Does Tony Adams retain a place in Arsenal fans hearts?

Tony Adams has claimed that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is a terrible coach, despite winning four trophies under his guidance.

Our former captain and defender Adams has revealed that he regularly spoke out about Arsene’s methods while he was with the club, and ended his chances of working at the club again once his playing days were up.

He wrote in his autobiography: “Actually in the original draft, I said he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. And though I modified that in the final article, it didn’t go down well.

“It all left me feeling that I would never get a chance in any capacity while Arsene was there.

“Much as I respected him for his long and successful tenure, my occasional willingness to pass comment on him and the team probably counted against me.”

Adams is currently trying his hand at managing for a fourth spell, taking over Grenada, who he has helped to relegation with six straight wins since taking over the club.

His record as a coach or manager is pitiful, and for him to be telling a manager who has won the accolades that Wenger is hilarious…

Wenger has simply parried off the negative comments from his former captain however, saying: “I do not give too much importance to what Tony Adams says. Honestly.”

Wenger is right to discard the comments by Adams, but does the situation leave Arsenal fans respecting our former player somewhat?

Tony has admitted to problems with alcohol over the years, and even spent two months in jail for driving whilst four times over the limit, but does his playing career mean he is spared those criticisms?

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  1. Adams is Mr Arsenal, a total legend and will always be loved by fans of a certain age. A bit rich to talk about bad management and coaching. As much as I love him and I was there when he scored the 4th goal against Everton and stood arms aloft to cheers from the whole of Highbury, he will never make a decent manager or coach, based on his current and previous record.

    1. What do you mean??? His current record as manager is six straight wins ?? that deserves some credit man ?
      I read that Adams was kicking some the Granada defenders up the backside on his first training session lol and that’s the sort of character we need at Arsenal.

      1. My bad ? and serves me right for not doing my own research and trusting the above articles false information.

        Six straight wins my ass that should be defeats not wins dumbasss

        1. lol I was thinking the same thing… I remembered watching them get played off the pitch a few weeks ago by some other lower table team. To be fair their roster isn’t that great.

  2. Of course

    He is a legend
    Part of one of the greatest back fours Premier League history
    A great defender and a team leader

  3. Yeah, Tony Adams might be a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic, but on the pitch, he was a true leader in the heart of our defence.
    Six straight wins since taking over at Granada ?? well, that deserves some respect ?

    And who knows, we might have had Adams sitting next to Wenger instead of Steve Bould, if only he would have taken a leaf out of Ramsey’s book instead,?? “The art of ? Wenger’s ? straight from the tap”

  4. He was Mr Arsenal through and through, I remember thinking the moment he made his debut as a17 yr old that he had something about him. He was a leader that everyone looked up to. He stayed loyal to the club even though MU were desperate to sign him and it’s a real shame that the club couldn’t have found him a job in some capacity then some of his never say die attitude might have rubbed off on some of the other players. He is an Arsenal and that is perhaps why Wenger doesn’t want him.

    1. @Martin
      perhap Mr Wenger doesn,t want to manage players and still be managing the discipline pf a coach at the same time. Remember how Henry was talking and still talking for every reason negatively about the team.
      Now he is even waiting for the Man U to win Uefa Europa to now say Mr Mour… is his best coach of all time.

  5. Well he was a Captain when the club
    was in a very successful phase.
    So of course he is well remembered.
    Clearly his coaching record is terrible.
    I am looking forward to 4 am Monday my time when
    Arsenals European status will be confirmed.
    Tears or cheers?

  6. Adams is and will always be a legend we miss someone like him playing for us

    I’m not surprised that a lot of players mention Wenger attitude towards anyone challenging him in any way

    Wenger said the decision on him will be reported after the cup final which makes me think it’s still up in the air

    Wenger and kronkie out

    1. I read that Wenger has to except some changes that have been inserted into his new 2 year contract extension and one of them is regarding a Director of Football. It looks as if Wenger will swallow that as long as it doesn’t interfere with his team selection etc etc.

  7. He is ‘Mr Arsenal’ and I have followed with great interest what he and another former legend GEorge Graham have said about the General running of the club and Wengers incompetencies.

    They talk the truth and is as Tony quite rightly says why their faces are liked to much. They obviously don’t fit the mound of ‘yes man’ that is so prevalent at the club.

  8. Let’s hope that Josh becomes a true Arsenal fan, because it seems as if daddy will be leaving him his shares of the club.
    Copy and pasted ??
    Stan Kroenke will not sell Arsenal at any price.
    US tycoon Kroenke is making it very clear that he is not interested in selling the club on the back of Alisher Usmanov’s £1billion offer .
    Usmanov has had a bid rejected and Kroenke will not entertain any future bids.
    Mirror Sport understands that Kroenke is in for the long term, has already rebuffed one offer and will continue to do so as he remains fully committed to Arsenal .
    Kroenke is ambitious, wants to help the club be successful and wants to help Arsenal win trophies, sources have told Mirror Sport.

    1. I call BS it’s a money machine for him otherwise he would sack wenger for failing to win anything decent in years

  9. Menu news stories coming out that kronkie has said Arsenal is not for sale at any price. If that’s true you have to wonder why. Here are my two scenarios
    1 he’s making so much money that to sell wouldn’t be in his best interest, yet many fans say he doesn’t take money from the club ? . So again the question remains why stay if your not making money

    2 he actually wants the club to win and offers the funds to do this. In this case wenger is failing the club so why doesn’t he sack wenger ?

    Both points just generate other questions

    IMO kronkie does take money and is milking the club either way the best way for fans to respond stop buyers by anything

    1. The article has a glaring error; Tony A has lost all his matches with Grenada. He is yet to get a win and has been sacked from all previous managerial jobs. He was just envious of Arsene.
      Arsene has a lot of shortcomings but he is smart better coach than Tony will ever be.

    2. You missed our the reason why he won’t sell, in one word; Collateral. He uses Arsenals wealth to secure loans to buy ranches, a new billion dollar stadium and other projects.

      It’s not to do with what he takes out of the club, it’s what it’s worth as a guarantee against these loans.

  10. Maybe Tony and Arsene shared home or office, so much he found Arsene out, I don’t know. But I know lots of ex-player are talking dull things now( Cr 2 OG), and I know that the only three simultaneous award winner, World Player of the year, European Player of the year and African Player of the year, George Oppon Weah, openly acknowledge his input in his worldwide success.
    Then there is no other arguments, no other plea, it is enough to say AW is a great coach, a great man.

  11. Great players don’t necessarily make great managers. EG. Roy Keane was a spectacular failure as a club manager, and so far Tony Adams hasn’t been good either.

    But as a player and a captain, he is up there with the best of them. Legend.

  12. Adams was a great player for Arsenal, total commitment and loyalty on display every game.

    However, as a coach a total failure, and those videos of him coaching Granada are nothing but embarrassing.

    Seriously, if you were manager of Arsenal, would you want him anywhere near your squad?

      1. Read the headline, for the hard of thinking, he’ll always be a legend as a player, but not as a coach!

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