenal boss is ready to end it all?

There is a huge amount of anger, despair and frustration flowing through the global ranks of Arsenal fans today. Yet another almost identical turnaround in Swansea, right after the players should have learned that very lesson against Anderlecht in the Champions League, has left us bereft of hope and wondering what has happened.

And as much as you might think that Arsene Wenger is breezing along happily and serving up platitudes while having no fear that his failures will result in the sack, think again. Because the Frenchman, according to his own words, is ready to end it all and commit suicide!!!!!

Well, that is what he said he would do, as reported by The Mirror last week, if he was to accept that the Gunners had no chance of winning the Premier League title this early in the season. And this was while Arsenal were nine points behind Chelsea and showing all sorts of problems.

Wenger said, ““If I say to you: ‘No, the objective is not to win the title’, then I have to commit suicide when I go out from here.

“The objective now realistically is for us to get back in a position where we have a chance to win the title.”

Whether it is the extra three points gap to the league leaders that Arsenal now have, or the manner of our capitulation in a rain sodden Swansea, I am not sure, but after yesterday’s defeat the Arsenal boss pretty much admitted that Chelsea are going to lift the EPL trophy in May, as reported by ESPN.

The Arsenal boss said, “Look at the season and Chelsea are on course for 105 points. Look at the number of points they have today and if they keep that up nobody will touch them, that’s for sure.

“It doesn’t look like anybody is capable of challenging them at the moment. There’s no obvious reason but they have had a good start and as long as you don’t lose you don’t question yourself. Maybe a little bit more extra spirit in the team helps them when it gets tight.”

So I wonder which method Wenger will choose; head in the oven, pills or maybe from his time in Japan it will be the honourable Hara-kiri….

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  1. Well, what to expect from the team if the manager himself indirectly declares the opponents are too good to be defeated. you see the spirit he has? not one of a challenger! i am utterly disgusted.

  2. Wenger: “We lacked some spark.”
    Journalist: “Why did you lack spark?”
    Wenger: “Because they didn’t give up.”
    So WE lacked spark because the other team gave a fu*k about the match? LOL

  3. What we should do is not “like” every goddam picture the players post every hour. They should be ashamed at the moment and rather focus on training and tactics rather than social media.

  4. UTD/Dortmund/Westbrom/Southampton… This doesn’t look good for AW and his back-line. I am very sorry for Sanchez you can after every game he looks beat.

  5. The usual Arsene wenger anthem……arsenal should start preparing for preseason at least they can win the Emirate cup….

  6. Wenger will continue to make foolish excuses, because him and the board have one thing in common “no ambition”!

    1. Greg agree with you but let me put it this way, the board has no ambition in winning Trophies, they have plenty ambition on getting your Money…Wenger is just an accomplice

  7. Wenger is going to run the club into the ground.

    What will happen if we don’t make top 4, what players will come, who will leave.

    We don’t have cash like United to blow.

    Wenger must leave now and give a new coach time to get into top 4, giving him a season so we challenge on all fronts next season.

    Get the transition over now when we know we can’t win anything.

    1. We have the cash. The money’s always been there it’s just been Wenger’s refusal to spend in the right areas. I’m more worried that the board will once again refuse to fire Wenger. Most people are lucky to get a second chance during their career but Wenger must’ve had at least 1,000 extra chances to get it right. and he still fails

  8. we need to get back to BASICS like we did just before we defeated Munich in Munich. Be more pragmatic, get 1 goal and defend our asses off. we can defend, we did that well last season. we need to commit to defend and keep 10 men behind ball.

  9. Cheer up guys. The league might have been lost before Christmas, but at least we still have the champions league to fight for 😉 COYG!

      1. Unless AW suprises us by buying the nececery players in January but one again more chance of wining the Lotery.

          1. @ny gunner those were mind games,but do you think wenger is playing them? because i dont.i know we cant be no.1 but yesterday we f*cked up chance of catching mancity and staying in the top 4

      1. NY-Guuner Mourinho said it to brain fuc£ AW, I don’t think AW is doing the same thing he genuinely excepting defeat, the deference would be between the two managers in the same situation one would go and buy the best player money can buy and the other will say ” I don’t belive in January window”

        Don’t get me wrong if I had to invite one of them to my house for diner it will be hands down every time AW but we don’t pay for nice we pay for silverwear,

        1. @adienl
          Yet you’re quick to drool all over him when it suits you. Get real. then come back with something substantive…


      1. sorry but i prefer not telling anything, not that i do not trust you, but we really want this to happen and there is no leakage possible. but i promise youll definitely see us on tv..

          1. am i? or is it you, who is trying to act smart? coz if you are, then i may i propose you stop, coz you are not.

            1. Will be watching. Will hold you to being on tv.
              Maybe others do something too, make enough noise for any change.

              1. Unfortunately the board only understands finances, the only way to shake up the board is empty seats but as we know there are fans that can’t get tickets at normal times they will sweep it up and not forgeting Arsenal attracts lot of Turists they are always after tickets and they don’t mind paying a premium.

                1. I use to think as fanatic as you, but thats not answer. You may get 2000-3000 people to not go into but getting 60,000 fans not going wont ever happen. even if 10,000 fans dont appear, there are easily replaceable and if we all boycott, it will just continue to de-moralize the players. The solution /protest which the whole world fans can do – is to not buy any merchandise. Puma will start asking questions which will force the board to spend.

                  1. We all need to phone up AFC on a given day and block the switch board, if you can afford it don’t hang up.



      Now a rain of sh*t its all over wengers head, too bad he didnt take an umbrella.

    2. Wear a ball box and perhaps a helmet because after 5 mins you are going to be surrounded by angry gooners who are going to ask you nicely to put those banners away and use force if necessary. There are far more gooners out there in support of Wenger than there are opposing him, and for a good reason. WE ALL KNOW HIS TIME IS UP, but his retirement/departure needs to be done diplomatically and with respect, not a bunch of hooligans calling for his head. After what he has done for this club, it is an utter shame and disgrace what some of you have said on this forum and what you wish to do to get him out.

      1. It thinking like that, that we are in this position.
        How do you get a dictator out who does not want to leave, by force.

        Look at history, these people get in a run ruin. Arsene is doing the same.

        1. If it were not for that bald chap after Villa game shouting and with a sign saying, Spend Spend Spend we would not have Ozil.

          These fans are needed, and it ridiculous you would use violence against someone for expressing their concerns

        2. What position? 15 years with CL?. Two prestige trophies last season? A new found financial muscle capable of bringing in any player? After a bit of a bad run, you want our longest serving manager who has brought major success to this club, to just be fired!!?? What a f*cking joke. Look at some other clubs like City, Liverpool, United, clubs with even more money and they are also taking a bad turn. There is a reason why the people running this SUCCESSFUL club have kept Arsene in charge for so long and the same reason is why they will not listen to a bunch of idiots waving Wenger Out banners thinking they know better than everyone else. Wenger will finish up his tenure in the next two and a half years, success or failure, either way he deserves a respectful and dignified end to his career at Arsenal. That is the least we owe him for building this dynasty of a club we now have, because without him, we would NOT be where we are today – we would be MUCH WORSE OFF.

          1. with all due respect to you, and surely and definitely to Wenger also, you guys are not part of reality but in past memories of old arsenal day.i also get what you are saying, in the last line only. yes we wouldnt have been the arsenal we are today. YES, WITHOUT HIM, WE WOULD SURELY HAVE WON THE EPL LAST SEASON, AND MAYBE THE PREVIOUS SEASONS, WHEN WE STILL HAD VAN PERSIE, SONG, FABREGAS, NASRI, CLICHY AND THE LOT.

            1. Those players would have left regardless because we were at a stage where because we could not bring in better players and on top of that pay better wages to our top players like RvP etc (and other clubs were willing to pay big) that is why they left. It was an extremely tough time for the club and Wenger, and he did what he could to keep us a float which he did extremely well with the limited funds he had to work with. Managing a football club is not as simple as like playing a game of football manager or fifa where you have a kitty just for players, there are hundreds of factors involved that all revolve around the finances – a very delicate balance needed to run things smoothly. What people like you do not seem to understand is that a club is a business first and foremost – and everything else follows. Go back to playing fifa kid because you obviously have no clue about business and economics.

          2. Big Gun — respect. I’d love Wenger to be able to walk into the sunset on top but, as that appears less and less likely despite being tantalising close, I’ll settle for a dignified departure at the end of the season for everything he’s done.

          3. You see the proganda boys are coming out. They are the reason. I wonder what the board and financial departments where doing while Wenger was doing everything.

          4. You see the proganda boys are coming out. They are the reason we won’t progress. I wonder what the board and financial departments where doing while Wenger was doing everything. It’s Wenger did this Wenger did that. … He needs a proper retirement farewell… give him two more seasons to mess up some more. I told you guys they will come out. Hence Big gun confirmed there are groups and factions in the stadium intimidating the rest. Watch the protests come at away games. If London won’t do it we will.

      2. Then pray we dont loose against manure if you want fans to stay calm

        Monreal and Mertesacker vs Ronney-Van persie-Falcao

        That should be fun

        1. @medvet&guunert
          I see neither of you handled that reality check too well. You think thats bad, wait till it really comes knocking on your door…lmfao

          1. And you call yourself grown up?
            You just depreciate the mental capacity of many when you comment here.
            Go blow @ Big Gun.

      3. With all due respect to the Man for the good old times, someone must make him understand that what he built with his hands is destroying it with his feet…is time to go, I believe if it’s not for a miracle at this point, we won’t make the top 4 then he must resign with grace, but even from now he must start looking for his successor the CHOSEN ONE

  11. Let’s hope we don’t get injuries during the international break.

    Maybe Flamini and Arteta pull a hamstring getting out of bed and miss rest of season.

  12. We are not going to win because the manager/players said we will win.
    It has to be done on and off the field, step by step.
    Size of squad, rotation, sign star players, avoid injury(ies), tactics, lineup…
    We can stay as positive as we want, but our manager/manager hasn’t fixed any of the above (except signing Alexis) and how we can catch Chelsea and be a contender?
    Dream on, Wenger.

  13. Wenger has really dug a hole for himself.How can he leave with dignity?He should have called it a day after winning the FA cup.I can’t see Arsenal winning anything else under his leadership,so i supose he will just stay until his contract expires.The club will NEVER sack him unless we finish outside the top 4 and although we a poor Liverpool and Man U are worse,so we will probably finish 4 as usual

  14. Since the Anderlecht game and now after Swansea I have never seen Wenger look so brittle and uncomfortable, (not even after last years hammerings). He’s feeling the pressure no doubt and must be wondering at this point why he took another 3 year contract.

    I can’t believe he has actually said the title chase is over, very un Wenger like!
    I’d expect him to say “Just over a quarter of the season has been played so of course it is still mathematically possible to end up at the top. It will be a challenge for all teams though as Chelsea are on a great run of form. In football anything can happen like injuries, red cards etc”

    No doubt gooners we are really in a dark place at the moment!
    My Dad said to me today, “what’s going on with Arsenal?”
    He asked me particularly about his usually favourite player Cazorla and the talisman of last year Ramsey. He said “Is Aaron starting to believe his own hype like Wilshire?” 🙂

  15. we need to hold our ground till January. January transfer window will decide how far we can go this season, I mean FA cup and UCL. I do not believe title is possible, my hope is they(Chelsea) lose to somebody so that they do not ruin our GOLDEN title.

    1. What the F*CK!!!
      Hold our ground until January? Are you f*cking kidding me?
      Have you watched Arsenal January transfer window for the past 5 seasons?
      If you have you wouldn’t be making ridiculous statements like the one you just made.
      The season is over. We aren’t winning POOP!.

      1. Got to agree with Gunnar T.To be honest are season was over once the august transfer was over.Can’t wait until june 2017

  16. Do you guys still think that Wenger did right by not signing Song back???????? People here that were saying that Song is trash, I hope you see him play right now and see what we miss!

    1. Some of us thought we will buy someone els someone much beter, if we had known that no one was filing that position we would of excepted Song with open arms even doe he left when we most needed him.

      1. But he didn’t leave because he wanted, he left because Arsene made him. Did you notice the trend, that all of our stars when they leave us they do better in other teams if they have proper manager and teammates. I just can not stand watching Cesc and Song playing for somebody else when we really need them!!!!

        1. @dima actually almost all players do badley when they leave Arsenal they canot handel strict managers who demand performance and most becom bench warmers.

    2. Wenger had problems with Song, in that he Song had a bad attitude in training sessions towards the end. No one questions Wenger, that why there was no way he would come back.

  17. Maybe making noise now will result in the necessary transfers come January, but the pressure needs to start now.

    Maybe also Wenger will get it together. Year after year we look like we won’t make top 4 and Arsenal comes through. this could bode well as the pressure is starting early

  18. If this situation goes at this rate than some of us will have a heart-attack and not to mention possibility of it happening at emirates before 60000 people and players, i’ve given it a thought maybe a time-out from arsenal football club is what the fans need and you know watch some other leagues like bundes-liga or french league or even MLS you know cause those leagues won’t hurt you! when there is no Wenger.

  19. I think will start praising wenger again after a two succesive good results. They shouldn’t. Wenger has been getting things wrong for years now. He needs to go regarless of outcome at the end of the season.

  20. Will Kos be back for Man United game?

    Hope so, he has to be our most missed player.
    Speedy recovery to you Kos.

  21. @admin
    Why am I being moderated?
    Used no vulgar language, just expressing my opinions in a friendly manner with no harm, insult or abuse to anyone.

    They are my thoughts alone and how I feel, please note no one need take them too seriously or be offended.

    1. @Crag, Really donno how many Admins we have or if it is just one person with two faces. …acts nicely sometimes, other times can be inexplicably enigmatic. Honestly, dunno if admin is male or female.

  22. Nothing else can be blamed for the horrendous season so far, apart the the manager. I used to think maybe Wenger wasn’t the problem, and it was to do with the board, money etc. But the reason we have lost the last two games has been :

    Playing players in positions they are not comfortable in (this may be also why we get so many injuries), when it is not necessary, as we do do have players who are comfortable in those positions.

    Not reacting fast enough and quick enough to changes in the opposing team, with regard to substitutions. When Walcott was brought on yesterday, there was a change in the team spirit. Like the Anderlecht game when we needed him, WHY was he only brought on with ten minutes to go, when apparently he is fit enough to do an England tour?

    People who are skilled, and have shown a great attitude when they have been allowed to play, being continually excluded. Here I am referring to Campbell and possibly Podolski. Campbell always shows that battling spirit, and he would’ve made a far better sub than Sanago, as he isn’t coming back from an injury. Wenger is not managing logically, but managing by what he wants, not by what the team need.

    These are our problems, and Wenger solely is responsible for them.

    1. That’s excluding the problems with not addressing our lack of a physical DM, or defensive vulnerabilities, but these have been addressed many times before, but are also down to Wenger.

  23. I would use reverse psychology on the whole team, apart from a few individuals. Nothing else is working so anything is worth a try at this moment.

    1. how about using reverse psychology on Wanger pretend we all agre we don’t need another players in January may be like usual he will do the opisite and buy someone.

  24. Quite often the truth is a hard pill to swallow but, for once, Wenger seems to be telling the truth. I wouldn’t go so far as suggesting Chelsea will win the title at this stage but there is no way Arsenal can catch them, that`s for sure. Whilst it would be nice to come number one I think the fans would be happy to come in the top three providing they got their pride back and a team to be proud of.
    To Bob (who wrote the post) I sincerely hope it was written in metaphors and no harm intended.

    1. If Chelsea keep their wining streak up I think this January all will know that no one can catch them (no disrespect to Southampton) I think buying players will be much more cheaper then previous seasons, so it would be a perfect time to buy descent players to molde in to the team for next season and fighting for fourth place this season.

  25. imagine if the board didnt sign welbeck?? Giroud injured and the postman Sanogo has been out injured too!! it would have been even worse!!

  26. Under investment in players over the last nine years has caught up with us. You can’t expect to challenge for the EPL or UCL with what we have spent on players over the last nine years.

  27. Arsenal iz decomposing because of that stubborn old fart plz leave now while the club still have a lil life in it & oh #FACK AW ur #brainless! ! Thumb me down #AW supporters & fack u 2 while u thumbing me down .

  28. No mattetr what sport I have played, even when I have a rubbish coach I give my all, even if the team I’m playing for is being hammered.
    If I could see that on our players, but it just ain’t working then fine. Surely that is what most fans want to see, is fight in the players.

    Is it down to the coach or the players?

    If you have players that are not self motivated it’s up to the coach, he brought the players in.

    Sanchez to me looks like the only true gooner out there, giving everything, every match, knowing it won’t be enough.

    1. I would strip Arteta of the captains arm band and give it to Sanchez, as a captain you lead by example.

    2. Players playing out of position don’t know what they’re doing, as they don’t have experience, and some players just have more ability in certain positions. I mean, Wenger would probably buy Manuel Neuer and play him as a striker ATM. I have mostly supported Wenger, but in the last year he is making all the wrong decisions all the time. I am certain that any PL manager could take over the current Arsenal squad and get better results ATM.
      I think there are a few ways forward – to appoint an assistant manager to Wenger, to help out with the decision making, and as a run in to eventual succession – this would avoid turbulence like at Man U etc, or to appoint a forward coach as well, (Thierry Henry), like West Ham have done. But both these come with a proviso that Wenger has to listen, which he doesn’t appear to be doing with Steve Bould.

  29. Lol, just realised an article insinuating Wenger wants to kill himself gets the most posts of the day.

    Really Arsenal fans hahaha.

    Maybe I’m just tired so I find it funny.

  30. In January knowing our board they will sell Sanchez anything for a quick buck. GET THEM OUT I AM FED UP.

    1. Liverpool did that look at them? 3 players needed coz the front will play with freedom knowing we have a world class DM and a great CB and get Carl back from West Ham simple

  31. The team might go out and win a game in honer of a dead AW. Look this will help go to West Ham and get out 2 boys back simple as that

  32. My fear now, is that we are going to continue losing players (Sanchez, Ozil, Podolski, etc) and we may not even attract star players anymore. I agree with one of Commentor above saying Wenger should have signed back Song and Maybe Fab, but personal grudge will not let Wenger do the right thing. Shame on Arsene Wenger, the sooner he leaves our dear Arsenal, the better for us.

  33. In my opinion the writing has been on the wall since we sold Cesc and RVP Wenger should’ve resigned after the FA Cup Win which would’ve been a good send off but NO he decides to stay and continue with the same tired tactics week in week out its depressing being a Gooner we get no respect we are called the Last 16 drop outs Top 4 losers we have United this weekend I won;t be suprised if they beat us I’ve lost my faith in Wenger

  34. @ LoL2304 I am just loving this so much right now…way to go Bro I will for sure keep an eye out for you and the team. Wish I was there to join ya and smack some f***kin hell on Wenger’s rugged up old shittty face.

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