Arsenal’s Theo Walcott needs to calm down!

So Arsenal manage to beat a West ham team struggling with injury problems and even lower on confidence than us after losing their four previous games, on our own turf to boot, and our striker Theo Walcott starts talking about how brilliant Arsenal are and that he and his teammates are back in the groove and close to their best. A bit premature maybe Theo?

The forward told the Evening Standard, “We just had to get that first goal — and once we got it people calmed down a bit and everyone was a bit more relaxed playing the football we know is why we play for this fantastic club.

“Everyone just needs to remember how good we are as a team, as individuals. It is coming into motion. You saw some signs at Man City and more today and, hopefully, it is going to go on and on.”

We have seen Arsenal something like their best this season, but it was a long time ago and our form may well have peaked back In September when we gave the Chelsea team of Antonio Conte a lesson in football. Since then, however, it has been the Italian and his players who have pushed on and produced the sort of form and consistency that it takes to win the Premier League title.

We have had some good games from the Gunners since then, such as the 5-0 demolition of Southampton in the FA cup and the battering of the Swiss champions Basel in the final Champions League group game, but since the turn of the year there has not been much for us Gooners to shout about.

Perhaps it is the difference between the Man City and West Ham games and the dross that has been the norm from Arsenal in recent months that makes Walcott see it in such a good light but it worries me to hear him full of praise after an improvement which needs to be much bigger if the season is to end at all well. What do you guys think?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    Yeah this is typical Walcott, the line of fire has died down then Walcott pops his head back up because he’s happy with his goal count. I’m happy for him that he sees the goal count as proving his own worth but what about all the battle that was lost. He’s always one of the first to speak after a bit of form but then hides behind the shield that is Arsene when things are much different.

  2. muda says:

    I am not enjoying my arsenal at the moment, I want us to keep winning but at the same time I want #WengerOut. and it seems like the 2 are opposite in meaning.

  3. Guneal says:

    Walcott captaining Arsenal just goes a long way to show the decadence in our club.

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