Does Tomi’s new contract mean that Zinchenko will leave Arsenal?

Should we sell Zinchenko?

Zinchenko has had somewhat of a rocky season at Arsenal, after having a great one last year, his form and consistency has dropped off. Of course that’s also because he’s faced some injuries this season that have seen him missing from action for long periods of time, but also because Takehiro Tomiyasu and Jakub Kiwior have stepped up their games and become what looks to be the future of this club at right back.

With Tomiyasu signing a new contract yesterday with the club and Kiwior stepping up and getting his chances in the absence of both players, it leads me to question if he will be with us next season or if we should try cash in on the 27-year-old Ukrainian while we have the chance. Zinchenko’s contract runs out in the 2025/26 season leaving him with a year left on his contract and he’s definitely got enough quality still to be able to see for a decent fee.

We bought Zinchenko from Manchester City at 25-years-old for £30 Million and since then he has become a true leader for Mikel Arteta’s team, showing on multiple occasions his passion and love for the club and never seems to stop fighting, but with the club locking down Tomiyasu and Arteta clearly showing faith in the Japanese defender, will Zinchenko get the minutes he would want and is he still the type of player that can fit into the system that Arteta is growing?

Playing as an inverted full-back, Zinchenko is great at cutting inside into the midfield to help overload the middle of the pitch and give his teammates extra options to play to and from. He used to be very quick but for me, I feel like he’s lost a bit of his pace after the knee injuries and with the type of system Arteta likes to play, he needs fast fullbacks.

Polish 24-year-old Kiwior is another big reason I’ve began to question where Zinchenko’s future will be because he’s really come into great form in recent weeks after being called upon to replace Tomiyasu and Zinchenko and I can see a big future for him at the club. Picking up 3 assists and a goal in his past 7 games, he is making a difference and is linking up well with his teammates, showing that he does have what it takes and leaving Areta with plenty of dilemmas.

Not only that, we have Myles Lewis-Skelly in the academy busting to break through and he’s already looking like the same type of player that Zinchenko is, and has been moulded into the inverted fullback role that Arteta loves. Losing Lewis-Skelly for me would be stupid because he has so much potential.

So, personally, I would sell Zinchenko, I think we have enough talent to cover him and could make a bit of money off the fee for him, what’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I agree Zichenko may have to go considering the options available at left back. He wasn’t even missed during his injury period. Time for Arteta to start giving one or two academy player a chance. He has not done well at all on that. Zichenko can also stay if Arteta would consider him playing as a midfielder he does that for his country Ukrain. Zichenko skillset sooths midfield he is poor at defending though Arsenal needs strong midfielder like Rice and Pathey

  2. Let’s consider the changes since Zinchenko has been out injured, AGAIN.

    1. Kiwior has been excellent defensively, and the team put up several clean sheets.

    2. White is inverting on the right side, and our attack seems rejuvenated and better than ever.

    3. Havertz in the front is not only scoring goals but is dispelling the myth and false narrative that a scoring striker reduces our wingers and Odegaard’s effectiveness.

    Zinchenko could be sold with Timber returning, as Kiwior has been great at LB.

      1. Excellent and obvious point I missed Admin!
        Also Zinchenko was an obvious weak link opponents targeted at the back, who can they target now?

        Kiwior has been tested numerous times since his starts, but he has held firm, and probably surprised many by his pace and rapid recovery.

  3. I hope and believe MA will sell Zinny this summer. Or if not this year, then CERTAINLY by next year at very latest.

    I ALWAYS THOUGHT HE WAS, AT BEST, A BRIDGING PLAYER. I think the same about Jesus too!

    Zinny is not chosen to play as a proper midfielder despite his talent there.
    And as an inverted defender, he is plainly a disaster and with MA becoming noticeable more and more ruthless of ineffective players as time goes by, Zinnys stay here is IMO DEFINITELY going to be short from now on.

  4. Team shape goes thus:

    Occupiers / Dominators – Saliba, Magalhaes, Tomiyasu, White, Kiwior, Partey, Havertz, Rice, “at least one major signing needed here”

    Controllers / Playmakers – Jorginho, Elneny, Timbre, Odegaard, Emile, Vieira, Trossard, Ethan, Zinchenko

    Drivers / Stretchers – Eddie, Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, Marquinhos, “at least one more signing needed here”

  5. I don’t think Arteta is gonna sell Zinchenko this summer because kiwior & Tomiyaso are also backup centers. They are all gonna be useful going into next season

    1. I agree that Zin will continue to be useful and help our depth and flexibility. White and Tomi at right back, Timber, Kiwior and Zin at LB. With Saliba and Gabriel always first choice, White, Tomi, Timber and Kiwior can always deputize there for cup games, rotation and late subs to rest those two. Next year the back line will have quality depth for a busy schedule and funds can be used on other priorities

  6. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to sell Zinchenko right now.
    Apart from the increasing number of games we expect to play next season, and the need for intelligent rotation of players, Zin is the preferred option at LB when we face teams that “park the bus” and in situations when we are chasing the game.
    Verdict for me: keep Zin

  7. Why would we want to sell Zinchecko? We need a big squad and he is not a bad option when needed.

    Elneny, Nelson, Nketiah, injury prone Partey etc can be sold. We should not be wimping out of domestic cups next season like we continue to do since 2021. So we are going to need a good squad.

  8. Keep zinchenko is as if we don’t know what we have now…..
    People were asking for squad depth, now we have it and some are saying sell zinchenko.
    I can bet with anyone that zinny will be offered a new 2-3yrs contract.

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