Does this mean Ospina is NOT set for Arsenal exit?

He may have been the target of much criticism from the Arsenal fans and football media in general for a nightmare game in the Champions League against Olympiacos, but David Ospina bounced back well and ended last season having regained the respect and admiration of Gooners everywhere.

And he followed that up with a fine Copa America tournament in goal for Colombia, so it is understandable that Arsene Wenger wants to keep him at the club. The problem, however, is whether Ospina himself is happy to play second fiddle to our Czech Republic international Petr Cech rather than seeking a transfer to a club where he would be the first choice keeper.

There are signs that Wenger may have persuaded him to stay with Arsenal, though, with the main one being a report in The Sun claiming that our Poland international Wojciech Szczesny is set for a second season on loan in Serie A with the Italian club Roma.

The report also says that the loan deal will include the option for Roma to sign him on a permanent basis, so it seems like Wenger is ready to let the long term Arsenal star go and I do not think he would do that if he was not confident that we had a top quality back up for the former Chelsea man.

So is it ciao to Szczesny while Ospina stays?


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  1. If this Guy Smit turns out to be something special, who is on a two week trial then who’s to say that money mad Arsenal won’t sell Ospina? ? ?

    Personally, I would keep Ospina and rotate him and Cech everytime one or the other conceded a goal, inbetween games, that would give more incentives to improve performances and maybe that kind of rotation could also work for other areas in the team.

    1. Off topic. If Juve are getting £100m for Pogba as is being reported, and their number 1 transfer target is Alexis Sanchez as has been reported… Then we are in trouble. Don’t care how much they offer, we shouldn’t be selling Sanchez at any price.

      1. Pretty upset at the lack of ambition shown so far. Vardy was never going to be easy to get away from Leicester, and we clearly went in there, thinking we could get a cheap fix, as I don’t think anyone can convince me that we can’t take on the massive financial resources at Leicester, but then what is more essential, a decent striker or adding to your collection of ranches?

        1. Prepare to be even more upset mate!
          I’m getting that feeling that we may lose one or two key player’s before wenger spends big.

          Even Koscielny’s statement of ‘living for his kids’ may suggest that he maybe looking for a big money move, as this could be his last chance, at this stage of his career.

        2. Lack of ambition?

          The window has been open just 7 days. We are the 2nd highest spenders so far, most of the top players have been playing for their countries, the manager has been back at work for just 3 days.

          Oh and there is 58 days remaining this transfer window.

          1. Not strictly true, Manure have spent way more, Liverpool have spent more, as have Manchester City, although their overall spending has come slightly under ours due to Roma making Djeko’s transfer deal permanent, but then they have bought what’s regarded as the best manager in the world, which doesn’t come into player spending. That would make us 3rd / 4th in the spending table. I’m not that worried about spending, I’m worried about getting players for positions in which we are clearly deficient.

            As of the end of last season we needed a central defender and a striker, ideally before the Euros, but that hasn’t even been started on. Given our previous transfer windows woes, it is only right to be worried.

      2. @ Mick

        The joke is that Juventus have posted an official bid of €30 million for Sanchez ??
        Well … that would probably be enough to buy his swollen ankle. ???

        1. Lol If they stick around that level we have nothing to worry about. Just a little worried that they’ll have that £100m come in and face pressure from their fans to buy a new star after selling their best player.

    2. You don’t rotate yr best keeper that’s just stupid. D.O can do cup games but to be honest keepers don’t work like out field players so just sit on the bench and wait end of

      1. Hahaha ? Cech ain’t no spring chicken mate and He has trouble with seeing them shots from distance, I can’t see him lasting more than another season as our number one.
        My point for keeper rotation was for the purpose of keeping Ospina happy at Arsenal, as it would be a shame to see him shine else where.

  2. I would keep Ospina (can’t overly rely on Cech especially when he conceeds annoying goals against certain teams/players who are so good at giving shots towards the bottom end of the post)….

    He is quality no matter how u view him……the only reason i would want him gone is “game time”….. Still i would hold on to him

    1. ??
      Yep, Hahaha ? You have Wengeritis! ?
      You don’t know whether you are coming or going mate.?

  3. If we have both Cech and Ospina this coming season, I will be a happy camper
    Szcesney on loan is good too. Nice to have all 3
    Remember, season before Cech came, Szcesney was one of the PL best keepers. He won the PL Golden Glove

    We need Ospina for FA Cup, League Cup and to cover Cech when he is out
    Ospina is an awesome backup to Cech

    GK is one position we have good quality depth
    Also we are in good position in terms of CAM (Ozil/Cazorla/Iwobi/Wilshere), B2B (Cazorla/Xhaka/Eleny/Ramsey/Wilshere), DM (Coquelin/Xhaka/Eleney)

    We need to bolster CB, wide midfield/winger and striker positions
    3 more signings will do it

    1. I think wenger will make 2 more signings

      Centre back and an attacker (be that a midfielder like drawer or a forward like lacazette. Just Cannot see him making 3 more signings, although some more youngsters might well happen.

  4. Wow, Bournmouth make a bid for £15m for Ibe of Liverpool. Now is the perfect time to sell Walcott and Ox atleast. Other premier league clubs have money now and they are willing to spend big.

    I’m sure some club out there is willing to spend around £20m for Walcott.

  5. Its rather difficult to rotate keepers it create problems in your defense, with the defense probably have to make some alteration in their tactics, example some keepers stays on the goal line for crosses, others attack the cross, the defense will have to adjust for this situation which may cause defensive errors.

    As far as i am concern i think the goal keeper and midfield position are the most populated position in the arsenal squad and paid the most attention to, when ideally i would rather the the defensive position in front the keeper and the attacking position in front the midfield get the most attention.

    I really doubt arsenal will have any major problem with who goes or comes in that goal keeper position, we may not have the best in the position, but all so far has done a fairly decent job.
    Our major problem has been goal scoring with the lions share falling on the shoulders of the forwards whose goals total can not be in the teens, but 20 + out defenders has to be more commanding and assured and concencentrate on keeping clean sheets.

    So our priority is a goal scoring forward and an experience CB, not goal keepers

  6. I hope we don’t sell ospina, i love the guy, and one of my top 5 fav players at the club

  7. Ospina had an awesome 2014/15 season for us. Played half the games in pl and conceeded 0.61 gosls per 90 minutes. That is the equivalent of 23 gosls in a whole premier league season, effectively like our strikers scoring an extra 12 to 15 goals. Fantastic performances for columbia in wc and two copa americas, double saves against messi and aguerro etc.

    As one of the commentators said after a save for arsenal, ” if de gea had done that we would have been raving about it”. Ospinas problem is that he only cost £3m and quietly and efficiently gets the job done.

    One poor game (along with every other arsenal player on the pitch) and all that is forgotten. Cech has had bad games for us, west ham for a start.

    Ospina is our most underrated player.

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