Does this show Arsenal fired up for West Brom clash?

The worst thing that Arsenal could do after our last Premier League game saw a much more committed and determined team than most people expected away to Chelsea, would be to slip back to the bad old ways we have seen way too often in recent years.

It would not be the first time that Arsenal did this and after seeing it time and time again, including last season, a large number of Arsenal fans were convinced we needed a change at the top. Now we need to see a different change at the top, namely a change from Wenger himself and I feel sure he wants the same.

Maybe the Frenchman has changed. He certainly showed some rare teeth in holding on to Alexis Sanchez during the pressure of the summer transfer window. Maybe he was right in his belief that he did not need to sign a whole load of new players, but instead make sure he gets the best out of what we already have.

When the Gunners are up for it we are a force to be reckoned with, so I was pleased to see The Mirror reporting that Wenger had put the lads through an unusually intense and aggressive training session in the last one before the clash with West Brom.

The Frenchman has come up against, and struggled against, Tony Pulis teams often enough to know that his team will have to earn the right to play and show our quality. Is Wenger focusing on this as he puts Arsenal through their paces? I hope so and if so, could it be a sign that we are fired up properly, for West Brom and the whole season to come?

Sam P.


  1. Pneyi says:

    Until wenger leaves, most fans don’t care anymore what he does or doesn’t.. He’s killed every hope of a title challenging season that we all crave for, so at this point everything seems damage control.. I feel indifferent about the win or loss or draw..

    1. waal2waal says:

      the idea of wenger “leaving” or somehow falling victim to the sack will show as fruitless and its not about to happen anytime soon, not unless:-
      (a) league results prove so notably poor his position becomes untenable; (b) ups and leaves of his own volition; (c) he leaves due to age or poor health; None of these appear likely…

      i think that what’s needed is for him to step aside thereby allowing another manager free reign to implement his “New” ideas on how to win the premiership and take us forward with transfers and every other conceivable tactical aspect for the “modern game”. *My choice would be Ancelotti.

      Its seems we’re in a quandary being as we’ve now slipped from being a top4 CL certainty into a club that’s lost its way – meanwhile the spuds are in the ascendency add to this is the fact we can no longer guarantee “quality players” want to stay – let alone come.

      “when I arrived we were 70 employees, we are 700 today.” a recent wenger quote: take as much time as you need to absorb this. Then ask with this record is he really up for a dismissal or should he be encouraged step aside, show some humility and it follows steps should be taken to attract the right candidates to step forward and inject some fresh air into what was a [*competitive club].

    2. Dianjuh says:

      I am with you on that one.

  2. Nothing changed says:

    I think we have proven every season that we are capable of performing at the highest level. The one thing these games have in common is that we play with high intensity for 90 minutes as a team and with a high pressing game giving teams like Chelsea, Man U, City no time to get comfortable. Say what you want about Wenger but this is the truth.

    Our problem has been that we only seem to be able to deliver those type of games a few times per season. Top teams deliver those type of performances most of the time. When you play with that type of commitment you don’t necessarily need to best squad in the PL, look at Leicester.

    The thing that will make me believe in Wenger is if he can get his team to deliver these type of performances for the fans every week.

    Despite drawing against Chelsea, I was happy because I felt we gave it our best. A big first step would be for the team to arrive mentally prepared to fight like champions every game. To fight like they know victories are not given in the PL but you have to get them. Add to that sensible team selection and I think the atmosphere around the club will change quickly.

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