Does this mean Szczesny is coming back to Arsenal?

Wojciech Szczesny has had a fruitful loan year at Roma, but where he will be playing next season is still to be decided. There have been many Arsenal rumours linking David Ospina to Besiktas, with talks still ongoing, and if that happens then it is likely that the Polish international will be returning to the Emirates as backup to Petr Cech next season.

Certainly today listening to Wojciech talk about Wenger it sounds like he still very much considers himself to be an Arsenal player. When asked about the possibility of Le Prof leaving Arsenal to manage England, Szczesny said: “I am sure he would be a great thing for England but my main interest is Arsenal and I hope it doesn’t happen, for the sake of Arsenal not for the sake of England.

“England had a disappointing Euro 2016 and changes will be made but, hopefully, that will not affect our club. I hope it is something that will not happen because he is doing a fantastic job at Arsenal and I’d love to see him stay there.”

“My main interest is Arsenal.” “Our club.” Does that sound like a player that expects to be returning to Roma next season? It sounds to me like Wenger will allow Ospina to move on and bring our crazy Pole back to the fold.

When he was directly asked if he would be returning to Wenger’s team next season, he still refused to confirm one way or the other. “I really don’t know. Now I have time to relax and think about my future,” he said.

I think he’s telling porkies. What do you think?



  1. My two cents is wishing we sell Shez, he’s like Peter Pan; the boy who never grew up. I would rather keep Ospina and let him and Chec fight it out to see who starts. Honestly I think Ospina is the better keeper lately, and I’d bet he proves himself better in the long run as well.

  2. Was he the same player who came out on the social media saying he wanted Leicester to win the PL?

    I don’t want him back to be honest – very inconsistent and delusional about his ability.

    On a separate note I have not been that impressed with our transfer activity so far – very disappointing…

  3. sell him , won’t be long before admin is quoting how much money we spent by getting Sanchez and Ozil sign contract extensions

    if we sign this average Japanese player shame on arsenal shame on wenger
    sell szczesny walcott, and ox

  4. Ospina is our most underrated player, far too good to sit on the bench.

    We should sell ospina to a team who will appreciate him and play him as their number one, but definately not to a PL team, we do not want it rammed down our throats how good he is.

    As for keeping him, the deal this year was that he would do CL and cups. One poor game (like every other arsenal player in the game) and he and wenger get slaughterd on here and in the media. His half season in 2014/15 was completely forgotten, equivalent of 23 goals for a whole PL season (and that is like our strikers scoring an extra 12-15 goals).

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