Does this photo spell disaster for Arsenal v Dortmund?

Arsenal fans will be hoping for a morale boosting win against Borussia Dortmund tomorrow, which would make us all feel a lot better as well as keeping alive our faint hopes of topping the Champions League group. But The fans and players and Arsene Wenger would happily settle for a share of the spoils as that would see us into the next round.

Easier said than done, however, especially when you look at the Gunners’ performances and results in the last three games. And when you remember how Jurgen Klopp’s team gave us a football lesson in Dortmund, it does start to look like a tough task.

There was some good news for Arsenal at the weekend though, from the German Bundesliga where Marco Reus injured his ankle and is likely to sit out the game alongside Mats Hummels. But we had our own worries over an ankle injury, although it was hoped that Jack Wilshere would be alright to play, until he was spotted in Harpenden turning on the Christmas lights with his whole foot in a protective boot.

wilshere in boot

That does not look like a man who is going to start a Champions League match tomorrow, although the boot could be there to protect ihis ankle and stop him aggravating it. But it looks like we will be without Jack and with Ramsey unable to find his form of last season, that is a massive blow to Arsenal and our hopes of getting a result against Dortmund.

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    1. I can hardly take my eyes off Southampton these days, I just luv the pairing of Wanyama and Schneidelin, they both are good at playing long balls, quick passes and their positioning is very good.

      Why did we not sign Wayanma? If Wenger could sign guys like the big a*s Santos and Kim Kadashan, isn’t Wanyama good enof?

      Imagine we had Sneiderlin and Wanyama for us instead of Arteta and Flamini, that would be awesome. But His Royal Dumbness would rather play them both as wingers.

      1. I’ve been shouting all summer for Schneiderlin amongst a few others on here but Arsenal kept getting linked with Lars Bender lmao

        MS is a world class CM in development atm.

        1. Schneiderlin is a good player, but i doubt the ‘world-class’ part
          Deschamps still isn’t impressed with him

      2. AW did try to get Wanyama from Celtic, but of course, tried to bargain with Celtic too much
        but that wasn’t the main prob though. he gave no guarantees for Wanyama.
        I’d bet he would’ve said “Of course, you will be on the bench as Arteta’s sub”

    2. irrespective of who carries the day tomorrow, we will get a chance to see the better of the two managers from the touchline….. Let’s see who’d be more electrifying, Let’s see who’ll make d right kinda changes and the number of subs in each team, Let’s who’d read the game properly, Lets see who’d spend more time on the bench, Lets see who’d spend more time barking at players, Lets see who’d sub players first, Let’s see who’d continue playing the same Line-up prior to their Last defeat……..boooo!

      1. Lol! @Soopa, Klopp all the way and you know it. Like you said, results aside (sometimes luck plays a big role), Klopp will be the better tactician.

  1. if schezny and wilshere are out for dortmund…lineup


    1. stop dreaming, when you have a stubborn coach don’t expect any change, monreal will definitely start ahead of bellarin. #WengerOut

      1. Santi was shit against MU…I’d even try Rosicky in his place…
        but fck we do have a thin squad…not much can change in our line up esp against Dortmund…

  2. F##K!
    Yesterday was a really tough one for me. Several death threats to my life… I couldn’t sleep!
    First of, I will like to clear the air:
    1. I am not a Justarsenal blogger, okay! I only comment there once in a while.
    2. I hate it when my comments are taken out of context. I hate it! Do not ever take my comments out of contexts. I do not care if you are the BBC or CNN or NSA… just don’t!
    Ok look, I am cool with Arsene Wenger. I REALLY LOVE THAT GUY. So does Stan ‘the yank’ . And we are best budds – I and Stan.

    Your’s faithfully, Usmanov.
    PS: I hope I am not forgetting anything else they told me to say

      1. No, man! Not Henry! Not Henry! Henry is Arsene’s boogey man, not mine!

        RVP, don’t make me talk about this man! My life is in danger! I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS. There is Russian proverb that says “a gun is pointed at my temple right now”.
        I say no more!

          1. @KickAssFan.
            I wish I can say the same, man.
            It is more than a honour for me right now. IT IS A BIG RISK!!!

  3. Play Wenger in defence and hopefully someone will put him out of action for the rest of the season 🙂 Transfer time!!!! Oh sorry we always give new contracts to people that are always injured.

  4. Let’s not be like wenger. Let’s ‘act’ in the hope we can change things.

    Sign this petition and share it with all who care about AFC (A is for Arsenal and not Arsene)!


  5. Wenger has got favorites. The whole world was crying for defensive midfielder.He kept on playing Arteta and Flamini. And the WORST of ALL was that he overlooked COQUELIN who was BESTof the bunch and now shipped him out on loan.He is now excelling at Charlton

  6. The whole world was crying for defensive midfielder.Wenger kept on playing Arteta and Flamini. And the WORST of ALL was that he overlooked COQUELIN who was BESTof the bunch and now shipped him out on loan.He is now excelling at Charlton

  7. Disaster?
    Why? Because Wilshere is out?
    I would be worried and struck if Sanchez was injured.
    Rosicky is a better player than Wilshere and not playing, ask “the deluded one why?
    Campbell is a better player than Wilshere and not playing, ask “the deluded one” why?
    Podolski is another option up front and not playing, again ask “the deluded one” why?

    I cannot believe that guy has the number 10 shirt… Just to show “that” number (Zidane, Messi and more) has no value anymore.

    Wenger went to Brazil and when he got back he decided to give the key of the team to one of our worse midfielder…!!!

    Sanchez (coming from Barcelona, he must ask himself what the f*ck is that Arsenal sh*t about) is our best player (just one finger trying to clean the all face) and will “crack” very soon (Festive schedule coming up) as he is giving everything as well as travelling all over the world.

  8. OT: I read we are looking to resign the verminator! I would understand if it was 3-5 years later after he improve at barca but seriously! Not even a year later!? To resign an injured player you let go.
    I do hope this is not true although I would not put it past wengers mindset to do such a thing.

    With shareholders speaking out recently I am hoping wenger will spend wisely and not add to areas we dont need. If given a proper strong in position defensive lineup our front boys will only benefit knowing the back can do its job and wont need to keep running back to our own box.

    If we keep letting in goals then the goals we score are just irrelevant!

    I like wellbeck but I would much prefer giroud to start boss the defense n midfield abit.

    If only captain heinsight existed he would have a good few words to say to le prof.

    Im hoping for a stronger more agile faster pace team tomorrow.

    My line up if I were the stubbon old man

    Poldi. Sanchez. Wallcot
    Ramsey wilshire in the deep lying england role
    Gibbs. Mert. Chambers. Bellerin.

    Tomorrows game is winable as we have shown previously though so were alot of our othher games.

    What a goal by giroud lets start using our bench and kick start this season I was really hoping to enjoy.


  9. Mertesacker and Arteta are both finished (Let’s be clear, Koscielny makes Mertesacker look good)…
    Ramsey is just a lost soul and shadow on the pitch… It is in fact a lake of confidence…!!
    Wilshere, well sh*t as usual. It is not difficult to play well for England as they are all average…!
    Welbeck is not the finished product even though at the same age Henry was creating chaos…
    Rosicky is unused.
    Podolski is unused.
    Campbell, one of the best player at the World Cup is unused (Wenger is a fool!).
    Our Polish GK is a joke.
    Monreal is not a CB and never player at the position before coming to an average club.
    Wenger is, as we all know now, tactically shameful and just not under pressure to produce results and trophies.

  10. I fear that soon chambers, Alexis Sanchez and welbeck are going to get injured bcos of fatigue. Dese guys have played almost every minute of all d matches in epl and ucl. I wud rather give dese guys a rest tomorow, its not like we will finish top even if we beat Dortmund.

  11. I hear this player this player that, the only reason why they are playing like sh…t is because WENGER, this man has no ideas anymore, cant build a motivated squad even if his life depend on it….the end result players frustration which soon will reach all players including Sanchez.
    The only transfer we must be focus now is the MANAGEMENT transfer, WENGER start looking for your successor and retire while there is still a chance to do it HONORABLY.

  12. jack greatest mistake is his personal life all was good till 19 but decent and responsibility was a new task which pulled him and got into photos smoking with friends and enjoying the lifestyle of footballer rather being humiliated and training for respect. This guy is great for England lousy for arsenal, he does not fit into the system cause he needs someone like Sir Alex or Mourinho “who will criticise him before camera to get the best out of him and even not play him till he reaches full form”

    1. Press: “So Jose, how’s Wilshere doing?”
      Mourinho: “who?”
      Press: “Jack Wilshere”
      Mourinho: “I don’t talk about my reserve players, my reserve team coach can talk about him”

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