Does this mean that Lemar to Arsenal is now a done deal?

The longest Arsenal transfer saga of this summer, other than the Alexis Sanchez stalemate, is the never-ending stories of second, third and fourth bids from Arsenal for Monaco’s Thomas Lemar. The 21 year-old is touted as a superstar of the future after a truly fantastic season with the French Champions.

The endless delays have been rumoured to be taking so long while Monaco were trying to bring in a suitable replacement, and that target was said to be the Rennes striker Adama Diakhaby. So it is no wonder that Arsenal fans were excited to read this announcement from Monaco on their Twitter page…..

The 21 year-old has signed a five year contract with the Ligue 1 club, and he was quoted on the Monaco official website as saying: “I’m very happy to join Monaco, a club with a very ambitious sporting project who field a lot of young players.

“I’m here to display my talent and to progress as much as possible.”

So does this mean we can expect Arsenal to be announcing the arrival of Thomas Lemar very shortly?



  1. Coldzero says:

    Let’s hope so. Expect the Sauce fella to be back soon if so.

    1. Kevin Lobo says:

      Really hoping Thomas to play upfront with Alexis and Alexandre

  2. kklin says:

    Really do hope this means good news for us AFC fans.

    1. Coldzero says:

      Lol- who could red arrow you for your comment? This is such a weird forum- nothing offensive in your comment whatsoever and you get a thumbs down. So weird. I expect them fo my comments as was never one to follow the crowd, but can’t see why you would get one. Ah well.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Maybe someone who wants Mahrez or else someone who is not wishing good news for Arsenal.

  3. Zimbo says:

    This means nothing. I f we want Lemar lets just pay what Monaco wants and that will result in Lemar to Arsenal being a done deal.

    1. I think Arsene Wenger just have to do his best in other for Arsenal to succeed the deal for Lemar and to also secure his signature for the Arsenal side

  4. Raoh says:

    Who knows right now we can only speculate and hope that it is the case plain and simple. My main concern is that we are having a hard time moving players out.
    I understand that it isn’t in Wenger’s makeup to be that way towards its players and that is why they like him so much but he has to.
    Most the players being talked about have been given enough chances and Arsenal has always looked out for them when they were injured. As such I think they should work and cooperate with the club more.
    Also on the club side I understand that you want to recoup as much money but at some point you have to ask does it make sense when that player is a utility player at best has barely played or even made the bench…sometimes it is about freeing spots and making the wage bill more light.
    One thing I will say though is that at times and still today Wenger has a knack to play players out of position in places they have no business being and long term, it kills the confidence in you. Also when a player has a couple of good games, was the most impactful player ( Lucas Perez) to find out that he will barely play can be a deal breaker.
    I truly hope we free the spots we need in the squad for at least 2 more players including Lemar. And who else wants to see Reid’s Nelson this season with the 1st team?

  5. hiam terhile says:

    Truly hope so, mate!

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    That’s up to Wenger
    Waiting too long is very risky
    If they want £60 million then I would say just pay it. We have plenty of players on the books who we can sell to recoup the money

    Let’s get it done asap

    1. Nothing changed says:

      It seems we are having trouble selling our players.

      A front 3 of Lemar-Laca-Sanchez would not be bad but where would Ozil fit in? Not sure a midfield pairing of Ozil-Xhaka flanked by two wingbacks would work. This would arguably mean one of these 4 would have to be happy on the bench.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        He’d play behind them if we have those three players playing. The old formation will be used at home often enough, and in any match that has the other team sitting back. Wenger likes wide players, even the strikers often enough have looked like wide players over the years. I can’t see him stick rigidly to a wing-back formation. We also have some young wide players itching for a chance, Wenger is not going to stick two fingers up to all of that.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Plus rotation, Lemar might take a few months to settle and can be eased in, Ozil can be dropped if form not good enough…

          1. Nothing changed says:

            So you would buy Lemar and put him on the bench and have Sanchez, Laca and Ozil as first team choices? And if Ozil is not good enough then you would play Lemar?

        2. Nothing changed says:

          How do you mean behind them? He will play in Ozil’s place and we move Ozil out wide? A fromt 3 of Sanchez-Laca-Ozil with Lemar behind them?

          1. Bigperf says:

            Can always play Ozil at 8 as he’s done it it before and could be our answer to the carzola problem we’ve been having and push lemar to the attacking role ??

    2. kev says:

      Personally I would say the guy just ain’t worth it.That money can be used more wisely to get what we need.Lemar shouldn’t have been a priority.The centre of the park should have been the problem.We are missing the point clearly.Even Bernardo Silva is as good as him yet went for lower.I’ve watched him and I know eventually he’ll be world class but that doesn’t mean he should be worth that bid because we have players his age wiyh more potential and cheaper.I remember people stating how Lacazette was not even worth £45 some seasons back then all of a sudden he’s signed for higher and people are behaving like they already like him.I’m sure the logic was that he was in the French league and possibly can’t cut it at the top.This isn’t money well spent at all.

      1. kev says:

        JUST IN:Arsenal and Man City have triggered Ingo Martinez’s release clause(£29.6).It is now down to the player to decide who he wants to play for.

        1. Coldzero says:

          Is he any good?

        2. neil says:

          so much for you saying Lemar is a done deal and now talking it down !

      2. waal2waal says:

        I think he already distinguished himself as being a highly regarded component in FCmonaco team that played at semi-final CL. as it stands the arsenal will already get into the opponents final-thirdplace – bring him to arsenal and we’ve the making of an “irrepressible attack” which boasts speed and clinical finishers (lacaz, sanchez).

        1. waal2waal says:

          arsenal will already get into the opponents final-third (full stop).

          1. John0711 says:

            he doesnt play for monaco ???

          2. waal2waal says:

            …(friend), its all about lemar…

      3. Alvin says:

        u probably have watch the lad plsy

  7. sam says:

    I would really love to see Reiss Nelson play for the first team this year,I hope he gets his chance. I really enjoyed all the times he played in Emirates cup. The excitement in the ground when he got the ball was obvious. Brilliant talent. He should at the very least play all the Europa league games ( if Wenger doesn’t put out a strong squad). & all the league cup games

  8. kofi?? says:

    Get it done Wenger!
    Lemar Lemar Lemar!!! ?

  9. Krish says:

    If this really happens then everything resource said has been proven correct, if he and his ITK friend have been lucky or not, it deserves an apology from me ?

  10. kev says:

    As I had reported some weeks back that Monaco wanted to sign Lemar’s replacement which was Diakhaby before they let him go.They were also targeting Gelson Martins but signed Diakhaby rather.The news coming in is that Mbappe has told Monaco he wants to leave after hearing that Lemar’s move to Arsenal is close to being finalised which should tell you guys that the deal is on.I hate to have to say but it’s a done deal.The words of the Vice P. should have even given people more hope that it was done since it was just a negotiation tactic and just to get his replacement.He did all that for formality sake..So far as far as am concerned if everything goes accordingly to plan Jadon Sancho and Thomas Lemar will be Arsenal players before the end of the window.I’ll update you guys from time to time with any concrete news on a CM and not this media dilly dally.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I read recently that the Monaco manager has said again that he expects more sales, can’t recall where otherwise I would link it for others to read the source I got it from.

    2. neil says:

      ha ha
      . and you said last week would be done early this week.. you dont know any more than anyone else and just reading the news

    3. The cassete says:

      Fam..any truth in the Dembele rumors? Man, that wud be some signing.

  11. ayodeji arsenal says:

    Guys There’s a common trend in arsenal’ style this summer and I think the same style will secure Lemar’s signing, rumors filtering in says a bid for dembele of dortmund is being rejected so following the “trend” means after Lemar we’ll also get a midfielder. Wenger tries to be as honest as possible but we the fans always want him to tell us what we wish to hear hence the continuous frustration. He told us to wait till the last 2weeks of the window for more signings but we all look at the rest and point fingers let’s just wait till then when I’m sure he must have pushed out the ones he less desires and see how it goes. I strongly think Sanchez will extend his stay with the highest wage and appreciate the new signings

  12. kofi?? says:

    OK Kev but make sure Lemar is Arsenal player by the end of the window. Else you’ll be virtually roasted on here haha ????

  13. Uzi Ozil says:

    If we think so, then Lemar will come in while Sanchez leaves since we believe once Monaco signs a player, Lemar leaves for Arsenal. That’s how some fans will be speculating on our players like Sanchez

    1. Break-on-through says:

      It was same with Lacazette, that’s usually an indicator.

  14. Midkemma says:

    I do hope we get Lemar, he looks exciting and a great young talent, I do think he can improve our team.

    As for which AM will miss out, we will be in a lot of games and it will breed competition at a higher level, Lemar will be new to EPL and could be used as a sub a lot at first, Ozil could be the sub when he has his annual dip in form… Rotation. Plus there is the formation swap that can be done in games to revert back to the 4231.

    If Monaco point towards the Naymer transfer and raise their price again it might be worth passing on Lemar and go for Dybala, Juve have put a 140mil euro price tag on his head as Barca are rumored to be interested in him. Barca are going to have to convince Dybala to be happy being in Messi shadow, no matter how good he becomes… Just like Naymer found out and one of the reasons Alexis wanted out of Barca.

    I do fear the Neymar deal will bump up prices when the clubs can.

  15. Roger says:

    Better be sure of what ur saying
    Coz am counting on ur story to settle an argument in my neighborhood
    We really need lemar to Arsenal

  16. Nothing changed says:

    You got to love the Spanish. They are trying to block Neymar’s sale and “financial doping” is their argument. That’s “rich” coming from them.

  17. tejan amara says:

    Wenger has delay in the market, I give kudos to top rivals managers, they hv no waste time in buying good players

  18. BOBBY says:

    Lemar, Dembele? Please Tell Arsene To Sign Granit Xhaka’s Partner In Midfield

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