Does this response to Arsenal fans prove Wenger IS in Dreamland?

Okay so Arsene Wenger was not talking about the reasons behind the vast swathes of empty seats at recent Arsenal home games when he used the term dreamland today, but it was in the same press conference when he was asked about the issue and I could not help but connect the two.

As reported by the official Arsenal website, the boss gave his pre-match press conference ahead of the Europa League clash with the Russian club CSKA Moscow today and used the term ‘dreamland’ when asked about Arsenal winning the trophy.

I have no real problem with that as the Frenchman was talking about not getting ahead of ourselves and taking this very important competition one step at a time.

He said, “We don’t live in dreamland, we are in a quarter-final and we have to be very realistic and go step by step and give everything to go through in the quarter-final. Then we’ll see.”

A good response I reckon, but Wenger was also asked about the issue of fans staying away and instead of accepting that it was a protest, his answer seemed to suggest that it was only because there was not much riding on these games that so many seats were empty.

He said, “I’m not worried about that. I think the crowd, when something is at stake, is always there and behind us. Anyway, on top of that, what will decide the crowd’s attitude is the quality of our game.

“I’m always concerned when our stadium is not completely full but I don’t think that will be a problem tomorrow. For us tomorrow it’s about our performance and our crowd will be behind us.”

Is our manager really so blind to the feelings of the Arsenal fans?



  1. gotanidea says:

    He used the “dreamland” term because it is difficult to win the Europa League, as Atletico Madrid, Marseille and CSKA Moscow are no pushovers

    Since he asked us to be more realistic, I would dream a little of Arsenal using 4-1-2-1-2 formation (with a false nine ala Klopp’s Liverpool) in the Europa League:

    Bellerin . Chambers . Mustafi . Monreal
    ……….Mkhitaryan ….. Wilshere
    …………………..Ramsey (false 9)
    ………Welbeck …………. Lacazette

    Or 4-4-1-1 with a hardworking attacking midfielder behind the striker, ala Simeone’s Atletico Madrid and Ranieri’s Leicester City:

    Bellerin . Chambers . Mustafi . Monreal
    ………………Elneny . Wilshere
    Niles ……………………………… Mkhitaryan
    …………………..Ramsey (Okazaki’s/ Griezmann’s role)
    ………………… Lacazette

    1. jon fox says:

      I think it is you who are in dreamland or self delusion land. Thinking that a team containing such as Bellerin, Chambers, Elneny and Welbeck can possibly win a competition containing far better sides. Atletico being the best of them all. We have not a hope in hell! Realism!

  2. Gunner22 says:

    The headline is misleading, Arsene mentioned that the attitude of the crowd is based on the quality of the game, also with or without crowd they have to play the game and play to win.He provided an honest answer to the question.Last week was a holiday weekend and before that was poor weathet.never the less he did humbly acknowledge that absenteeism is a concern for him but as a pro he has to win the game and win back those few wayward fans.

    1. Abel says:

      Well said mate. I don’t see anything wrong in any of his answers. But people will find any reason to bash him I guess.

  3. AndersS says:

    Wenger is no fool. Of course he is very aware of the situation and the feeling among fans. But if he officially acknowledges the real issue, then the next logical question is: “How can he stay, when the results are poor and the there are so many fans wanting him to leave?” That alone would suggest he is actually hurting the club, and there is no way, he will admit that.

    1. sol says:

      @AndersS…. I completly agree with your points. In the past that was the trend(fluctuation of the attendance was related to current performances) but recently it is because of boycotting.Wenger that was the thing of the past.He knows very well that.

  4. Innit says:

    Wenger has been in dreamland for years
    £9 million per year with complete control and job security because winning trophies isn’t a priority. That’s a dream job

    1. Midkemma says:

      Dream job?
      I got one more to add to Wenger, Gazidis.
      He was hired to take over from Dein who done the wages and transfers along with sponsorships.
      When AFC was looking for this position to be filled, it was talked about on AFC website and Director Of Football was the title used until he signed and then CEO, different title but same job.

      Decade of failing and in 2016 he was the 2nd highest paid CEO behind Woodward of UTD, how did he get that wage while we wasn’t 2nd best… far from it.

      Seems like working for Silent Stan is a dream job… XD

  5. Midkemma says:

    “his answer seemed to suggest that it was only because there was not much riding on these games that so many seats were empty.”

    But when you add those comments to things like UEL being backdoor and EPL being the real way…

    One could argue that the fans stayed away because he is right, we are not in the running for EPL or even top 4, if we was then we wouldn’t have had such a bad season, if we was having a good season then fans would be watching.

    There is nothing in the EPL games so perfect time to make that demonstration, would it have been that way if we was fighting for top spot? Would fans demonstrate if we was doing well?
    If AFC get to the UEL final then I wonder if the fans will stay away in protest on that game?
    This will be interesting if we can make it that far.

    I find it is all PR, yes Wenger could be right but if he is then the reason why we are not competing would be many.

    Wenger appeared to have shifted the perspective in his wording to a more favourable one.

    For me, when someone has been questioned over and over then I can comprehend how a manager may not repeat every idea in every interview. We need to look at more than just what was said here, we can’t ignore what has been said previously. Wenger trips himself up and it can be funny to read but at the same time he makes some good points which get lost in a single interview.

    Short version…
    Wenger is like a politician when it comes to wording stuff.

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes, Wenger is as artful and deceitful as the most skilled politician. He is above all , determined to remain manager at any cost to the clubs welfare and so lies and bends the truth as it suits him. His deceptions have been thoroughly seen through by the vast majority of fans who can’t stand him . We are cynical BECAUSE HE TREATS US AS LITTLE CHILDREN AND FOOLS, WHICH WE ARE NOT. In life you generally reap what you sow and he has sown lies, distortions and wilful deceptions over a very long time and so he truly deserves our scorn and vitriol. HE WILL SOON BE SPARED IT THOUGH, SINCE HE WILL SHORTLY BE SACKED AND OUT OF OUR HAIR.

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Jon Fox,
        Here is a challenge for you to rise to then:
        Give me one example of Wenger lying to the fans of this club.
        Not your views, accusations, interpretations, media reports, just an actual FACTUAL example.
        As you have seen through him for ten years and he has been at it all this time it. shouldn’t be at all difficult. In fact, give me as many as you want!

        1. Rashid80 says:

          I can give you many instead of him but why should I argue with someone who worships wenger? There’s no point

          1. Admin says:

            Stop with the worship rubbish. Do you have no respect at all?

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            Don’t want you to argue with me, just give me the actual texts and prove your point.
            By the way, I admire what the man has done for the club, think it’s time for him to go and he talks very highly about you.

        2. jon fox says:

          The amount of times he says an injured player is a littkle short or will be about two weeks from playing. Rosicky got injured in January- I FORGET THE YEAR , BUT OBVIOUSLY SOME YEARS AGO – and was out 18 months. WENGER GAVE ALL SORTS OF PREDICTIONS OF HIM SOON BEING BACK(ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS) WHEN HE CLEARLY KNEW THAT ROSICKY WOULD BE OUT FAR LONGER. How about the endless lies of “I did not see it” when decisions go in our favour BUT slating theref for a mistake when decidsions go against us. How about his lie about one of Citys goals costing us the game at the Etihad, blaming the ref , which he knew was a lie. We were thrashed and not in th game but Wenger will not accpt reality. That is lying Ken. His many grotesque lies are cleverly veiled in spin type language to fool some folk. Clearly you are prominent among them. How about thre constant”Judge me in May” when he knows we are angry and he is just playing for more time rather than facing thre truth. His constant trying to defend the indefensible with no performing players. The Walcott, , Diaby fiascos when he lied even to himself, since no sane person could ever have defended their injury proneness and in Walcott’s case, also lazy and timid efforts on the pitch. Refusal to see what everyone else easily can is either insanity or lying. I do not accuse him of being clinically insane , so…. ! I COULD WRITE A LONG BOOK OF HIS MYRIAD LIES.

      2. Midkemma says:

        I didn’t want to get into bashing or loving Wenger, just wanted to look at things as neutral as I could.

        I do think every manager plays politics, Wenger has been with us for so long that we can see through it easier, we have had years of the same political BS.

        If we had swapped managers then I do believe we would still have the politics within the club and that’ll force managers to play the political game, just like Jose does with UTD about spending on quality.

        It does feel like we are being treated like children at times but I try to remember that all political talk treats the audience like children, explaining things their way and why they are right… I feel the same way when I watch politics on TV… We get treated like children in an attempt to explain their point of view and try and convince us their point of view is correct.

        I don’t blame Wenger for the environment, I want more clarity and direction from the board to remove this issue. I am more towards the idea of getting rid of the manager and replace him with a head coach, not another manager. When a manager gets power and that power clashes against the board then issues will arise. We are suffering now so lets learn from this so we are less likely to fall into the same pains.

  6. Durand says:

    What else would he say?
    He is past it and his ideas don’t work anymore?
    He selects players based on favoritism not performances?
    He knows he is the reason; but will never give in and leave. I fear giving him another year will see further regression in performances and player development.

  7. Roachie says:

    Just watching the build up to Liverpool v City. That could be us if we’d had the balls bring Klopp in a couple of years ago. Just saying….

    1. John0711 says:

      Typical some vilified Ox now es actually being coached it looks like he will be playing ch league semis

      1. Sue says:

        Oh who gives a s**t

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          I know you are getting wound up as much as me with all this wailing and teeth gnashing by some of our gooner friends.
          Who does give a s**t?
          How much did Liverpool pay for this player who wasn’t being coached properly, but had played for England?
          Seem to remember he was offered a new contract, but turned it down.
          That meant the club had to sell him doesn’t it?
          If you and I get it, why can’t others?

          1. Abel says:

            Well said mate

      2. jon fox says:

        Ox now has a proper coach who knows the game, knows tactics , has amazing motivational powers and is well liked by nearly all fans countrywide(outside United and Everton, who are jealous of him to their core) for his own passion, winning personality by Anfield fans, for how he is transforming a former sleeping giant. All these are polar oposites to our own aged, comatose, on the bench fossil ,who is year after awful year destroying all we once stood for. We are not even good to watch any more with our tedious, boring, slow, sideways passing which totally negates and frustrates our two talented high priced strikers. NO WONDER OX IS AT LONG LAST , THRIVING. TWO OR THREE YEARS AGO WE COULD AND SHOULD HAVE HAD KLOPP AS OUR MANAGER BUT THE OWNER AND BOARD WERE TOO STUPID AND BLIND TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON.

  8. Tim says:

    Alternatively Ox was unprofessional and deliberately played crap for Wenger.

    1. John0711 says:

      There must be a few doing that then lol

    2. mikey says:

      If that is the case why did Wenger keep him in the team, why wasn’t he benched. What a lot of fans seem to forget is, Wenger is old, with outdated ideas of a game that are contstantly evolving. Based on the last ten years can anyone please tell us how Wenger can take this team forward.

  9. Ozziegunner says:

    Let’s be honest Arsene Wenger is paid £9 million per annum to promote Kroenke’s corporate line. I cannot remember him ever speaking out against the direction of the club; Arsenal’s performances are never blamed on lack of ambition, but the non application of fair play provisions, resources available to other clubs, refereees, the weather, game scheduling etc. A man with integrity would have stood up to the board, got what he required to succeed or walked away.
    David Dein wanted Arsenal to succeed on the pitch; that wasn’t on offer from Kroenke, so Dein resigned. We all know how successful Arsenal have been since David Dein left the board.

    1. jon fox says:

      Precisely, Ozziegunner! All his many excuses you correctly list are actually SHEER LIES and there is someone on here, name of Ken 1945, WHO WILL NOT SEE HOW HE CONSTANTLY LIES TO US ALL! There are none so blind as the wilfully blind. Ken actually asked me to list some of his lies (which I did on a previous thread but I doubt he has now read them) Hope you are reading this post KEN. Feel free to turn back to that thread for my reply to your fallacious question.

      1. jon fox says:

        My mistake , silly me. My reply to Ken 1945 is on this very thread, above. This means he will now read it presumably. His most damning lie of all is that he cares about the clubs future BUT still refuses to accept that HE is the prime (though not only) cause. An HONEST man would have long ago admiitted he can’t put things right(As Keegan did with England) and resigned. Humility and honesty are not in Wengers nature, so he brings our well deserved wrath firmly upon himself.

    2. Midkemma says:

      The old board got the £££ rolling in their eyes once they seen a the payday they could rake in.

      They hired a CEO who could aid them in getting more for the club, selling its future for a bump in share prices. That is the guy we hired and Silent Stan has kept.

      Wenger has loyalty to AFC, AFC owner at least… He did prior to the sale and he has since.

      I hold the old board and Gazidis in more contempt than Silent Stan.
      Silent Stan didn’t buy us using our own money, like UTD was bought.
      Silent Stan doesn’t really care about us but that also means he doesn’t care about us as long as it doesn’t cost him money and increases his asset value. He has not blocked record signings(so he is happy for AFC to spend what it makes). He is not the one who takes all window to sign Auba when the manager wanted a CB.

      Gazidis has let us down for many years and Wenger took a lot of blame which I personally believe SOME of it was Gazidis fault. We can see a change in transfers from his 1st full season as CEO, less £££ per player even though we would spend £££ each year combined. That is a gazidis pattern. Wasn’t around when Dein was at AFC, wasn’t like that inbetween Dein and Gazidis arriving. Only since he came.

      The record signing we made was pushed for by Wenger up till Sven joined then he pushed for Auba.

      Fingers crossed Raul Sanllehi will resolve that issue, a new manager will resolve tactical and training issues… future could be on the up 🙂

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