Does this mean Arsenal hopes of Hummels transfer are OVER?

Most, if not all, Arsenal fans hope that Arsene Wenger is planning to carry on with his more expansive transfer business, which has seen the Gunners smash the club transfer record to bits in the signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid and then follow it up by spending over £30 million on the amazing Alexis Sanchez.

So even though it is not the sort of transfer that we have seen from Arsenal in recent years, many of us were still hoping that the Borussia Dortmund and Germany international defender Mats Hummels could be signing for the Gunners during this January transfer window.

However, the player himself seems to have ended those hopes, for the time being at least. A Metro report reveals that Hummels has suggested that there is no point in trying to sign him at the minute, as he takes his club loyalties seriously and he intends to help his Bundesliga club recover from a shocking first half of the season that sees them languishing in the relegation zone despite topping the Champions League group ahead of us.

Hummels said, “I have always decided not to leave. I think I have made some good decisions and I want to make those in the future as well.

“I have never said I will stay until 2024 or 2030 or whenever.

“But I have stayed until today. I will stick to my way of not promising anything and maybe leave someday instead of saying I will stay forever and then leave all of a sudden.

“I am not really know as a globetrotter. I have been with two clubs in 26 years. Loyalty is important to me.

“The only thing I am concerned with right now is to play better than in the first half of the season. I was not satisfied at all with myself as one can imagine. I have gotten offers from different clubs ever since I have been with Dortmund.”

It appears to me that Hummels is telling potential suitors not to bother, but come back in the summer and we will see. At least his position is clear so if Wenger was holding out on the possibility of getting him this month, he can forget it and move on. And the sooner he brings in some defensive cover the better. But who will it be?

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  1. Ozzy AFC says:

    Wenger is looking at a new and absolutely unknown player on a free with really low wages, his name is Buyim Forfukall
    apparemtly he’s CDM for the Turkmenistan national side

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Here’s the cousin of Costa Verilitel I believe who according to reports in the DailyBollocks Arsein Wonga is very interested in.

  2. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    Were we ever in for him? I think it was always more fantasy, especially getting him in January when it would be absolutely stupid for Dortmund to sell him.

  3. Gunnerbongo says:

    Banking hopes on air,that is it.Never even gave it a thought that Wenger could sign Hummels this January so not a shocking news to me.

  4. Greg says:

    I dont think that we were ever in for him anyway, stories were fabricated by various media including the famous rumour mill ” the metro”!

  5. fred cowardly says:

    There were never real hopes. At least not by me.
    Dreams, yes. We all dream

    Realistically, there was no way Wenger would spend Alexis size money on a defender.

    Wenger is an attack minded manager. He will only spend big money on attack.

    In fact, I was quite surprised when Wenger signed Chambers and Debuchy for around £16 million

    So don’t expect Hummels, Ramos, Verane

    Howedes (my favorite) is possible but unlikely
    He can play CB, LB, RB so Wenger may like him but Schalke are unlikely to give him up unless Wenger pays a lot more than he is worth, especially in January.

    Schar, Van Dijk, Reid are ALL possible

    Beware though with Wenger a very cheap defender or a loan is also very possible.

  6. Ozzy AFC says:

    sorry bout the caps but cant be bothered to retype

  7. vijaygunner says:

    no article about afobe joining wolves?!

  8. Greg says:

    Arsenal has offered chuba akpom a new three year contract!

  9. True.Gooner says:

    What’s the meaning of WENGER in english???? :/

    1. BigWilli says:

      penny pinching stubborn person who likes to give arrogant answers to his clubs fans

  10. Tyno says:

    A new three-year contract. Well, good. What about Sergey?

  11. maxwell says:

    You can wish And name all the superstars in the world but it ain’t going to happen

    Seems Wenger has splashed out big ….Marcelo Brozovic 6m welcome to arsenal………………………………………………….

    ..yes Google even struggles to find him

  12. LoCkAy says:

    Man City just signed Bony (confirmed) and their squad just got better… Again !

    As for us, we have loaned Podolski and Sanogo and Benik Afobe just signed a 3 years contract with Wolves… This is not a football club… Just a well run business.

    Wenger, “The manager”, left the club in 2006… What we have now is just a “suit” who has a clearly some stakes in the Arsenal business and could not give a “monkey” about the fans (like the other twat from the board anyway).

    Win the league in 2017?
    Even though it is all bullshit and lies, it does start now. In order to win the league in 2017 we need to build a team right now.

    Wenger extended Mertesacker contract for 2 more years (why? he is already finished).
    Wenger is discussing a 2 years extension for Arteta (why? he is not a football player anymore).

    Fantasy and unfounded facts… This is a club that will NEVER win a major trophy as long as Wenger and his cronies (this include those the deluded fans satisfy with a top four like they are with the whore on the track… Suckers and addicted to mediocrity !!).

    The ideal scenario would have been Wenger signing a CB and a DM (looks like we need a striker too) on the first of January (negotiation taking place before the market open).

    Arsenal is a big club, a massive club, but not a top club (sis France Football quote… And they know what they are talking about)… A top club has a top manager (we don’t… As a matter of fact far from it) and win trophies on a regular basis (we don’t and we are no where near close to the CL or the league…).

    Thank you Alexis Sanchez….

    This team is in 5th position (36 points… F*cking joke) based on the pure talent of few players (especially Sanchez… Thanks Jack “I cannot do sh*t puffer” Wilshere is injured, so Rosicky and Carzola can remind us why they are above that joke).

    1. DaveJay says:

      Not addicted to “mediocrity” as you and so many other parrots put it, just followers of Arsenal that choose to stand behind the greatest manager in the history of the club. There are only a handful of teams in the world that win trophies regularly – if you support one of those teams then you should consider yourselves lucky. Most do not have that luxury.

      It is my hope that Arsenal wins something soon – not necessarily so I have something to celebrate, but so it finally stops the bile that comes from your whining gobs.

  13. jensenvk says:

    Wilshere is flippin overrated…

  14. AidanGooner says:

    We need someone faster, he and Mertersacker woldn’t be a strong pairing when Koscielny is absent. Fantasy name anyway.

  15. jermaineBryan says:

    personaly I would do a mertesacker and podolski +10m swap

  16. LoCkAy says:


    You must be one of those deluded who was/is jumping around everytime we finish fourth…!! If it is not mediocrity, what is?
    Greatest manager of the club??
    Oh yes he has built the stadium with his own money.
    Graham won more trophies than him in the regard of time frame and period…!! (and an European Cup which Wenger will NEVER achieve… That is just impossible… We cannot even win the league).

    We are lucky to have fans who still believe in achieving better and “greatness”… You have not realised that you have a “suit” in charge not a manager…
    F*cked off with those fans who continue to live in the past!!

    I watch French sports programs and football emissions (better and more programs there) and none, none have ever rated Wenger. As a matter of fact they never understood why a manager is still in position just because he qualify for the CL every season (not like he is going to win it anyway).

    People (mostly delusional fans and the British newspapers) were talking about Wenger managing Real Madrid… Real Madrid??? He would have not last 5 mins there… They fired coaches because the style of play was not attractive enough even though they did the double (Del Bosque)…!

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