Should Arsenal hijack Man United deal after Vardy snub?

With Arsenal having made a transfer bid large enough to trigger the release clause in the Leicester contract of Jamie Vardy, it was clear that Arsene Wenger had decided it was the Premier League star who was the right man to give Arsenal the extra goal power that we lacked last season, even though quite a few football experts suggested that his game and the style of the Gunners were not really suited.

Now we are hearing that Vardy will stay with Claudio Ranieri and so the search goes on for Arsene Wenger, although one candidate spoken about seemed to be already set to sign for our Premier League rivals Manchester United. But maybe there is still a chance that Arsenal could persuade the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic to come to Arsenal rather than Old Trafford.

The Swede’s agent Mino Raiola has made it clear that we wants his client to join Jose Mourinho at United but as revealed in a Metro report, he also admitted that Ibrahimovic has not yet made his own mind up.

He said, ‘Manchester United are a great team with a great coach.

‘It’s fascinating.

‘I’ve made my decision, but he has not yet made his.’

Surely one big thing in Zlatan’s mind would be the lack of one more shot at the Champions League if he chose United, whereas he may be able to help Arsenal win it for the first time.

I also think that Wenger has his reservations about Zlatan because of the ego involved as well as the massive wages he would demand, but after Vardy’s snub maybe he will realise that he cannot afford to dither and that perhaps it is a risk worth taking.

What do you think Gooners?


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  1. No grudge over Vardy or the deal………He’s doing the right thing after Leicester made him what he is

    Can’t just turn his back at em just Like that…..can he?

    And for what?….Big team?…..champions league?….major trophies?…… I don’t think so!

  2. I think Wenger no go for Mahrez after Vardy’s Snub. The striker position, Lukaku would not be bad as he has got the pace we are missing. He is an upgrade to Giroud and with him we do not need to change the style of our play. He may not give 25 goals but cam touch 20 mark. So goals needs to come from wnger and midfileders. Having mahrez aslo in the team will guarantee 15 goals from Left wing plus assists. Sancez can finally touch 20 goal mark this season. On top of it if Ozil start scoring, then we will become good attacking side.
    Of cource we need a CB.

    1. u read my mind…..if vardy doesn’t come(I don’t blame him), we shld go for lukaku…EPL proven, abundant pace(THANK GOD!!!), good finisher, even a little bit of ‘hold-up play’….he scored 25 goals in all competitions last season….if he joins he wld get at least 30 goals, trust me even…with d kind of midfield we’ve got, he’ll b spoon-fed chances….

      1. Even if Wenger thinks there is no better striker available than Giroud (Only wenger knows why), still he needs to buy a striker as Welbeck is almost certainly out of most of next season,
        I am sure he would not go for Walcott and Akpon as our backup striker.Hopefully

    2. Lukaku ????
      Really ???
      when will you guys come to the conclusion that Lukaku is kak!!!
      Ive seen nothing from this player that would suggest anything clsoe to him being better than Giroud.
      He’s another lampost and has done nothis thus far in the euro’s which is where we should be seeing outstanding performances from ANY PLAYER LOOKING TO MARKET HIMSELF IN THE SUMMER.
      wake up Lukaku is rubbish and at best a like for llike player

  3. Wenger needs to go for a better striker than we have in Giroud. That is the bottom line. Giroud leads the line next season and we will win nothing. To me there are many better strikers around. Money should not be an issue as we have over 200 million in the bank and a top striker on the pitch is more valuable than a few more millions in the bank.

    Strikers that are quite possibly better and worth the gamble:

    Lewondowski, Aubamayang, Higauin, Lukaku, Vardy, Morata, Hernandez, etc etc etc.

    We have no real excuse not to sign a better striker option then we have in Giroud. It is only a question of willingness and I suspect we just don’t have the willingness.

    1. We DONT have the willingness
      I suspect the Vardy thing is more smoke and mirrors Ala Suarez and Higuin.
      Its either that or its a case of we are viewed as sooo unambitious that even players hitting thier 30’s are no longer interested in winning the Wenger cup.
      either way I seriously suspect we will be linked with a large number of players and the only one we will see in an Arsenal shirt come august will be Granit We nger has NOT changed in anyway and has already stated that Giroud will lead the line next season which rules out Lewondowski, Aubamayang, Higauin and any real top signings and IF France win the euro (wich will be no real indication of anything much) Wenger will sing Giroud priases to the heavens and state that we have the top striker in europe.
      Thats the way it will go

  4. Look
    Verdy is clearly thinking he is now the greatest thing since sliced bread, If he rejects the offer we have made then thats fair play he wouldnt be the type of player we want at any rate, I suspect that he listens to his new wag mrs too much who may well be whispering in his ear about tema on the continent IF he has a good euro competition,
    Lukaku is a like for like player with Giroud and has really NOT set the world on fire, are we really so ambitious that Lukaku is our best option at present???
    Im vehemently opposed to Lukaku as he is slightly better than Giroud but thats it there no real reson to have another lampost in the squad

    1. Lukaku is not a like for like player, he differs in one very important criteria and thats pace, in which if Giroud had this pace i would not think of replacing him, because that would have allowed him to score more goals.

      Now let me ask you this a Lukaku in an arsenal lineup and a Lukaku in an everton line up, in which team would he get most goals.

      Answer that honestly and not with your bias or dislike for the strker

      1. Everton… He would rely less on playing technical and they have better crossers of the ball that will suit his Arial threat
        Lukakus touch is awful and he can’t pass

        1. Oooo, so for your understanding the goals giroud scored were not from crosses and set play and Lukaku never scored any from out pacing defenders which Giroud can not do

  5. Zlatan might be a good striker for the Premier League and would definitely change Arsenal’s mentality. But Zlatan has never been decisive in the CL, and I don’t think he would be able to be decisive at 34.
    By the way, I might be delusional, but I think Vardy is a done deal for Arsenal. If he was intending to stay at Leicester, why wouldn’t he confirm it right now? He would be able to focus on England the same way… I think he just postponed his official decision, to get the full support from all English fans and avoid facing Leicester’s disappointment on social media. Once’s Euro is finished, he will be back to England, announce his decision to join Arsenal and take holidays…

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